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  1. Icaraeus

    The Best Ultra HD (4K) Monitor For PC?

    I've been looking at monitor choices to hook up to a special computer I'm building next year. I've been thinking about getting an ultra HD monitor that is good quality and will last me for a very long time. Is this one any good? It displays...
  2. Qerass

    Do SSDs use so little power that I can add one without calculating my rig's current usage?

    I have an average HP rig bought a few years ago. It has a 300w PSU (LiteOn brand). I've already added a 3 TB hdd. Will adding a SDD be fine, or should I calculate all the power requirements?
  3. W

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual V.S ROG SupremeFX Audio

    My old PC has a ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual audio card. I recently brought a new MOBO with ROG SupremeFX on board. Question on whcih can gives better audio performance? Thanks for any helps
  4. viveknayyar007

    Removing Duplicate Files from Your iTunes Library

    While syncing your iPhone with your iTunes library, there may be instances when you end up having duplicate files in the library. Even though duplicate files in the iTunes library do not harm the Apple device or your PC, the redundant files may consume additional amount of disk space on your...
  5. shishiou

    AsRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 OR Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

    My first budget build and wanted to know which one would be best.
  6. ineedfire

    Rog Swift PG278Q GPU+CPU requirements

    Wondering what I would need to run this monitor comfortably on current games, at high/ultra settings. Only time I would be looking at utilizing the full 144FPS consistently, would be online (mostly FPS, BF4 etc) and I would have the graphics at custom settings anyway to ensure it stays above...
  7. G

    AMD Updates Desktop FX Processor Line With Three New CPUs, Price Cuts

    AMD Now Offers Eight-Core Processors For 95-Watt Motherboards, providing a low-budget upgrade path to respectable multi-threading performance. In addition, the new FX-8370 processor has arrived, and prices have been cut across the board. AMD Updates Desktop FX Processor Line With Three New...
  8. C

    looking for a solution

    Please help,my acer notebook's password has forgotten .. I dont know how to open it!!
  9. B

    Next Parts to Upgrade?

    SPECS: AMD FX 6300 Msi Radeon 7850 2gb Corsair 500w MSI 979A-G43 G Skill Ripjaws 8gb Its been close to over a year since I got my gaming PC. I've noticed that some games are getting laggy and slowish. For example Chivalry Medieval Warfare and Minecraft are the main games that are slowing down...
  10. 0

    Best motherboard for the hadron air?

    I'm in the process of choosing which parts to use for a hadron build. Still haven't been able to decide which motherboard to use. This is my list so far: i7 4790k W7000 firepro hyperX 1600mhz 16GB Samsung EVO 500gb SSD + addition 4TB HDD if possible. I'm stuck on deciding the best motherboard...
  11. M

    Fast HDD drives?

    I need a fast drive for gaming 1 tb. I have a seagate barracuda and I believe its making games stutter, I hate it. I should have paid 4 extra dollars for a WD.:fou:
  12. V

    What are the read write speeds on these hdd's

    i want to buy an external hdd for my xbox one so i want a drive thats gonna be faster than the 5400rpm internal one and have 1tb of space now the xbox one has usb 3.0 ports that it will use and from what it seems is that 7200rpm read write speed doesn't get close to the potential of a usb 3.0...
  13. M

    CPU overheat while playing League of Legends only

    Why my laptop CPU only heats up to 100 degree Celsius while playing League of Legends only. It is happening only after i had changed the fan and the thermal gel on processor. While playing other games like Watch Dogs it just heats up max up to 85 degree. The graphics card only heats up only to...
  14. M

    Need Help FOR HP Windows 7

    when i start my hp it starts normally but then it hangs up on a purple screen for about 5 minutes before my desktop shows up-pls somebody help me-ive scanned and scanned and nothing
  15. P

    Looking to buy 1080p monitor for Less than £100

    Now I know it's a push but I'm in the market for a fairly decent 1920x1080 full HD monitor. Now I've been looking at this Acer one ( ) but I don't know if there's anything better for less or where I could buy one...
  16. S

    Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 vs. ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 vs. MSI 970A-G46

    So what do you guys think about these three mobos for an FX 8320 cpu? In my build thread, someone recommended the asrock over the msi due to reliability issues but I want to throw in the gigabyte option too to see what you guys think I should get. Thanks
  17. V

    Phenom II 955 or Phenom II 965

    Hey Guys So The Question is a Phenom II X4 QuadCore 955 3.2 8mb cache Boxed Socket AM3 - 125w - Black Edition or Phenom II X4 QuadCore 965 3.4 to wait and get the 965 for 200mhz increase or go now and get a 955 and oc the baby ! what do u think? :o
  18. G

    "Search" missing

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) In deleting some Symantec software, the "Start>>Search" function on one of my systems was damaged, and now hangs with the usual first split-screen "Search results" window on my monitor. Any simple way to restore that...
  19. C

    PCI LED fans and HDD fans

    Hey guys. Do any of you know where I can find green LED PCI fans and LED hard disk fans?
  20. A

    Help the needy plz

    i have an asus m2n mx se plus motherboard with amd 64 x2 dual core processor which has an integrated 6150 se gpu.RAM is 3 GB.i want to upgrade my processor to phenom x4 and have a 9500gt smps power is 450 watt.will the graphics card support in this power?.moreover will it be better to...