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    Question Choosing a stylus for a 10 inch tablet ?

    Hello. I'm thinking of purchasing a tablet, whether s6lite of A7 2020. I'm a mechanical engineer and the most use I could have gotten out of a tablet is a couple of ebooks, some article reading and a bit of YouTube. Thats it. I don't do graphical designs, and an android based tablet wouldn't be...
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    Question A Note app with stylus support, end to end encryption and cross platform does not seem to exist ?

    How does this not exist in 2021? I've spent hours downloading note apps, looking with zero success for a note app w/ stylus support, end-to-end encryption, cross platform (ios, android at minimum, hopefully windows too). In the age of ipencils, surface stylus and samsung note/s7, I don't...
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    Question Stylus recommendation for HP laptop?

    Hi, Expert, please recommend any Stylus which can work seamlessly with my HP Envy 13 AQ1013DX
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    Question Stylus writes "on its own".

    Hello everyone. I am having an issue that is almost driving me to the edges of insanity. In short, I have an HP Laptop (Spectre X360 to be exact, from late 2015) with Windows 10 64-bit installed and a resistive stylus that is specifically made for that series of laptops. Normally, if the tip...
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    7.1 Surround Sound Configuration Missing Only Stereo

    I recently upgraded my hardware, motherboard, CPU and RAM. I havent realized it till later but my G633 headphones no longer showed up on windows 10 sound as surround sound headphones. On rare occasions and by playing with the USB and drivers windows 10 would see it as 7.1 surround sound. First...
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    Should I upgrade my CPU and MoBo?

    Hi everyone! I currently have this build: MoBo: ASUS Strix B250F Gaming CPU: Intel i5 7600K 3.8Ghz with DeepCool Gammax 300 cooler. GPU: ASUS RTX 2070 ROG STRIX Advanced Edition 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB I'm thinking of buying an i7 8700k (or i7 9700k) with an ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H. My...
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    Looking for a low budget laptop to perform video editing work at around $300.

    Hey there, I’m in the market for a laptop that will perform well with video editing work on a daily basis. I was hoping to get something decent for a beginner at around $300. My local Best Buy has these 4 options: 1) Lenovo 14” Intel celeron 2gb ram 32gb emmc for $189 2)...
  8. P

    Gpu stopped working now no gpu will work

    About a month ago i bought a rx550 4 Gb and at first it worked fine. I got home one day and there was nothing on my monitor but the rest of my pc was still running, audio etc.. I restarted and then it wouldnt boot with the gpu in, the mobo beeped five times. I took it out removed the cmos...

    is keyscrambler still good? do i need a firefox extension is there somthin better

    Hi, i have a lifetime key to keyscrambler premium the middle tier1. but was wondering is it still a good program or is there better antikey loggers out there? i also run zone alarm extreme security but my biggest worry is sopmeone on the local network can log my keystrokes is why i prefer...
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    Which build would be the best for PUBG or gaming in general?

    BUILD 1----------------------------------------- CPU - i7-2700K @ 3.5Ghz GPU - MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G RAM - 16GB SSD - 250GB HDD - 1TB BUILD 2----------------------------------------- CPU - i5-4670K @3.4Ghz GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1060 3G RAM - 12GB SSD - / HDD - 1TB BUILD...
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    dual gpu amd

    Question Sign in to vote 0 Sign in to vote hello how the dual gpu amd? apu and gpu my pc: asus r7 360 mini 2gb gddr5 amd a8 7600(r7 apu) ram 8gb ddr3 i am enable apu in the bios but a problem not show dual gpu in the amd catalyst control center show 2 display adaptor in the device manage
  12. ziffland

    Computer won't turn on at all, tried different PSU still nothing

    So a little background I have built a dozen or more computers and have never had any major issues like this one. So this computer was working just fine two days ago, i was gaming on it and never had any issues. I recently decided to recase it and the case came in yesterday, so last night I took...
  13. F

    crazy Internet connectivity

    so today i installed windows 10 onto my PC, the wifi was working fine up until i downloaded steam & path of exile, after doing so the wifi is still connected to the router with a strong connection however I cannot use the internet at all.
  14. C

    What is stealing all this space on my SSD?

    I have Win8.1 installed on my 128GB SSD and it always had about 50gbs of free space (I rarely if ever install anything on it). I recently noticed it went down to around 38gbs of free space, and I'm sure I could've never filled those 10gbs of space myself considering I only install Windows...
  15. GrowTFM

    DVD Drive not showing up. (ASUS X52D)

    I put a disc in there nothing happens. BIOS recoginizes the Drive. Windows shows it in Device Manager. Windows Explorer shows nothing. I tried vlc if it can detect it but it doesn't even show up there. There is not even an error code on the dvd drive on device manager. i booted to my Windows...
  16. R3v01v3r

    OVERCLOCKING ASUS Z97-PRO GAMER with Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz CPU

    STEP 1 Boot into BIOS pressing (DELETE) choice advanced menu go to Ai Tweaker tab Ai Overclock Tuner Set to XMP. Pop-up will appear “Apply No” & continue. STEP 2 CPU Core Ratio change to Sync All Cores I-core Ratio Limit 45 STEP 3 CPU Cache Ratio 40 min 40 max STEP 4 CPU Core Voltage...
  17. 20sidedEric

    Network shows 255 connected devices

    I have cable modem service. From the cable modem, an Ethernet cable runs to a TP Link TL SG105 Gigabit Ethernet switch, then two Ethernet cables out. One to my desktop, the other to my wireless router, a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200. My desktop resides in the 174.XXX.XXX.XXX address space while...
  18. obeliskk1

    What AP is good for ~150m range but on weird place [more in post]

    I got 2 houses which are ~150m far away from each other. Problem is, internet modem and router are in the house which is lower then the other for about 20m in height. And i heard wifi signal goes down, so that might be a big problem here. I was thinking UBIQUITI UniFi Access Point LR AC would...
  19. A

    Is my power supply good enough?

    Hello, im looking to upgrade my gpu but im not sure if i need a new psu. my specs are: a8-7650k cpu (base clock) gigabyte f2a78m-hd2 motherboard 8gb ddr3 1600 ram EVGA 500w 80+ bronze psu so will i be able to upgrade my gt 730 to a r9 280x toxic or a 7970 fine? or do i need a bigger psu?
  20. Z

    Upgrading AMD A10 6800k Cpu

    Hi, As the title says, I have a AMD A10 6800k Cpu and a motherboard with fm2+/fm2 socket type and my gpu is geforce gtx 980 and I want to upgrade my cpu so that It can better keep up with my graphics card. Can I have some suggestions on what I should upgrade to? Thanks for the help! If you...
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    GTX 1080 running hot (70c+ Idle)

    Got a new computer today, built at the store. When I got home and turned it on noticed it was fairly loud, just figured it was normal. However when i launched a game, the game ran fine for a couple minutes and then began to lag like crazy, after a few minutes of being totally confused my screen...
  22. A

    WIFI speed slow when pc is on

    so ive set up my wifi to connect to my pc via ethernet and to my phone wirelessly, but whenever i power on my pc it seems to suck all the bandwith and cause my phones wifi to be slow
  23. D

    Improve my pc gaming

    Hello I recently installed windows 10 in my pc but there is a problem of low gaming. My graphics memory is 1531 mb. Every game shows the problem of low graphics is there any solution by which I can run games in my pc. My pc uses the Microsoft basic display adapter as display adapter. My pc...
  24. A

    My pc is acting up

    So I built my second pc about a month ago. The only things that were not brand new were the HDD and SSD. I put everything together and it was all fine up until my pc said my windows was not active. I ended up doing a clean install of windows and everything was working fine. For maybe a week. Now...
  25. S

    New PSU + GPU (RX480) causing reboot loop

    OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Motherboard: Dell 0KWVT8 CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.4GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 4GB CrossFire PSU: EVGA 700 B1, 80+ Bronze 700W I recently installed the GPU and PSU. The PSU works fine when tested with the monitor plugged to the motherboard without the GPU...
  26. T

    Asus laptop strange noise

    Hi guys. My new (2 weeks old) asus laptop is making a strange noise that comes from the top left part of the keyboard (next to the ac plug). The noise is something like a buzzing/ electrical sound and sometimes makes a beeping whine sound. Depending on the application (such as games) i am run...
  27. A

    Hard Drive Failed on Gateway DX4200 - No recovery CDs

    I have an older Gateway DX4200 that has a failed hard drive so no recovery CDs or partitions. Is there anyway I can either reinstall Vista Home Premium (I have the product key) or upgrade to Windows 7 Professional? I am not opposed to paying for a new license key, I just want to make sure...
  28. E

    Bought a open box 1070, noticed damage on SLI connector

    Just as the title says. I bought a ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX open box. I didn't notice it at first, but I was messing around with my PC tonight and noticed the SLI connector has a chip/indentation on it. Hardly visible unless I zoomed in. Will this effect any functionality or stability? Or is it...
  29. T

    BSOD->No Hard Disk Errors, No Integrity Violations, No Unsigned Drivers

    It was only one BSOD(CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED) but I've noticed my computer has started to have "hiccups" where it freezes for a moment then catches up. This build is only about six months old so I've my reservations about a hardware fault. I do have paging disabled, can exceeding available memory...
  30. B

    computer won't recognize microphone on headset

    hi, i used to be able to use the microphone that was on my headset but now my computer doesn't recognize that it even has a microphone anymore and i went into recordings and it says nothing was plugged in but when i put my headphones in the microphone port then it recognizes it, i think the...
  31. Phil923

    Any improvements I could make for this build? ($1200 Mid-End Gaming Build)

    Hey Forums, I've been out of the loop in terms of the best parts for money since Skylake came out and want to ask for your suggestions in terms of possible improvements to this build that would save me money while possibly improving performance. I am going to be building this computer for a...

    graphic card help how to setup

    Ok, I know this might sound really freaking stupid, but anyways do I have to plug in my monitor to my graphics card ports to use it. LIke to get the fps stuff XD you know have it recognized. Also, could I just use my motherboards hdmi port, and still use the gpu as my graphics adapter.
  33. Abolfazl97

    How to install both x32 And x64 Windows?

    hi. i want to have both 32x and 64x Operating Systems. my cpu supports x64 bit. so. there is no problem with hardware. but, there is a problem with software. i currently have a x32 bit OS. so, the 64x windows setup, Doesnt run! It says you need a x64 OS to run a x64 windows setup. so how do i...
  34. N

    Laptop does not connect to a specific router

    Hello, Today i unpacked my new router, a zyxel NBG6816. I plugged it in, and i had internet. It worked better than my old router my dad bought many years ago. But all of a sudden my laptop didn't connect to the internet anymore although i was connected with the router. I couldn't not open any...
  35. J

    Building a computer for my dad so he can edit videos in 1080 and higher and photos as well.

    I need some help on this, my dad wants me to build him a computer so he can use for photo editing and video editing. Ive built computers before and those were for gaming but I dont know much for building a computer for what he wants. Can someone please help me because this Im lost on this one.
  36. T

    Various games freezing and Crashing

    Hi, I am having issues with various games on my computer. Hearthstone, Left for dead 2, CSGO and ocassionally life is strange all cause the entire computer to freeze - whereby even the mouse moving across the screen lags. I have ruled out PSU issues because I play games like fallout 4, tomb...
  37. D

    Will Radeon R7 260X be slow on PCIEX4 slot?

    I have got a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboard, unfortunately the first slot PCIEX16 is no longer working. I have to put my graphic card (Radeon R7 260X) on PCIEX4. It works but my question is - will my graphic card perform badly compared to last time? If previously the performance is running at...
  38. D

    Am I Hitting the Max of my PSU?

    System Specs: Maximus VIII Hero (Z170) GTX 980TI Hybrid Antec Neo Eco 620 Watt Xonar Phoebus I7 6700K H110I GT Samsung Evo 850 SSD Okay so, I'm just wondering if i am hitting the max of my PSU, I have overclocked both my CPU and my GPU, CPU is overclocked to 4.6 and my GPU is overclocked +290...
  39. L

    980ti + i5 4690k reference cooler OR 980/970 + i54690k with aio coooler

    My budget only fits one of the two, any other options? 1080p for now, may upgrade in the future as it becomes cheaper
  40. S

    Upgrading GTX 560, $250-350 budget, video-editing purposes.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week or next BUDGET RANGE: USD $250-350 Before Rebates USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Adobe Creative Cloud - primarily video editing with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Home theater/watching movies, Gaming (CS:GO, First-person shooters) CURRENT GPU...