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suggestions and reviews

Forum discussion tagged with suggestions and reviews.
  1. tsemb_p

    Question Idle CPU and GPU Temps

    Hello guys, I hope everyone is safe out there during these hard corona times. I wanted to know if my idle CPU and GPU Temperatures are normal. My CPU is currently idling at around 32c/89f and my GPU at 45c/113f . I believe that my GPU temps are higher than they should be while idling...
  2. Mooshy

    Question New Mobo Suggestions

    So my x370 Pro just crapped out, still don't know why. I'm starting the RMA process. But after looking online quite a few people said it's not that great of a motherboard, so I'm looking to upgrade. Any suggestions on better boards? My other hardware: Ryzen 1800x RX 580 Graphics 16gbs Corsair...
  3. S

    All games freeze after 5 minutes of play, cannot find fix online. Please help

    Hi everyone, I've been unable to play games on my computer, since I put it together, for an extended length of time. They will always start and run for around 5 to 10 minutes, then proceed to crash either straight to desktop or BSoD. I used DDU hoping that would fix the issue. Now games will...