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  1. Y

    Question New GPU Power Surge in Games

    Hi, Bought a brand new GPU recently. When playing heavy games - the PC shut downs with surge being detected. In light games the pc doesn't shut down. GPU - 3060 PSU - 750W (more than enough for 3060) Mobo - Asus with anti-surge protection
  2. L

    Question Only Surge Protector Powers on PC

    Problem: Every few weeks, the machine goes for several days consecutively no longer responding to the power button press in the morning, irregardless if it was shut down or asleep. The only way to turn on the PC is to flip the switch on the surge protector to OFF, then ON. When it is flipped to...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Having problems figuring out why my girlfriends computer is responding poorly to changes in house power.

    Hey everyone! I have been having a problem either with my girlfriend's PSU or my house power. We both have gaming computers in the same room. I have a 1000w Gold unit that's about a year old. She has an 850w Gold unit that's around 6 years old. We have them connected to 2 different...
  4. 3jackdaw

    [SOLVED] AVR vs UPS for treadmills?

    Hello, First off, I apologize in advance if my question is not PC related. It is however hardware related and I do have a PC question attached to this question as well I wanted to know if buying a outlet direct surge protector would suffice for my treadmill? Opposed to buying a 1000VA-3000VA...
  5. N

    Question Game frequently crashes

    - My pc seems to recently experience power outage or it could be a surge. - I recently change my psu to a CX750m and there has been no weird noises - I did reinstall my Windows 10 Pro but that didn't fix the problem. - I had recently run Memtest86 and there was an error on the CPU. (The...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] Was thinking of getting a UPS but have questions after reading some stuff about them and surge protection

    When I first started looking it was just for UPSs since I was just looking for something to get my computer shut down properly and save anything I may need to at times the power goes out. Some time we have to happen frequently in the spring and other years only 2-3 times a year so I guess it's...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] H81 Gamer voltage rails low after a number of surge protection auto-resets.

    My 5 year old H81 gamer's voltage rails went and stayed low after a number of 'surge protection' related auto-resets last night, all while I had plugged a brand new Logitech G923 in and mid game. After entering the BIOS after each reset I noticed the voltage rails were quite low: +12v was...
  8. Sinatra

    Question massive issue and idk what’s wrong might be a surge of sorts

    SPECS: Msi GTX 1060 6gb Msi z97 pc mate 16gb ram 550w super flower psu i7 4790k 250gb ssd 1tb hdd ISSUE: My pc has been been performing absolutely fine, until I tried connecting my gpu directly into a hdmi splitter then boom, just like that no display from the gpu whatsoever. It boots fine from...
  9. S

    Question Lightning struck apartment. No display on boot + VGA_LED on now among other things.

    Hello My specs are: Case: Cooler Master HAF 932 SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 120gb SSD HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB DVD: Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner 24x CPU: Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield Quad-Core 3.06GHz LGA 1366 MoBo: ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Graphics Card: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB ROG STRIX OC...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Mouse started smoking out of nowhere? Power surge notification.. should I be worried?

    So I have had my computer for over 6 years, upgrading different components throughout the 6 years. I was sitting at my computer watching YouTube videos today and my mouse started disconnecting, and suddenly started producing smoke (from the wire just above the mouse). I also got a notification...
  11. R

    Question UPS for voltage regulation

    Hello, I am wanting to get a UPS for my home theater system. I know any UPS wouldn't be able to power a home theater for very long, what I am interested in is the power regulation, power info as well as the surge protection. Power fluctuations are not good for electronics and a UPS with AVR...
  12. D

    Can Led tv get damaged from a surge or spark in the outlet?

    Hi I have a sanyo 32 inch Led tv.I live in India and since the power cuts occur frequently here I have connected both my led tv and DTH HD set top box(STB) via a belkin 3 socket surge protector for extra safety. A day back I had a problem with my set top box and the DTH technician who came from...
  13. 0

    If I have a whole house surge suppressor on my breaker panel how important is a 300v clamping surge suppresser power strip?

    I have a whole house surge suppressor on my breaker panel and I am looking at surge suppresser power strips for the aquariums. Just wondering if I can go with a strip rated at 400v/500v clamp rating?
  14. D

    Question Random shut offs. Power supply surge?

    Hi, My PC has been behaving strangely these past few days. PC shuts down immediately after waking it up from sleep. It then restarts, tries to boot up again, goes through the boot process for 5 seconds or so, shuts down again and restarts. It may repeat this cycle 4-5 times before actually...
  15. S

    Question Does it matter whether i put my graphics card in the first or second pcie x16 slot? ie does it give less performance in the second

    I have a 1060 6GB and an Asrock b360m pro 4 motherboard. i was just wondering if it made any difference i put my graphics card in the second slot which is where i have it right now. when i was installing it in the first one i believe that a small part on the motherboard is blocking the graphics...
  16. G

    PC Repair Shop - Are they messing me around? (water damage)

    I put my PC in for diagnosis nearly 3 weeks ago. The problem was, I spilt some water/gel from a dehumidifier onto the motherboard. (It never completely drenched it, just some splashes) between my GPU and the CPU. The PC was plugged in but not powered on. I immediately unplugged it and used some...
  17. J

    Dropped Portable Hard Drive - Powers On - Computer Recognizes - Shows Correct Storage Properties - Data Not Readable

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I dropped my 4TB WD easystore portable hard drive today. When I plugged the HD into my apple computer, it took a minute for the drive to show up. When it did show up, the files took a lot longer than usual to populate. When looking at the properties of the...
  18. D

    Different RAM kit compatibility

    So currently I have 8gb (2x4gb) of Kingston HyperX white 1600Mhz RAM. I plan to upgrade to 16gb in the near future. So I was browsing on amazon for the same type of ram, which I found. I could buy one 4gb stick for 28$, or a 2x4gb for 73$. If I buy two 4gb sticks individually, or buy the...
  19. D

    msi z97 gaming 7 can't find boot drive after bios flash

    I flashed my bios from 1.6 to 1.c it all went well i thought it now will boot to the bios screen but cant find the boot drive to get to windows if i use bios b i can get to windows i can change back to bios a and reboot it will boot into windows any ideas guys. msi z97 gaming 7 i7 4790k
  20. S

    Intel i7 5820k

    So my processor, as you see from the title, is an i7 5820k. It's base clock is 3.3 GHz and OC is 3.6 GHz. Well when I view the task manager under the performance tab, I see that it fluctuates reaching 3.96 GHz at some points. Is this dangerous? I keep an eye on my processor temps as well and the...
  21. M

    212 evo runing at 60 degrees at idle??

    please help me, ive been looking for help everywhere, but i cant seem to really find any, here is my degreeses at idle someone please help fast,
  22. M

    mobo help plz

    ok i want to buy a new mobo... ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard.. as my alienware aroura r3 mobo will not go windows 10. but i am skeptical due to hearing ppl say if ur gpu is over 6" it will block sata maybe someone knows more about this them me here is...
  23. U

    Is this HDD shot ? , already ?

    I have a Gateway NE722 laptop , its only 1.5 yrd old , it was bought remanufactured on ebay. It always worked great then one morning it would not boot and displayed a error message : Default boot device missing or Boot failed. I have a hard time believing the hdd would crap out so soon but who...
  24. d1rtydeedz

    Computer stopped working; very perplexed

    Four days ago I was playing a game when my computer went to the blue screen of death and crashed. Upon attempting a restart I was given an error after the bios screen of a missing OS. I restarted to BIOS and found my OS drive was missing from the BIOS settings. I run my OS on a separate SSD...
  25. F

    System freezes, then displays a blue error screen before shutting down.

    My PC will occasionally freeze. It's a gradual process. For example, first the web browser will stop responding. Then Microsoft word will freeze and I can't click anything in it. At this point I can still move my mouse, and mousing over shortcuts in the taskbar will highlight them. I can do...
  26. D

    bsod when i lauch my steam games my computer has the bsod

    i've been trying to play my steam games and half way through playing i get a bsod. i have msi afterburner and my gpu has major spikes to 99% please help!!!!!!!
  27. C

    Should I get this PSU? Is there a better one or should I get this? Don't give me a Corsair I'm getting this but the 650w. This is my build...