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  1. F

    Question Gtx 950oc causing PC to FREEZE and giving a random colour

    My specs:- Mobo- Asrock A320m Hdv r4.0(running on BIOS ver 7.40 which asrock doesnt recomend which is completely my fault but also i have been using it for almost 3-4 mths no issues until now) ram:-Hyperx 2400mhz(8gb) + Crucial 2666mhz(4gb)(later upgrades) Cpu:- Ryzen 3 1200(no oc) Gpu- Gigabyte...
  2. Soshiim

    [SOLVED] Making a build for a friend

    My friend does a lot of coding not sure what coding, but he also wanted to have a gaming rig that can at least play at 1080p ultra settings on most games. His budget is around 1700 with some wiggle room. I have this build set, just wondering if its a bad suggestion or not for the price point. He...
  3. O

    Question Looking for an ERP system for a manufacturing company

    The manufacturing company that I work for is looking for options for their ERP system. Does anyone have any suggestions? or anyone I should just stay away from?
  4. lemon g

    Question help me choose the right nvme drive for me

    so I have a budget of 160 dollars and I am torn apart on which nvme I should choose because my current storge is bad I have now a 120 GB SATA SSD for the system and 3 TB external HDD at 5400 rpm which is so slow so I saw a couple of offers in amazon of the following nvmes samsung 970 evo plus 2...
  5. Helecro

    Build Advice Please give advice on new case for my system ?

    Hello Gentleman, At the moment i have LianLi dynamic 11 Case, and at this point its starting to get too small for me after getting 3090 gpu and having to switch to 1600W power supply which is much longer than standard ones. Was looking around market and i cannot find any case that has support...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Can you give me upgrading options?

    My current system is: Ryzen 3 3200G, 20 GB RAM, motherboard is GIGABYTE A320M S2H, 600W Cooler Master PSU, i don't have GPU i use Vega 8. My budget is around $300. Some people suggested me that i should buy GTX 1650. But other some suggested that i should get a B550 motherboard that has PCIe4...
  7. ReCCoR

    [SOLVED] Suggestions for better cooling in a low budget

    I need suggestions for better cooling. Case: Corsair Spec Alpha CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x w/ stock cooler *No OC GPU: ASUS Strix 1080Ti *No OC Case Fans ( Intake ): 2x 120mm Stock LED fans in front Case Fans ( Exhaust ): 1x 120mm stock exhaust fan in back My...
  8. L

    Question GPU's with quiet fans?

    I'm in the market for a New Graphics card and I'm wondering what brands of 3080ti or 3090 have quite fans? I Currently Have a Zotac 180ti and you can't hear the fans on it over normal computer noise (mine is moderate to quite I would say. I purchased a 6800xt Merc but those fans were pretty loud...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Need to buy SSD, please suggest.

    Hello, I am looking to buy a 1TB Gen3 SSD for my PC. Probably Nvme or anything that you guys suggest. I will mostly be using it for downloading data on it(online) and uploading data from it(online). I will probably be downloading and uploading a minimum of 1TB every month. So I need suggestions...