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    Question stuttering while playing GTA V

    my pc is stutering so bad, i have doing almost anything i can to solved it, using msi afterburner, running xmp, checking my hard drive, etc. though i ive noticed some problems like my harddisk usage sometimes get into 100%(even though i have analyze the harddisk and ssd with any software and...
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    Question Assassins Creed Odyssey showing abnormal spikes on AMD RYZEN 3600!!

    So i have a Ryzen 3600 , 8 gigs or ram (3000mhz) a GTX 960 4GB. The games shows abnormal results at medium and high settings. For example at high setting the gpu usage goes from 96% to 0% sudden spikes and cpu usage goes to 17% to 50% . But at low settings the game runs smooth except for a tat...
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    [SOLVED] Game stuttering

    Hello I play fortnite battle royale and the game runs on 75fps and i have a 75hz monitor but my game doesnt feel smooth and it stutters Why someone help me with this Specs Win 10 pro 64bit i7 3700k 3.4ghz (8) CPUs ~3.9ghz Memory 8192mb ram (8GB ram) Directx version 12 Nvidia geforce gt 640 6gb