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  1. Alezwieje

    Question Stuttering in games after clean windows reinstall

    Hi, I have a problem with stuttering in games since I reinstalled windows, because i had BSODs. Luckily after reinstalling them I haven't experienced them anymore, but I have a performance issue and the screen stutters occasionally in games for less than a second I also feel that in-game...
  2. pedro or peter

    [SOLVED] ryzen 3 3300x stuttering and game crash

    Hi guys first of all sorry for the bad english im brazilian , so i recently bought a ryzen 3 3300x and a a320m-k , my previous was an intel i5 7400 i noticed that my fps was so good but i decided to format my pc then it goes all the way down I updated the drivers download my games and some games...
  3. Knnight

    Question Can anyone help me figure out why my pc is stuttering why im playing games

    i have a Intel i5 -7600k 3.80 ghz Gefore GTX 1060 6gb 16 gb of ram
  4. A

    Question Games Suddenly Stuttering

    So recently every game I have been playing has been stuttering like crazy, even games that aren't hard to run like Minecraft, the severity of the stuttering varies per game with the worst being Minecraft and Apex Legends, Modern Warfare stutters but less often and for as little, the stuttering...
  5. Cadoin

    Question Frame drops and stutters when playing but hardware appears okay

    My hardware appears to be working fine in task manager but I get these random stutters and frame drops every 5 seconds. I’ve tested all of my games and they all have the same issue. I reinstalled, restarted, and to no avail. Anybody have any fix?
  6. F

    Question stuttering while playing GTA V

    my pc is stutering so bad, i have doing almost anything i can to solved it, using msi afterburner, running xmp, checking my hard drive, etc. though i ive noticed some problems like my harddisk usage sometimes get into 100%(even though i have analyze the harddisk and ssd with any software and...
  7. K

    Question Assassins Creed Odyssey showing abnormal spikes on AMD RYZEN 3600!!

    So i have a Ryzen 3600 , 8 gigs or ram (3000mhz) a GTX 960 4GB. The games shows abnormal results at medium and high settings. For example at high setting the gpu usage goes from 96% to 0% sudden spikes and cpu usage goes to 17% to 50% . But at low settings the game runs smooth except for a tat...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] Game stuttering

    Hello I play fortnite battle royale and the game runs on 75fps and i have a 75hz monitor but my game doesnt feel smooth and it stutters Why someone help me with this Specs Win 10 pro 64bit i7 3700k 3.4ghz (8) CPUs ~3.9ghz Memory 8192mb ram (8GB ram) Directx version 12 Nvidia geforce gt 640 6gb