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  1. Appellus

    Question Create My Own Access Point With Unchanging Subnet

    I currently am attending University and living in residence, where they have a WPA2-Enterprise network that uses our uni email/password to validate, as well as a WPA2 PSK for non-enterprise devices. To connect to the non-enterprise network, you need to register the device's MAC address, then it...
  2. E

    Question Basic IP Address Help

    Hi, I cannot get my head around class C addresses and subnetting. First of all, when someone changes the subnet mask to on a, how can that work since it is class C? I was under the impression it had to be 255.255.255.x? Also, if you have a small LAN, and get advised to...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] VLANs and Subnets

    Hello everyone, So I am going through some networking books and it is my first time really diving into VLANs. My current understanding (and please correct me if I am incorrect) is that subnets allow a single LAN to be divided up into separate LANs through the use of subnetting. VLANs allow you...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Will a higher Wattage PSU (Modular) Cable work with a lower wattage (Modular) PSU?

    SCENARIO: I buddy got a new GPU that requires 2 PCI-E 8/6 pin connectors but he lost the modular cables, I have a higher wattage PSU of the same brand/80+Rating/Same model I believe. His PSU is an EVGA 750 Watt 80+ Gold where mine is a EVGA 850 Watt 80+ Gold. Wondering if I gave him one of my...
  5. D

    Graphic chip in old VAIO dead or just needs reballing

    I have an old Sony VAIO PCG-7121M, It works well for my need but it started showing red stripes while booting and windows are reporting faulty graphics card (Nvidia 8400m GT). Because laptop is working except for apps that need dx or anything with graphics I was wondering if maybe just needs...
  6. J

    PSU started to click and GPU crashes

    I recently upgraded my gpu from a rx560 to a vega FE, my pay has started to click. At first I thought it was the vega FE so I replaced it with my rx560 but it was still clicking. The crashes happen when ever the vega draws more than 200 watts from the power supply. My psu is a evga 1000 g+ so if...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] 4GB + 4GB or 4GB + 8/16GB ??

    Hello guys. I have new acer swift 3 It comes with 4GB onboard soldered and 1 empty slot upto 16GB. So 4GB isnt enough for me. Should I add 4 GB and become 8GB in total , 8 GB and become 16GB in total , or 16GB and become 20GB in total?? I confuse about dual channel and the performance of both...
  8. P

    help me with this gtx 750 ti issue

    I bought an asus gtx 750 ti 2gb oc for a very cheap price, lower than 20 bucks. The seller told me that he bought it from aliexpress and had some issues like slowing down the computer's boot time and also having driver issues also there is an exclamation point when you look at the device manager...
  9. D

    Motherboard cpu speeds

    I have a old MS 7613 motherboard, iv just bought a i7 870 off eBay, 2.93ghz, and a turbo boost of 3.60ghz. i looked on the HP website about information on my motherboard, under the "processor upgrade information" section, it says "maximum processor core frequency <= 2.93 ghz" Does this mean i...
  10. P

    MSi Z370-A PRO rgb header

    Hi all, Ummmm soooo I recently bought the msi z370-a pro motherboard (link to the motherboard at the bottom) So I opened the box and checked out the motherboard and I saw the Rgb or jrgb1 header and it had NO pins in it so first I panicked I thought I broke something later looking at...
  11. N

    PC froze. No signal on boot. K/M doesn't light up at all.

    Hello everyone, I'm a first time poster so if I've accidently placed this post in the wrong portion of the forums feel free to remove it or migrate it elsewhere if possible. So, I built my first mini itx gaming pc recently and all has been phenomenal! Until last night when I was watching a...
  12. C

    Please Help! New Ryzen build issue.

    Just put a new PC together useing- -Ryzen 5 1600 -ASUS B350 F Strix -G Skill Ripjaws 16g 2666 (2x8) -500g WD Blue Sata SSD -Corsair CX650M -ASUS 6g 1060 Dual Edition Ever since the first day of this build i have been having issues, most of the time the PC freezes, monitor losses signal, and PC...
  13. L

    Cant post On Chrome, Have to use Firefox. Please help

    So i posted this thread and tried 5 times to do it on chrome, every time i did this happened when i clicked the Body Text: Forcing me to post on Firefox... if you have a fix please help id rather post on my main browser...
  14. G

    Video Card works until drivers are installed

    After installing any driver version for my Radeon RX 580 8G Armor OC, the screen goes fuzzy like static on an old analog tv set, then no picture at all. (The fans quit spinning on the GPU as well and never start back up.). I then do a hard reset by holding the power button for 10 seconds and the...
  15. L

    Should I upgrade from I5-4590 to I7-4790 or not?

    So. I have had problems with my CPU bottlenecking quite for a while now and I am getting pretty tired of it. The best CPU my Motherboard supports is I7-4790 which is quite expensive. So I tried looking into a new Motherboard to get the I7-7700k instead but then I also had to buy new DDR4 RAM...
  16. P

    Upgrading my GPU

    I tested out my pc on userbenchmark ( and every pc part was just fine for me, around 50% good. Then, I looked at my gpu results. FIVE PERCENT *mindblown*. I had to get a better gpu than this, but every gpu was too big for my motherboard. Here were the results: CPU...
  17. T

    Agfa ePhoto CL-18 driver

    I've found my very old (~20y) digital camera and would like to see its pictures. Unfortunately Agfa stopped supporting these product lines and windows doesn't recognize it. The hardware id windows sees: USB\VID_06BD&PID_0403&REV_0100 Can anyone help me firing this thing up on windows 10?
  18. B

    AP5000 All In 1 POS System Freezes At Windows 7 "Starting Windows" Screen. Logo Doesn't Even Show.

    AP5000 All In 1 POS System Freezes At Windows 7 "Starting Windows" Screen. Logo Doesn't Even Show. Bios works and I can reach the F8 Windows Boot Options. All options freeze at the "Starting Windows" Screen. The screen freezes and goes blank if I try to choose "Launch Start Up Repair". Safe mode...
  19. C

    RAM at 7.1 GB useable

    So I have a 8GB of ram only 7.1 GB is useable is that normal?
  20. J

    system fan 2 and 3 not detected in bios on z97 pc mate MB?

    We'll first off I have nzxt source 530 full tower case with ten fans. I have 6 fans connected to the fan hub in back of the case and the 4 are connected to motherboard. Now here's the situation my cpu liquid cooler on my cpu, those two sp fans are well one is plugged in systen fan 1 and the...