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  1. A

    Alternatives to AMD Overdrive for Temp Monitoring

    Unfortunately I have an FX-8350 and have been told the only way to accurately reads its shitty temps is with AMD Overdrive and thermal margins. Now I don't give a fuck if I'm reading an actual temp or a thermal margin but every time I run AMD Overdrive it is automatically overclocking my CPU in...
  2. E

    Is this a good PC gaming build?

    I basically bought my own parts and built my own computer but I want to know if it's good or not so please give me opinions and tips on what you think and how to make it better. I have an Intel i7 4790k, a 850 watt power supply, an AMD Radeon R9 290x, but only 8 gigs of ram. I also run windows...
  3. T

    what pci-e does the 3990 have?

    Hello, so i have an acer aspire x3990. You might know the problem(s) with this computer. But I am still going to write them down: 220W powersupply, small case, small motherboard and no information (as far as i could find) on the internet. But now I might want to upgrade it because the Gt 510...
  4. A

    Looking for an am3+ motherboard

    Hi. Through a series of mistakes on my end i have ended up with a CPU (AMD FX 6300; am3+ connector) that doesn't fit my motherboard. I'm looking for a new motherboard that will accommodate that CPU, my AMD r9 270x, 8gb of ram (one card), and is preferably less than $100. I was looking at these...
  5. R

    Payday 2 and Dota 2

    Hi Will this be able to play payday 2 and dota 2 on lowest possible settings?: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit Pentium G3240 3.1ghz cpu Corsair 4gb 1600mhz MSI H81M-P33 LGA1150 M-ATX Motherboard (Onboard graphics) no gpu Thanks
  6. R

    Using a new partition to make a boot drive for new computer.

    I plan on building a new computer in the next few months ,my current hard drive has win 7 oem on it. My question is , if I was to partition the hard drive then format it ( new partition) with new computer then install new os ( windows 8.1 retail ) on partition could I use as a boot drive on new...
  7. J

    UnPark My Cpu Windows 10 For Bf4

    (I Have Windows 10) (i have gtx 650 msi 1gb oc edtion) can i unpark my cpu i5-3470 and i have an msi moderboard when i am trying to unpark my cpu it's says park the moderboadr has a connection to this problam? i want to unpark for bf4
  8. Kevin McCutcheon

    100% CPU Usage For No Reason???

    Okay, so my computer has been pegging the CPU at 100% randomly? No idea why. I posted 2 screen shots. It happens randomly without any warning. I can just be working on a word doc, browsing the internet, on, checking email...etc. Any ideas? The CPU is a i5-4430 running Windows 7 Pro...
  9. C

    Case Fan Issue

    Hey all, the issue probably with the case fans but with me. I just finished building my new PC last night and after hours of pulling my hair out it is working! Apart from the case fans. So... I spent ages last night trying to find out why my PC wouldnt turn on, and it turned out that the molex...
  10. G

    PC internal speakers not working?

    So I'm not sure if my PC has internal speakers, (It's an Asus M32AD) Every modern PC i've had has had internal speakers that actually reproduced sound not just the beeps. In the audio pop up on the bottom right, the bar goes up and down like it has sound, but the tower itself doesn't reproduce...
  11. C

    Buying a new GPU

    Hello, I need help purchasing a new GPU for I'm not really familiar with GPUs (kinda newbie ;p) would really appreciate it if someone helps me with this. Please note that I'm buying the GPU from a local store, so I'm going to provide the link so you guys can recommend one for me to buy. Thanks...
  12. M

    [Build Advice]$1200 Gaming Rig

    I'm just trying to get last minute opinions before I started ordering parts. I keep hesitating and switching stuff out because I'm a little indecisive. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($240.33 @ SuperBiiz) CPU Cooler...
  13. B

    How would you use 3 monitors on a 2 way sli set up

    I will be getting 2 EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Hydro Coppers and the monitors are Asus ROG Swifts. They only have displayport ports and only one per monitor. How would I connect them without getting latency or will the GPUs be enough ?
  14. SkateArc

    Pc Build Opinion.

    Hey Guys, i am interested in customing building a pc and i want to know is this a sustainable build that will last me a solid 5 years? i7 5820k corsair h60 water cooler rampage v extreme 16GB ddr4 kingston hyperc predator 2400mhz 500GB samsung evo 480 1TB seagate barracuda 7200rpm and msi gtx...
  15. S

    Can I retrieve Windows 7 key from hdd that can't boot?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if it is possible to retrieve my Product key for windows 7 from my HDD. My power supply died on my PC so I took the rather drastic step of building a new machine. My first effort and pleased to say with help from this forum it is all working. I have used the hard...
  16. N

    can i replace my amd graphics card with an MSI?

    i found an MSI card i like that can fit in my slim line case so i can replace the old AMD one that i have, will that work?
  17. M

    Does it matter which way to face CPU cooler?

    I'll be using the stock cooler on my AMD X4 860k, is there a certain way the cooler faces?
  18. D

    How would i know if the PSU is good

    Hello im wondering how to know if the PSU im getting is going to be good or worth the money to buy?
  19. uwgibson

    crossfire 2 280's or ?

    hello.. I'm looking to upgrade graphics... should I get 2 PowerColor TurboDuo AXR9 280 3GBD5-T2DHE/OC Radeon R9 280 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5 at $169 each or high end card?... mobo is z87x with cpu 4670k OC to 4.6ghz. current graphics is gtx560.. I run 2 displays but would want to run two displays plus...
  20. N

    Looking for help with my failing build in London.

    I built a PC about 9 months ago and what was fun soon changed to frustration as it started crashing to a black screen leaving no trace I can find of what coursed it. I follow a Linus build of the Ultimate Editing PC as I was new to this and I changed a few components such as a better water based...