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    Audigy 2 Drivers Argggggghhhhh!!!!

    Hi. I can't get the drivers to install at all. I'm a musician on an low budget and bought the card cause of the price/quality and features. Now seems I have to get a new board. Creative's support was unable to solve my problem. My set up: Asus K7M (AMD751 NorthBridge, VIA 686 SouthBridge)...
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    Hi got a motherboard with intel 440ex chipset, says in manual you can ownly run a Pent 2 233-330MHZ CPU, does any one know if it is possible to run a Celeron 700MHZ[with convertor card]? thanks for help
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    Your Sandra Results list here and compare

    Memory Benchmark: 700/920 CPU Benchmark: 3990/1963 ----------------------------------- Don't extract the urine.
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    Sound Card Recomendations

    Could someone please review this card and this D2X series. Sound Card PCI-e ASUS Xonar D2X Ultra Fidelity 7.1 ) Also whats a good (reasonable priced soundcard) around $100 - $250 AUD
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    AMD Athlon MP 2600+

    hello friends,just very simple: would it be possible to run this processor in mi QDI kudoz 7 333 A???i think so just because this procesor runs at 133 fsb but....would it be a good idea???the price is very expensive...around 150 euros and moreover...i would have to buy it via i...