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  1. Alezwieje

    Question Stuttering in games after clean windows reinstall

    Hi, I have a problem with stuttering in games since I reinstalled windows, because i had BSODs. Luckily after reinstalling them I haven't experienced them anymore, but I have a performance issue and the screen stutters occasionally in games for less than a second I also feel that in-game...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Stutters

    Guys, I have a RX580, an AMD 5 2400g, b450mds3h mobo, 8g 3000hz ram and no ssd, my gpu stutters in all heavy games, it looks like that the gpu drops % when the cpu does, when I'm idle in game the % of the gpu stays capped at 90/100% but when I start to move or play it drops all over the place...
  3. A

    Question Games Suddenly Stuttering

    So recently every game I have been playing has been stuttering like crazy, even games that aren't hard to run like Minecraft, the severity of the stuttering varies per game with the worst being Minecraft and Apex Legends, Modern Warfare stutters but less often and for as little, the stuttering...