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  1. Volkriegz

    Question Please help, stuck on motherboard logo on boot. Can't boot into windws

    Hi, so i just build a new pc for my restaurant. It works fine before and then suddenly its stuck, my screen was black without anything after i pressed the powrr button, and then i tried to press all button, safe mode, bios, etc. And i successfully entered the bios, and then i checked ram, cpu...
  2. mikee_

    [SOLVED] System POSTS and display works, but keyboard and mouse don't ?

    So today I updated my gigabyte b450m ds3h from bios ver. F50 to F60c so I could upgrade my cpu to a 3rd gen cpu, and after it wasn’t seeing a boot drive, and I got into the bios and put my boot drive as first priority, then restarted, then it boots with the reboot and select proper reboot device...
  3. T

    Question Asus P9X79 - MemOK - POST - does not boot - no display - stuck on boot

    Hi ! I'm just another guy who bought this board some time ago. I was really glad that had found a mobo which address 64GB of memory and had fun with it for the virtualization purposes. Never the less this mobo is a hidden surprise! It works unless it sudenly stops, the day you need your rig...
  4. B

    external connecting fujitsu mhu2100at

    I have the standard usb/ide/sata external adapter, but the mhu2100at evidently has 4 pins for connect power which I have not seen before and my external connector does not have an adapter for this. and I don't see anything so far web searching. so ..... how to connect and power this drive...
  5. H4X0R46

    Is this a safe temp for my GPU to be running at?

    Hello! I just have a quick question about my GPU. It's an XFX GTR RX 480 8GB Black Edition. I just bought The Witcher 3 and was playing at full graphics, but noticed that it was running at 89C - 90C! The side of my PC feels hot to the touch. Is this a safe temperature for this card to be running...