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  1. K

    Question Can you fix a stuck pixel ?

    I've got a stuck pixel on my lg 27gl850 monitor, bought the monitor 2 weeks ago and I am pissed. Anyway, can you fix it ? I've tried the programs that flash colours for like 4 hours, that didin't work. Also tried applying a little preasure with a cloth, didn't work either
  2. InesL

    [SOLVED] Dead Pixel Fix

    Hello, I've spotted a dead (black) spot on my screen. I have a brand new Asus, 2 or 3 months... What should I do? I've tried those seisure inducing videos but it didn't do the trick (probably beacuse this really is a dead, not stuck pixel). Is it worth to send it to the repair? Or is there a...
  3. F

    Question Stuck pixel problem issue on AOC CQ32G1

    Hello, I do know that this isn't an original question but let me explain. I recently (3 days ago) bought said monitor (144hz, 2560x1440, VA panel) brand new. It has a stuck pixel (I think it's stuck - it always displays green, easly seen on dark/black background, and not noticeable on...
  4. VirtuWill

    [SOLVED] Stuck Pixel on IPS Monitor

    Hey all, I recently purchased a brand new IPS Monitor (LG 27ML600M 27") As soon as I turned it on it has what appears to be a stuck pixel, however it does not stay one consistent colour and seems to change depending on what colour it is supposed to be showing, while not showing up on white at...
  5. polarsouth

    [SOLVED] Is it a dead pixel?

    My brand new philips monitor has a black dot on upper mid left of the monitor. is it a dead pixel?? or a stuck pixel ?? or a smudge inside the screen?? Should i return it?
  6. S

    laptop turns on and off in 4 seconds, does this for about 30 minutes before booting up

    laptop turns on and off in 4 seconds, does this for about 30 minutes before booting up. this is the third day in a row that it has been doing this. also gets stuck on shut down/restarts. is it a software issue or hardware?
  7. B

    Friends Build $1000 or less

    My friend is building a pc for gaming and wants to maximize performance but also pay $1000 or less including monitor. Main concerns are the cpu and video card. Here is the build: Thank you!
  8. M

    Stuck in Safe Mode with Broken Screen (Windows *8.1*)

    Hello community, I currently have a broken screen, which cannot even properly close, on a Sony Vaio (not sure what the model is, but it has 4gb ram if that helps) with Windows 8.1. Earlier today, I tried to boot into an external monitor (a TV). I stupidly took someone's advice on a...
  9. C

    MSI R9 390 issue?

    I brought a new gpu the R9 390 by MSI, i installed it turned on my pc it booted up got past bios screen then my windows loaded it as soon as it came to my log in screen the screen started flashing on and off, the GPU fans stopped working and it kept rebooting automatically, again the same issue...