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  1. spohr77

    Question Help any super flower owner, or psu experts!!

    my super flower 650w gold modular keep blinking the mb rgb and usb peripherials, it happens with the back switch turned off, like it should cut eletricity with switch in off position right? (i've already returned one cause of this, the second is the same wtf), it never happened with my old...
  2. daviduck123

    Question New PSU unable to run properly with recommended RAM configuration (DIMM2+DIMM4) ?

    Hello, I just bought Super Flower Leadex III 80+ Gold 650W, and setup on my PC, but sadly, It cannot run properly because of RAM placement :( I tried multiple combination, but it only able to run properly when I put my Memory on DIMM3+DIMM4 only. As for my motherboard manual, I read and it said...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Using Super Flower Leadex III 550W For Msi 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio

    I bought the super flower leadex iii 550w for my build and turns out Msi gaming trio need 2x8pin connector. My psu only have 1 slot for that, is it possible that I still use this psu? Or I must buy a new one :(
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Will my PSU enough?

    Im planning on building a PC with Ryzen 5 3600 and wait for GTX 3060 Ti to come out, I already buy the PSU which is Super flower Leadex III 550W. Is it enough to run my build? The complete build kind a like this Ryzen 5 3600 MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 3200 Mhz Team GX2...
  5. raylinanthony

    [SOLVED] Seasonic 750W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular SSR-750FM vs Super Flower 850W 80+ Bronze

    Hi Guys I brought a Seasonic 750W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular SSR-750FM thinking that my current PSU (Super Flower 850W 80+ Bronze ) was a crap!! But ... Looking now the specifications from Super Flower, I am thinking for what to decide. Seasonic Specs ->...
  6. C

    Question Good quality PSU?

    Hi. So recently a friend of mine is quickselling his pc and he has this PSU: Here in my country this costs like 110 euros but he is selling it to me for 30, all cables and stuff included. So I wanted to go for a TX650M which...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Motherboard and PSU compatibility

    As the title suggests, I am slightly confused/concerned regarding the compatibility my motherboard and intended PSU. I bought a b450 Tomahawk and upon the community's advice, I intend on obtaining a Super Flower Leadex Gold 550W PSU. Now my concern arises in that the Tomahawk specifies that it...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] PSU Aesthetics and Quality

    Hi guys, so through the help of this community, I've engaged on my first pc build and recently received all my parts. I intended on going for a plain black build using the NZXT h500 with some purple RGB. However, I only noticed now that the PSU I bought, which is a Cooler Master v650 semi...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Best way to upgrade with £200 budget?

    I have a £200 budget to upgrade my PC. (Plus re-sale price of the replaced components) Ryzen 1300x A320 Mobo GTX1060 3gb 8gb gddr4 2800 Western digital blue 1tb hdd 550w psu I run games at 1080p. Any suggestions? Regards.
  10. W

    Question SSD not there

    recently had an issue with my hdd which i got replaced with another. i give it to a friend to sort out and they managed to get my pc working gain and boot it from my new hdd, only issue is my ssd now states it is only 1gb when it is 256gb and i cannot erase data on it as it only thinks it is 1gb...
  11. H

    Question PC stuck in boot loop,no bios

    Hey there. After years of being deprived of gaming I finally move out and I decide to put together my deconstructed PC. I bought a new GPU,RAM,an SSD,and a gaming monitor.i put everything in and I had some issues where the PC stays in a reboot loop in which it boots ,no bios/display stays on for...
  12. G

    Build Advice 3K Budget Gaming PC

    Hey I'm so overwhelmed with information i'm going to need some help deciding on what's best to go with on a 3K budget. Is a 2080 necessary over a 2070 due to the 1440p monitor? I'm taking the PSU, storage, keyboard & mouse and case from my current build to use in my new one and this list is...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Will this cpu work on my laptop?

    i have an clevo p870dm-g which has upgrade-able internals my specs are z170 chipset i7-6700k 16gb Ram ddr4 Gtx 980m 8gb SLI 2x 2tb sshd barracuda hard drive x1 256 m.2 Samsung ssd im trying to find out if i can upgrade my cpu to an i7-6900k
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Clicking noise after shutting down pc

    Hi After shutting down my pc, I get this clicky noise from my pc, very likely the PSU? It kinda sounds like putting an electric wire against the wall of the case..This happens from 2-3 to 5-6 times or sometimes more for 4-5 minutes of shutting down the pc. (Do note the plug is still on - i use...
  15. A

    Is my PSU enough for this?

    Is a 550w seasonic 80+ Gold PSU enough for these components? CPU: i7 6700 stock GPU: GTX 1080ti RAM: 16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 MOBO: Asus Z170-A Storage: 7200RPM HDD Thanks in advance :)
  16. E

    [SOLVED] New Build and a question about the 2070 RTX

    So I'm going to build a PC for my wife, she only has a Craptop right now. I'm going with something I would build for myself while I was on a tighter budget (around 800€) The current setup I'm thinking of is as following: I3-8100 (125€) EVGA GTX 1060SC (6GB) Single Fan (210€) Samsung Evo 850...
  17. H

    New build no post

    Hey wondering if anyone could help me Build a new pc 2700x X470 taichi Gskill 32gb 3200 16D gtrzX Was ok before I OC the RAM to 3200 as marketed from 2133 Then started to have a couple of freezing then I just cold restarted it. Finally was frozen when looking at settings in BIOS before i...
  18. R

    origin access premium Safe or Not??

    Hello, Tom'sHardware community, So I want to buy origin access premium and I did some research saying that peoples accounts were getting hacked, and I just want to know if its safe or should i stay away. Kind regards, Ryan
  19. O

    PC Parts Compatibility

    Hi, I am going to build my first desktop this February and I was just wondering if all my parts are compatible with each other.( I already used pcpartpicker and checked part compatibility but I may have somehow missed something. Parts List: MSI Gaming Plus AM4 ATX Motherboard EVGA Geforce GTX...
  20. B

    Monitor cable not compatible to plug to graphic card

    The pins of my Monitor is 16 and graphic card is not compatible to plug the monitor to my graphic card how do i solve this? im new to computers im 14, do i need cable or ?
  21. B

    Should I stream with my CPU or my GPU

    Hi I’ve had a pc for a couple years these are the important specs i5 6600 Msi Z170a motherboard 8gb ram Xfx Radeon rx 480 8gb GPU 250gb ssd 2gb hdd I use Streamlabs obs to stream but i could only stream under my gpu or my stream would stutter otherwise. The problem is when i stream on the gpu...
  22. D

    PSU advice please !!!

    Hi peeps, lets start with my build: i5 6600k 4.4 OC GTX 1060 6gb Gaming X MSI 4x4gb DDR4 3000 OC'd Crucial Ballistics 2 SSDs and 1 HDD MB: z270 Gigabyte A fan Cotroller with 5 120Fans Max power draw under stress tests is something around 450Watts I wanted to ask if a 850Watt PSU is ok, cuz a...
  23. S

    air cooler motor

    my aircooler water pump not through water in grills its new cooler
  24. J

    My new build boots up and shuts down almost instantly, help ?

    Hi guys, I’m building my first gaming pc and after installing everything, the build boots ups and shuts down instatntly there is a small red LED on my Z370 E ASUS motherboard which flashes next to CPU, I’m guessing this indicates that my I7-7700K is either faulty or causing an issue, any ideas...
  25. L

    New 2700X build keeps freezing and getting BSoD

    Just built a new ryzen 2700X setup ( gigabyte ga-370X 1x16Gb HyperX) ; and it keeps freezing/giving me BSoD (clock_watchdog_timeout) *Using latest BIOS (F23d)
  26. R

    How much should I ask for this pc?

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz 4 core(s) 8 logical proccesor(s) Storage devices: KINGSTON SV300S37A120G 110Gb SSD ST100DM003-1CH162 931GB HDD WDC WD5000AAKS-00A7B2 500GB HDD RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Graphics card: ASUS Dual GEFORCE GTX 1070 8GB OC Computer Graphics Card...
  27. C

    i5 4690k vs i5 4790k 2018

    A few years ago I opted to buy a 4690k over the 4790k as the performance at the time was very similar most of the time. It was sometimes said back then that the 4790k would be a better performer in games that come out in a few years because of the hyperthreading. It is now a few years since...
  28. cassini_huygens

    i7-2700k needs more voltage than expected when overclocking

    I'm currently trying to overclock an i7-2700k to somewhere in the mid 4 GHz range while remaining below 80°C and under 1.35V. At 4.3 GHz, the CPU crashed at 1.332-1.344V while running LinX, and the temperature was near 79°C. It may be worth noting that when LinX was running, the frequency...
  29. H

    RAMDISK in Computer??!

    RamDisk (B:) wasn't there and now it appears in my Computer along with Local Disk C and D. Why is this happening? Did I touch something I shouldn't have?
  30. S

    Pc is lagging

    theres an issue happening from last browser and pc laggs some times,i can not identify the problem,i tested with msi afterburner yesterday i saw my gpu usage is100%,but nothing is running on my pc..only task manger..i cleaned my pc today but it seems like it isnt fixed..i am using opera...
  31. C

    Four sticks RAM and XMP result in BSOD.

    Hello! I get BSOD at random when I run all four memory sticks, but if run just two sticks it runs fine. All four sticks run like they should,I tested all four sticks mixed match in all four slots. I ran a memory test and it did not find anything wrong. It could BSOD with in minutes of starting...
  32. saif magdob

    what's the best GPU i can get for Core 2 Extreme QX9650 without bottlenecking?

    Hello Tomshardware! I am looking to upgrade my GPU on my current PC and am having a hard time trying to figure out the best option. I know my rig is old now but I don't have enough money to upgrade to new rig My current build is: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Asus P5Q-E 8GB Ram GT 520 2GB...
  33. R

    Computer in infinite boot loop

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so please be gentle :) My computer is currently stuck in an infinite bootloop. I have tried removing every possible component, but it still isn't working. It powers up, seems to work fine for 2-4 seconds (Monitor says "No signal" when connected to...
  34. N

    Help about pc upgrade

    I5 7500 Msi Gaming X GTX 1050 ti B250m gaming pro (msi) LC Power 500w psu 8gb hyper x fury ddr4 2400mhz 1tb wd blue 64mb 7200rpm What I should upgrade on my pc to improve perfomance for gaming (tight on budget) Should I get ssd or more ram ? / and if you think a ssd recommend me good one :-) I...
  35. JDG14

    Best Graphics Card with no 6 pin

    Hi, Just a quick question. What graphics card would suit my Intel Pentium D (LGA775) PC? I’m planning to restore this PC so my parents can have their own PC for emails and home use for a while. Here are the specs for this PC Intel Pentium D (LGA775) ECS G31 Motherboard (Forgot the model) 4gb...
  36. W

    CPU fan error

    When I turned on my computer today I got the cpu fan error message press f1 to continue. Im running an asus z97a board with a nzxt kraken x62 aio. Launched into the bios and it's not detecting the cpu pump. Everything else is working normally including the cpu cooler fans. Furthermore the aio...
  37. J

    Asus model D553S will not turn on

    Well you see it shows asus in search of incredible for 10 seconds the shuts off then shows it again it's in an infinite loop I thinks it's malware so if it's possible can I get into Safe mode from there or do something else to fix the problem
  38. N

    Bluescreen prevents Win Install

    Ok, problem occured, after i downlaoded il2 1946... suddenly bluescreens occured, before never... after some time only bluescreen whead... ok... tried to make new clean install.. did not work on HD.. asus board is new, but was checked ..all i bought a new samsung ssd, no other HD in...
  39. A

    Can the Task Manager/Performance tab in Windows 10 be wrong?

    My CPU isn't overclocked but tells a different story. I was about to use OCCT when I wanted to see the PC's uptime and while I was there I noticed my 3.9GHz max CPU at 5.09GHz. Is this normal or some side affect of installing OCCT? I don't remember that happening before. Seasonic 650W 80+ Gold
  40. F

    Ryzen 5 1400 not turning on!

    I got a custom built pc. It has a Ryzen 5 1400 processor, an Msi b350m bazooka Mobo, and G Skill RIPJAWS v 2x4gb ram. When I turned it on, the “cpu” and “ram” was lit in the ez debug. We were able to boot it in the shop to the BIOS , but once we got home , it did not boot. HELP