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  1. 29dragon

    i need help with buying a laptop, looking for suggestions

    hi im looking to buy my brother a laptop will mainly will be used to run minecraft and studying my budget is £500 - £700 requirements -can run minecraft -studying
  2. radinrahman26

    Question Laptop suggestion

    Need a laptop for work purpose (photoshop, coding,pdf and stuffs). My preferences: 1)Storage500gb hdd 2) 4 gb RAM Would be cool if these were expandable. 3)Doesnt overheat My friend's new lenovo laptop heated when the fans suddenly stopped working. 4)price range around 350$ 5)Decentt speed...
  3. Ender15m

    Looking for laptop for school

    I need a new laptop for school. My old one's keyboard broke and it's more than $100 to repair, and at this point it's so old (and an HP) I'd rather just get a new one. My budget is around $700-$600. I need it to be able to run some coding programs, word writing, and maybe something like...