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    headset is working but microphone is not working

    hey i purchased hp h2800 headset with in built microphone.headset is working.i am able to listen to songs and i can hear their voice but they are unable to hear my voice.microphone is not working.can you please help me
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    Need to deal with gifted junk

    I've been given a load of computers and other electronics, and I need to deal with them. I don't have the storage space so they get in the way. I'm 18 and moving out to go to school this fall. One of my father's friends ran a small computer repair business, and was winding down because he...
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    Hard drive speed increase help needed

    i have a laptop and it has a 1tb hard drive. i dont mind giving up all i need is 100gb space. and with that out the way, i was wondering if there was a way of making the hard drive faster. i would loove to upgrade but sadly that removed my warrenty, and i am not willing to do that, this is...
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    My first(ever)gaming PC build.

    Goodmorning everyone! As i said im looking to build a pc(FINALLY!!)and i wanted to ask a few question,some on,some kinda off topic. So,thing is im from EU,and my country has limited variety on parts plus the prices are kinda crazy. My cousin is going to new york next month and i asked him to...
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    Can I do anything with my old desktop?

    I recently plugged up my old desk-top from about 5 years or so back up. I have been wanting to get into PC gaming for a while and thought I should see just what it could do. I installed Doom 1993 and Quake onto my computer and have had fun playing them the last few days, but I would like to know...
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    Leaked water ontop of GPU

    Last night, a nightmare of every custom PC water cooler came true for me, my watercooling loop leaked. This was 100% my fault, for incorrectly screwing on the fitting after I flushed my loop. The fitting that came loose, just happened to be on the CPU block, which is right overtop of my GPU...
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    Ram, CPU, Motherboard compatibilty, 2 x Dual channel ?

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge as this is my first time picking and assembling my own pc components and i would like to make sure i get it right. Ideally i would like to run a 6700k skylake in a MSI Z-170A Krait edition mother board with 2 lots of 2 stick kits, so 2 x GeIL 16GB Kit (2x8GB)...
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    Looking to add a GPU to my AMD rig

    Hey guys, I built a rig about a year ago when money was tight so I went for the cpu+gpu cost efficient AMD series, specifically it is running AMD A10 6800K Quad-Core processor with Radeon HD 6670. Over the next couple of months I am looking to upgrade the rig, with some more RAM and a dedicated...