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Forum discussion tagged with Superlux.
  1. ryusxd

    Question Superlux E205 buzzing problem

    What's up guys. I bought a new microphone like 2 weeks ago, it's the Superlux E205, also a needed mixer, which is the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB. Sounds nice to this point, except there wouldn't be a problem: When I start up Audacity, my microphone is buzzing somehow, or it sounds like that. The...
  2. D

    Old and new ram fail memtest86+ at the same test and similar address.

    Hi all. I built a custom pc recently and encountered problem after a few days of use. Now windows installation would hang up at the logo and never proceed. Technicians have suggested RAM test so I ran memtest86+ on my RAM, which is 4-5 days old, and indeed there were errors associated with test...
  3. I

    Computer Build i5 6600K

    Im building a pc its my first time and im on here asking if there is anything im doing wrong or i could do better. I own a gigabyte 1050ti G1 Gaming, 550W Power supply, 2 TB of space, Zelman z3 plus white case, running windows 10,So im planing to buy off new egg (GIGABYTE G1 Gaming...
  4. C

    Motherboard overheating and computer freezing

    I have a Vibox gaming PC. Sometimes it randomly crashes, I think it over heats but usually after a cool time period it starts back up. This time however it doesn't boot, and when it does it freezes during boot menu. The motherboard feels very hot. It has a Gigabyte motherboard. Any ideas on...
  5. D

    Best 80mm case fan under 5$

    What's the best 80mm blue led case fan under 5$