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  1. birne

    [SOLVED] pfsense backup route

    Hello. i do have a strange problem. I have a primary and a secondary pfsense in my network. the primary is working as it should and all clients can also connect to the internet, but if i cut shut the port for the primary firewall the router injects the route to the secondary firewall into eigrp...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] VLANs and Subnets

    Hello everyone, So I am going through some networking books and it is my first time really diving into VLANs. My current understanding (and please correct me if I am incorrect) is that subnets allow a single LAN to be divided up into separate LANs through the use of subnetting. VLANs allow you...
  3. J

    slim aftermarket gpu heatsink/shroud. do they make them?

    Hi! first time poster here. so heres the thing. im running a i9 with 44 pcie lanes which meanes pciex16_1/2/3 gives me x16, x16, x8. OK, so my pciex16_3 is covered by the heatsink of my 2 huge asus rog strix 1080ti's.. so my question is, in order to clear the last pciex16_3 slot is there an...
  4. B

    Two Single Channel Memory in Dual Channel Motherboard

    I'm new here and I'm bewbie in building PC. I want to put 2 single channel memory, but it won't work. I ask and test where I bought the memory, they said it's working and they also said I should update my BIOS, but still won't work. How come that mine won't work? What should I do? Motherboard...