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    Need plantronics adaptor for logitech usb headset

    My job uses old fashioned plantronics headsets that plug into the back of the phone. I own a nice logitech usb headset and need an adaptor to connect the usb to the phone. Any ideas on where to find something like this or what it's even called? Thanks.
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    Did i spend too much on my pc, even though i dont have a gpu?

    so i started building it mid august 2016 and few months later, i still dont have gpu my specs cpu- core i5 6600k - $327 cpu cooler h60- $89 Motherboard- z170 mx gaming 5- $199 case- carbide spec m2 - $96 psu- Rosewill arc 650w- $90 hdd- 2x 1TB- $150 Ram- 32 gb ddr4 2400- 130 gamign keyboard-...
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    Best Video card for under 300 CAD

    Current on an lga 1150 h67 chipset mobo, with an i5 2320. will be upgrading to a i5 3570 sometime in the near future. Anyways, Im thinking of getting a 970 4gb since I can get one for 300 or under. I've also considered a 380x, or an rx 470. (its possible i can grab a 980, is it worth it?)...
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    Computer Freezing, Awful Buzzing noise whenever a program (including my computer) is started

    A few weeks ago I had a hard drive failure issue that led to not being able to use my computer for about a week. I was able to resolve that issue and continue using the computer and was able to run some intensive programs. However the next morning after turning it back on, I was unable to start...
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    Which Mobo? Asrock H110m-HDV or MSI H110-PRO-VD?

    Hi All, I'm building a budget system and am wondering based on the price, which of these boards would you go for based on the below setup. ASROCK H110M-HDV (£49.75 +£3.99 Delivery = £53.74) MSI H110M PRO-VD (£47.75 free delivery) I'm planning on using: Intel G4400 R9 270X Corsair 88R Case SSD...
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    How to restart PC Dell Optiplex 3010, without putting it off: inactive keyboard

    Google Translate: inactive keyboard. How to Start PC without disconnecting the (current) Clavier inactif. Comment redémarrer PC, sans le débrancher (courant ) PC Dell Optiplex 3010
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    Is this GPU Temp alright?

    So... I've got a 980ti and according to Speccy (the program I use to see the temperature of my computer) it runs at about 60 degrees C when not running anything. I kinda felt that this was kinda hot but didn't know for sure... so if it is too hot is there anyway to cool it down without having to...
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    Graphics card turning off

    Specs: Intel I7-3770K 3.5GHZ 16GB DDR3 Nvidia GTX 680 2GB Issue: I did a clean install of Windows 10 yesterday on this PC. Before, it was running Windows 7 and had no issues (several years). Now, the graphics card will randomly just stop sending information to the monitor. The PC is still...
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    networking problem in workgroup

    hi everyone i have a computer lab of 30 computers which are in a workgroup. i want to give limited access to the users. therefore i made a folder in one computer and access the computer from all rest of the computers and made a shortcut in to other computers. i created the shortcut in half of...
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    HD Disappeared Windows10

    We have a WD Green drive. The other day it started acting up. Today, it shows up in the BIOS, Drive Manager and Device Manager but not in 'My Computer'. When I open up Disk Management, I get "you must initialize a Disk before Logical Disk Management can recognize it". I have the options: MBR...
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    Is this a decent build

    I built a gaming PC on a budget, I spent £664.69 including VAT Do you think there are any bottlenecks/ any issues with this build, aside from the PSU (I didn't know VS series was not for gaming but it seems to work fine even though I have been gaming for a month) Also, it only has the one case...
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    BIOS freezing h81m-p33 new build

    hi everyone i have a new build h81m-p33 with an i3-4160. been told i need a clean install of windows, i have a disk with an iso image but when i try to change the boot priority bios freezes?? Would appreciate any help going round in circles now!
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    Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 64Bit

    Hello, Is this GPU is a good upgrade from GT 610? How will it perform in latest games? my screen resolution is 1280*1024
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    24 Pin, 2 pins burned out

    Hi guys, I've got this really old alienware that I picked up super cheap. It power supply needed replacing so I did that. It works just fine for the most part, except i am getting blue screens while stress testing on heaven after awhile. (not immediately and somewhat random, im able to...
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    Can we overclock our Ram and GPU, if our processor is not made for overclocking? [URGENT]

    Hello Guys, I am new to building PCs, overclocking and choosing pc parts. I know my question is silly (may be) but i really wanna know can we overclock our Ram and GPU, if our processor is not made for overclocking or without overclocking the processor?
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    Can Bad Fan Bearings Ruin My GPU?

    Lately my HD 7950 has been making a sort of a rattle sound which I believe are related to fan bearings. The noise sometimes goes away when the GPU is idle but most of the time it is there when I am gaming. I tried to oil them this morning but I can't remove the fan completely. My question is...
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    Added more ram to computer now it won't boot

    I have an Asus M5A97 r2.0 motherboard with an amd fx-6350 cpu. My ram is crucial ballistix sport 2x4gb at 1600. I installed another 2 sticks of the exact same ram and now the dram light blinks once then does a long blink. My computer is stuck at the Asus screen with no response from mouse or...
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    PowerJack completly broken

    Hello friends :) i have an old laptop accer aspire 4741 G - i5 with nice specs but one day fell down and the ''plastic around powerjack '' and '' powercack '' completly destroyed !! I use this laptop without battery so i did the folowing: '' i cut the head of the...
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    hdmi to vga

    I have Radeon R9 270X HIS IceQ X2 Turbo Edition it has no vga port and i have vga port monitor is there is any solution ? i can't change monitor
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    downgrading my laptop os from laptop built in recovery (sony vaio)

    hello, i have a vaio laptop with windows 7 pre-installed and i installed windows 8 on it, regreted it but i dont have a windows 7 cd, so does windows 7 actually still exist on my laptop cuz i have a recovery partition that is 9 gigabytes big and if it still does, how to reinstall it, i found...