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    Question Recommendations for AV Receiver and speaker placement ?

    So I have been planning on installing a surround sound system for my family/movie room. Finally there were some pretty great deals on speakers for Black Friday so I bought the following 5.1.4 speaker setup: All Klipsch models: R-820F x2 for front left/right channels RP-400C center channel R-51M...
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    Question Side Surround speakers playing at the same time

    Hello, This is my first 5.1 setup and I'm having an issue where both of the side surround speakers play at the same time when testing them via Windows. I've tested both via the Windows Sound control panel (Right click audio device > Configure speakers) and via a Dolby 5.1 channel test file with...
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    Question Windows isn't passing all audio channels to Receiver

    I have been gifted a Sony STR-DH540 and I was hoping to get it setup with surround sound. I currently have an HTPC setup that is running on a Intel 6th gen i7 on a super Micro C7Z170-OCE with a Nvidia 1070. I have gotten the speakers setup and they work but for some reason windows is only...
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    [SOLVED] Do you recommend Dolby Atmos app?

    I was wondering If I should buy the full 15$ app or not and I wanted to hear your thoughts...Is it worth it ? I'm using a 7.1 virtual surround USB headphones . I tried the free trial during one of my games (Monster Hunter World) and I read that only a handful specific list of games support Dolby...