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    [SOLVED] Can ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO (WI-FI) power up a BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm headset?

    Hello ! I own a ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO (WI-FI) and i am thinking of buying BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pro (which is 250 ohms) but i am not sure if the ROG AUDIO can drive this headset. The official site of ASUS doesn't clarify anything about the ohms that this motherboard can handle. It uses the...
  2. V

    Question Find a front USB replacement

    I have this front panel: A cable is broken so one USB doesnt work. I was looking to replace the panel with a similar one but that has 2 USB 3.0 ports, however I cannot find any. in fact, looking for "front panel" gives me...
  3. M

    Question Need help figuring this out

    Hello everyone, I recently just ordered some parts to upgrade my computer and I’m having a hard time figuring out why im not getting any display. I put the computer together just fine and it powers on. My motherboard is MSI’s z370 pro gaming carbon edition, and I also got the i7 9700k coffee...
  4. J

    Can i break my controller while plugging it in my PC ?

    Hello, so i had an issue with my PS4 Dualschock 4 controller, i used my Dualschock 4 controller on my PC till it broke somehow, first started randomly disconnecting from my PC so i changed my original cable that came with it, it worked fine for about a week then my left analog stick (used for...
  5. R

    I have thermal paste on my mobo My cpu had too much thermal paste and after i got it out of the socket i saw that there is thermal paste in the socket and next to the socket.Please help me. How can i clean it without damagimg the motherboard?
  6. J

    Won't turn on

    Won't come on
  7. R

    Trying to Buy a drive. I'm lost confused and getting aggravated

    I'm going to try to keep it all short, but stating my dilemma. I do a lot of data transfer. I don't keep the data, I'm just transferring data from one computer to another; then i delete it from my hdd. The data can be from 20 gigs to sometime 230 gigs (smh) I have been using the portable WD...
  8. packersfan036

    corsair link fan control question

    hi everyone, I'm having a slight issue with corsair link. what's going on is I have the fan mode set to quiet mode, and sometimes one fan revs up a lot till I set it back to quiet mode. any suggestions? oh and the cooler I'm using is a corsair h110i I just installed it around a month ago.
  9. R

    Need Help RE Computer Desktop Tower

    Can someone please recommend a good desktop computer tower for me that is under $500. My tech knowledge is very basic (beginner level) compared to the users on this forum. But I really would appreciate your guidance and advice. I had an HP Pavilion dm4 laptop, and it died. I have a new, and...
  10. H

    Best software for data retrieval on a working hard drive?

    I have a hard drive that's had many files deleted over the last five years. I transferred a lot of it to an external drive which broke and can't be repaired. I know that some software will retrieve what was erased but what's the best one to try? Also I would like to retrieve entire folders not...
  11. Openupitsdave

    Help me pick a cable modem/router for gaming/streaming

    I have a 7700k, GTX 1080, and a 100/10 internet connection, and I noticed that when I stream games, my latency goes up...NOT my ping though-- I notice a slight (but noticeable) difference in response-time (similar to that of an IPS vs TN monitor panel situation) and it's annoying because I know...
  12. E

    My SSD and HDD temps

    So I use a program called HW monitor to look at my temps and keep an eye on them but I noticed my SSD temps and my hard drive temps do not change I was wondering what the problem could be as both my hard drives are plugged straight into the power supply and the motherboard however the SSD is...
  13. Akuman1

    AMD FX6300 stable?

    Hi, im looking for a stable amd fx 6300 overclock. I have tried to 4.5 ghz, it wasnt too stable but got a bsod. So i was wonderjng. I have a gigabyte ga 78lmt usb3 rev.6, I also have a coolermaster hyper evo led so no problem coolibg. if you guys could help thatd be great!
  14. B

    Help choosing ram for Ryzen Build that is 8GB

    I am having a hard time finding an 8GB ram kit that works with a Ryzen 1600. I think I will be using the MSI B350 PC MATE and don't know if any of these are compatible. Looking on the MSI comparability list for ram, It shows 16GB and up, not 8GB Corsair LPX 3000: CMK8GX4M2B3000C15 G.Skill...
  15. T

    what parts are best suited for a n1996 motherboard for

    what parts are best suitable for a n1996 moherboard
  16. T

    Power Supply has 1 cut wire

    My 500w power supply has a cut wire in the 24th pin, the black one in the 4/24 pins (that seperated one with 4 pins) like the wire itself wasnt cut, it was more like pulled out and you can see the copper wire, is this fixable? Or fine?
  17. P

    core2duo E6600 running below the stock speed

    i have a C2D E6600 its stock speed is 2.4Ghz but its runing on 1.8ghz so i just enabled overclocking and kept the stock multiplier and frequency same [9x266] but when i do that my sound gets disturbed makes flickering noisy. dont know what to do , its messing with my fps in game
  18. Spoonman314

    Asus ROG 1080 ti not recognized anymore

    Hi everyone, I got a big issue with my brand new Asus Rog right now. I was playing Dirt Rally as my computer crashed and after a restart no graphic card any more ! I don't know what to do... I tried to unplug it, replug it. Resinstall the driver but the card is not even detected... Thanks in...
  19. N

    No fixes so far work for stuttering problem in games

    I've had this problem since I first got my gaming PC 9 months ago, and since then I've been trying to solve it on and off. School got in the way so I couldn't focus on it a ton, but I have tried many supposed fixes to the problem and none of worked. This has been especially confusing to me since...
  20. L

    I want to get a 4K monitor, but my motherboard doesn't support it.

    This might be a dumb question, but I felt like I needed to ask anyway. So, I want to get a 4k monitor, but my motherboard says it only supports monitors with a resolution of up to 1920x1200. I don't plug my current monitor (1920x1080, by the way) into my motherboard anyway, I plug it in to my...