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  1. O

    Question MSI Laptop Studdering and Crashing

    I have purchased a MSI gf65 thin about 6 months back and it worked fin for around a month then all of a sudden it became really studdery and laggy under normal use, like trying to scole on a page would freeze everything up and then a few seconds later it would unfreeze and be back to normal. Or...
  2. M

    Question Unsure whats going on, computer unusable.

    For the past month now or so my computer in all games and out of games has had massive spikes in both CPU, and GPU processing. It kills fps in games, it kills multi-tasking, and iv had just about enough of it. So in light of this I am asking the internet to help solve the issue. This issue...
  3. WhiteSnake91

    FPS dips in BF4 (even small deathmatch servers) with i5 3570k and HD7950 boost?

    BF4 is even installed on SSD and using FPS monitoring built into the BF4 console command Show FPS = perfoverlay.drawfps true I get low FPS dips into the 40s or 30s all the way up into 50-60 for a few secs, and mostly down into 40s the whole match which is VERY puzzling to me, because I'm on...