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  1. I

    Question FPS stutters but I didn't have them earlier

    2 weeks ago my fps was fine but now I'm getting small but noticeable stutters in Valorant and CSGO. I already uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers, updated drivers, updated windows. I disabled dvr also. Some other context is that I was having PC crashes once a day where it would buzz...
  2. jahlex

    Question Micro-stuttering occurrs for half a second while loading the game

    Is that normal? My specs are: RTX 2070, 1TB HDD, i7-9700F, 1TB HDD. I've read somewhere that this might be caused by the GPU loading all the assets into the memory, but other people said it's cause by the HDD. And others told me it's not normal. Any help is appreciated.
  3. E

    Question In great need of troubleshooting help (microstuttering)

    Hello to all ! A few weeks ago my desktop computer started acting strangely, games that used to run just fine like Prey would suddenly microstutter, making them unplayable. It feels as if there was some software in the background slowing down my rig - complete with the fans roaring loadly when...
  4. R

    Question Cod MW / Cold War Stuttering?

    I experience a ton of lag on MW/Cold War, and it's gotten signifyingly worse each season after launch. Lag spikes causing ping spikes as well as audio delays. Usually occurs when another player is spotted or any players gunfire. I don't know how to fix this problem, it only happens within Battle...
  5. V

    Question Why does my Lenovo Legion Y520 stutter so much ?

    hi guys I need help 🆘 My laptop Lenovo Legion Y520 (i5 7300hq with 1050Ti) stutters a lot in games like random freezes in every game... what I already do: cleaning whole laptop re paste it with mx-4, clean install of the latest windows 10 latest drivers etc... but in the end again stutter so...
  6. Kuklopsz33

    Question High-end pc stuttering (frametime spikes)

    (Sorry for my bad english, Im not a native speaker) I got frametime spikes in every game. In the pictures that I sent I played with Assasins Creed Valhalla (and one picture with rocket league). I usually get frametime spikes when a new animation, effect or objects appear (in rocket league if...
  7. Question Help with Insane stuttering in games.

    So lately I have been getting a lot of stutters in games, mainly GTA V, Warzone, and Far Cry New Dawn. (been happening for a whole, but it's got tenser recently) games like Rainbow Six, CS:GO and VALORANT run just fine (small micro-stutters that won't do much, but sometimes is annoying.) I am...
  8. silaswanders

    Question Entire PC Stutters & Slows Down When Gaming

    This started happening again suddenly (more on the first time, shortly) where whenever I'm running a game or unigine benchmark my pc stutters nearly every second for a quarter of a second. It's as if those frames of information are just deleted. Additionally, my PC in general is slowed down...
  9. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] Random audio and visual stutters/glitches when gaming and watching videos

    This issue has been happening for the past day now and it's really bugging me. I'll be watching a video and suddenly, the video glitches and the audio stutters. It happens more when I'm watching videos but it still happens when I'm gaming. It only lasts anywhere from half a second to maximum 3...
  10. Arisius

    Question Micro-stuttering audio on Win10x64 Pro ?

    Hello! I would like to reach out to your community I have a problem After installing Windows 10 on Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250Gb. I experience micro stutters on rare occasions. This mostly happens in the chrome browser (youtube). Spotify and games. On very rare occasions. Occasionally...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] AC Valhalla gets laggy after PC is on for a while [Not a temp issue]

    Hello everyone, As the title says, after my PC is on for a few hours, Valhalla gets microstutters, like screen tearing, and input lag. Now, this only happens when I play that game, but it is the most demanding title that I have. Now, this has nothing to do with play time, meaning I can play for...
  12. L

    Question Stuttering

    Hello since a few days I'm experiencing some stuttering for example when I watch Netflix and have a Chrome window on top of it do you know if it is just a driver issue because it got better when I changed the driver and do you know how to fix it
  13. A

    Question Computer extremely slow and stutters when games ARE NOT open?

    I have installed the newest versions of both my audio and graphics card drivers. Whenever I open my computer, it acts completely normal for a couple of minutes. Then the entire system becomes laggy, things take a while to load, and my video skips around, it looks like about 1fps. The audio is...
  14. nurman

    Question PC stutters (audio and screen)

    My pc stutters, lagging everywhere. I have it for a year now, still have no idea what can cause it. I've already tried soo much thing to fix it, but its the same. Its like the screen freezing for a very very short time, sometimes only the screen, sometimes only the audio (with a crackling...
  15. 1TrainSF

    Question Problem with 3080 after 2.05 Valorant patch.

    As said in the title,after the 2.05 update Valorant seems to go weird on my 3080 RTX(yeah,who plays valorant with such GPU?). It either caps on 10-11% usage with 1740 clock (CPU temp is around 40c and Vram Junction is around 45c,so it definetely can climb higher than that)or on 40% (where it was...
  16. Domce53

    Question Fullscreen apps stuttering, feeling like 20 fps

    Hello, I've recently noticed, that when I play games or open anything in fullscreen, sometimes it stutters like crazy and is really frustrating. I'm using a 144hz monitor, and I can clearly see when it starts. The mouse and the whole screen is laggy, but when I hit ESC to open the game HUD or...
  17. ZxKx

    Question My pc stutters non-stop and I can't fix it

    So I've moved my pc from another place (desktop), when i plugged it I realized that my mouse's movements we're bugging at times where it would freeze then teleport higher. I thought it was the mouse that was broken or something, but after some testing's and tried I realized it's my whole pc that...
  18. K

    Question PC Micro Stuttering Question

    Been having terrible micro stuttering issues. Frametime spikes go to 30ms, 50ms and even 100ms at a time, randomly. Most affected are games such as PUBG, Fortnite. GTA 5 runs perfectly smooth, that's pretty much the only game. Been having this problem for months now and can't find a fix. I...
  19. A

    Question All my games suffer from micro stutters / hitching

    So i built a PC June 2020 all games were running smooth and then out of nowhere around November 2020 all my games started have a micro stutters but my FPS's dont drop when it hitches. Temps are also fine when playing games. PC Specs: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x GPU - RTX 2070 Super PSU - Gigabyte B700H...
  20. S

    Question GPU Usage drops to 0% causing games to stutter

    I recently purchased a new GPU(RTX 3070) upgrading from my older 1080ti. However, after playing games for a bit I noticed short stutters. I decided to use MSI afterburner to monitor the GPU and found that the GPU usage drops to 0-10%, so does the FB usage, framerate. The power% and power...