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  1. T

    NAS and steam

    So im thinking of buying the qnap ts-251 and was wondering if having a steam library on the drives in it would be able to have the games played from?
  2. S

    Cannot access mp3's after upgrade to WIn 10

    I have all my Mp3's stored on an external HD .. .all Ok before I upgraded from 8.1 to 10. I now am unable to play any of them from one folder ... I can access folder but get error in Win Media Player / Groove to say they cant get access to file with code Oxc00d11d2 I have tried to go to...
  3. TheGloriousMR

    1st Build Help

    I will be building my 1st pc in about 2 weeks.This is mostly for gaming but will also use it for other minor task like photoshop and word. I have this so far (link below) but any suggestions on reducing the price for a couple hundo would really help my pocket.I do however DO NOT want to...
  4. I

    New System Build Advice (Budget Flexible)

    I just graduated from college. I'm starting a new job, getting a new place, and need a new rig. My last one is from 2009 and has a core i7-920 at 3.9 ghz, a radeon 4890, and 6 gigs of ram. I'd like to build something that is significantly faster. Please let me know what you think of this...
  5. J

    Looking for upgrade advice on an old gaming PC

    Hi everyone! Firstly I'd like to apologize for repeating this topic, but after scouring over information I find on the net I'm more bewildered than when I started... I have no knowledge on PC hardware despite trying to understand it, but what I do see quite often is that GPU upgrades generally...
  6. H

    External hard drive not responding.

    I called to customer support and they asked me to download drivers. After download the driver still same My external hard disk still not working. They asked me go to another step which is do a diagnostic. I tried extended scan but after 12 hours scan just a very little amount scanned. Should I...
  7. F

    Overclocking i5 4690k with MSI-g45

    Hi, I used the settings in this video It will show 4.4 ghz in bios, but in aida64/CPU-Z it still shows 3.5ghz, And going back to stock settings in bios and enabling OC genie doesn't do anything either,And I've tried removing the battery to restore...
  8. TheJJBman11

    MsConfig Timeout Tab

    Hey! In MsConfig, under the 'Boot' tab there is a text box with the number '30 seconds' in it; the description is called 'Timeout'. What does this do? I read it is the time for dual booting to be check, since I don't dual boot, shall I turn it down? I need my PC to startup faster.. it's depressing.
  9. D

    Buy or Pass?

    Hi all. My laptop recently took a hit and I'm looking for a decent gaming computer. I found one with the following specs: Asrock Fm2a55m-dgs motherboard AMD A6-5400K cpu 8gb ram HD 5870 gpu 160gb hard drive with Windows 7 Ultimate 500watt psu CD/DVD drive USB WiFi card In your professional...
  10. T

    looking for repair cd

    My Acer 5910 will only start up on safe mode.what can I do to fix
  11. M

    "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" Need Help!

    Hello everybody, I've been experiencing a problem and that is when I play Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light Reddux version, the game crashes and a message appears...."Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". Just to be cleared, I have played Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3, Far Cry...
  12. D

    My PC switches off when Gaming?

    I recently installed a gtx 970 palit jetstream to my computer. It runs fine with a lot of my games but when I play Planetside 2 on ultra after about 5 minutes my computer switches itself off. My power supply is the recommended 500w so I don't know why this is happening. Please help?
  13. A

    New SSD, Dota 2 Now Stuttering

    I upgraded my laptop to a 512 GB SSD, and installed windows 8.1 into it, used my cloud to bring any files I wanted over, and re-installed most my programs from their websites. However, when I started to try and play Dota 2, every 10 or so seconds there would be a .5-2 second stutter, in which...
  14. turtleinacatsuit

    ASRock H97M LGA 115... i5-4690K vs i5-4460 vs....

    So here's the deal, I purchased an i5-4440 from NCIX at the recommendation of people on this forum... Well, Fast forward two days and the order's still processing, so I call to see what's up, and as it turns out, the item is out of stock with NCIX. So, I decide to order an i5-4460 from newegg...
  15. R

    Some Networking questions.

    Hello. I have a problem. I want to move my computer to the desk next to my internet modem. I want to connect an Ethernet cable to my computer from the modem but there is only one port and I need that port to run my wireless network for the rest of the family. Is there any way I can work around...
  16. R

    does my computer work with this

    I am wondering if my computer will work i want to buy the Asus gtx 750 TI ( ) and the AMD fx 8350 (...
  17. W

    What to do? (Upgrade or New Build)

    Hey all. I am currently looking to upgrade my PC but am not sure what to do. My objective is to game at 1080P or 1440 P when i obtain the ability to do so. I have two ideas. The first would be to pick up a new graphics card, preferably the GTX 970. The second is sell my build and start from...
  18. A

    Watercooling - Algae in loop? Best way to fix it?

    For reference, this is my first watercooled rig, and I am using the following parts. I have been running the PC for 2 weeks: Alphacool UT60 radiators - full copper, all flushed with distilled water in a closed loop through a 5um filter for 24hrs. EKWB Waterblocks - Clear plexi and Nickle EKWB...
  19. nVidea

    Cheap and Affordable Gaming laptop

    Can you please suggest light gaming laptop Below $400? (I live at philippines so the price point will. be higher) Laptop that can play light online game like Avatar Star: And can run AutoCAD 2014 smoothly? 3d And rendering No intense or heavy image and video...
  20. M

    buzzing/static sound from mic when using voicecommunication (skype/teamspeak etc)

    Hey, whenever I'm using voice communication on my computer there is a buzzing/static sound that increases with time if I haven't talked for a short while (increases aprox every 5 seconds in volume) Nudging my mic or speaking into it removes the static/buzzing sound entirely, instantly. But then...