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    Is RAM being used during the installation of an OS?

    Pretty self explanatory, because I'm having issues with my computer currently, and the company I brought it to nailed the issue down to my copy of windows, however no matter what OS I use (Windows 7/8, Ubuntu) I still experience the same issue. Cheers.
  2. R

    Hi i have a problem after installing new cpu and gpu i get from 60 fps to 15

    Hello, i have a problem, after passing from a amd fx-4400 cpu and amd radeon hd6970 to a amd fx-9370 eight core 4.4 ghz cpu and a sapphire amd nitro radeon rx 480 8gb, i have an issue in games like gta V, the crew, watch dogs, etc. After playing like 15 min it starts lagging and gooing from...
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    Swapping low gb ssd or original hd to a larger ssd before first boot

    So let me preface this with the fact that I am a total noob, so if you're so kind as to respond please speak in terms at or just below laymans. If any of the questions I pose don't make sense because I dont get the concept, I'm not using the right terms or am making up options and things please...
  4. Q

    2nd HD not seen in This PC, Win 10

    2nd HD was not recognized in Win 10 This Computer after replacement of primary system HD. The primary drive had crashed, and it was replaced with a new primary drive with just a Win 10 Home_64 OS. The original HD had Win 10 Pro.
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    Windows 10 Pro slow boot with peripherals attached

    I’m running a Dell M7710 with Windows 10 Pro. I have an external monitor (D2713H), a Wacom Cintiq, and several external drives connected. In the last several weeks, I’ve had a booting problem: If I disconnect all peripherals, the computer will boot in a reasonable time. However, if I do not...
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    Gtx 960 in dell 780??

    I'm not too good with pc's but I've come across a problem. I bought myself a new computer. I needed a new graphics card so I bought the gtx 960 but the problem is it dosent fit. There is something in the way and it looks like a fan but not quite sure. I would just like to know if I could maybe...
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    New build suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm going to start my second computer build and need some criticism and suggestions on my currently selected parts. The idea is to run almost any game at 1440 video quality at 60fps. Cost is not the issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Specs: Mobo- Asus Hero VIII Alpha ATX...
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    Low FPS on CSGO (i5 6600)

    Hi, so im really confused I upgraded my cpu a while back to the i5 6600. (Not the K version as I had no intentions of overclocking however I know there is a work around to overclocking this version) but my csgo fps is lower than normal. I'm getting 300 all the way down to 120 fps and it bugs me...
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    how to find my stolen Dell laptop with serial No

    My Dell Inspiration i3 laptop stolen on 14 Oct 2016. please suggest me how can i find the laptop
  10. B

    Brand New AsusZenbook is incredibly slow

    This is ridiculous I got 900$ Asus zenbook but when I first opened to watch funimation it couldn't even load I even got cleaner and its still horrible I can't believe this is the 1. Best gaming laptop when it sucks so much I have good WiFi 5 bar too. I can't even surf because every new tab or...
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    PC build feedback

    Doing a build with a friend. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Is my system capable of overclocking?

    I am fairly new to overclocking, and I wasn't sure if my system is even capable of being overclocked. I was just looking to get a bit of an extra boost while I save up money to get a new graphics card. I currently have a 3.3Ghz six-core fx-6100, and an AMD Radeon Hd6450 Any help as to what...
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    If I bought a pc game like "crysis" how would I go about getting an activation key for it?

    Getting an activation key for used games
  14. L

    New Router Best Settings and Advice please!

    Hi Guys! Purchased a ASUS RT66U AC Router and was wanting to know how I ensure my Xbox and Gaming rig is getting the fastest connection? I am planning to connect the router via cable to Xbox and Rig, within the Router setting is there any settings that ensure fastest and most reliable...
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    Boot device led is red

    ASUS p8z68 v pro 725w sentey power supply I7 2600 Nvidia gtx 950 Two 250g Seagate HDD 2x8 gig ram Just recently had to replace my CPU and I just received my new one I plugged everything into the correct ports, I've even disconnected everything and reconnected. I've also disconnected the...
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    Speakers not turning on

    i dint use my speakers since longtime....Now they are nt even turning on?? Can i find a solution for this
  17. SLT16

    Does my CPU Have integrated graphics?

    Hello. I have a 6th generation Intel core i7 6700. When i check my display adaptors in device manager, the only graphics card which appears is my GTX 970. I am planning on selling my 970 soon, which means i would need to use the integrated graphics for a short time before getting a new gpu. But...
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    Podcasting / You Tube Build

    I am looking to build a Podcasting / You Tube Video Editing Computer. I really have little tech skills when it comes to this. I have done some research and created a list of hardware and software and wanted to hear others experiences and get advice if I was completely being an idiot on what I...
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    Help. No display after knock

    Help! I bumped my computer while dusting around it and I heard that noise you get when you unplug usb devices and then the screen went black and says no signal! But my music on the PC was still playing. I have checked all cables and restarted the PC several times. It seems to technically work...
  20. Y

    Suggestions for laptop around $500-700 bugdet

    1. What is your budget? Around $500-700 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Since I'll be carrying it around for college something that isn't too big is fine. 3. What screen resolution do you want? Don't think it matters seems like most laptops are 1080p 4. Do you...