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Forum discussion tagged with Surround.
  1. A

    [SOLVED] Connecting PC to Panasonic Surround System

    I am planning to connect my new PC build (Mb is an Asus ROG Strix b550f) to my old panasonic 5.1-channel home theater system. I checked both manuals, and Asus shows how to connect the PC to different audio system types in the manual. One of these is 5.1 channels, but the Asus diagram assumes...
  2. Tommaso De Portu

    Question HDMI Connection Home Theatre Problem / Open for suggestions

    Hi all, I have a problem with my home theatre setting and hope you guys can help me out. I bought about 4-5 years back a bose cinemate 520 and a 4K Sony TV to go with it. At the time, I settled for 1080p as 4k content where not a thing yet (and oh, the GB required for a 4k movie). Recently HVEC...
  3. Question NVIDIA Surround Error

    I can't seem to get NVIDIA Surround to work. I want it to span three 4k screens that I have across two different GPUs, but it just gives me a generic error that refers me to this connection guide, which is really just system req's. Here's my setup from the NVIDIA Control Panel I have a...
  4. L

    Question Best Headset/Headphones to buy right now for pc gaming and music production!!??

    So I have recently been shopping for a new headset and really can not make a decision. I want the best possible headset but not something ridiculously overpriced, What would give me the best quality for gaming but also good clean audio and deep bass for music production? I would like wireless...
  5. K

    Question Surround speakers

    I have an Asus strix soar sound card and 2.1 speakers. The card support 7.1 surround audio. If i want to use that attribute of the card can i buy two pairs of 2.0 speakers or do i need a complete 7.1 speakers kinda like the Logitech Z906?
  6. deadlyghost

    Question Need help setting up 5.1 surround system on laptop

    I have a Sony HT-RT40 5.1 surround system but it's been a pain to setup properly. First off, there's a setting called 'Effect' which when disabled down-mixes the input to 2 channels and completely disables surround speakers. But when it is enabled, 5.1 surround works but the bass off the...
  7. S

    Question Running Old Pioneer Receiver and Sonos System at same time?

    Good afternoon/evening, As the title implies, I was wondering if it possible to run an old Pioneer receiver and a Sonos surround system at the same time. I don't have the exact model number, but my receiver is nearly 15 years old, it doesn't have HDMI ports in the back, and I currently have it...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Will 7.1 surround work without usb adapter?

    i have logitech g430 headphones but dont have usb adapter my question is is it posible to have 7.1 surround with just 3.5mm audio and if not do i need original adapter for surround to work??
  9. N

    [SOLVED] How can I use 3 sound cards for 5.1 surround sound?

    I've tried doing this using Voicemeeter Banana but failed, it only output one audio stream into every speakers. Subwoofer and center speakers ain't a problem for me 'coz I have a dedicated amplifier for them. What I need is a software like voicemeeter to assign each sound card.
  10. E

    Question 5.1 surround gives me trouble in VLC

    Hi, I use VLC for playing movies on my Macbook, and have a problem when I reproduce 5.1 files. With some files the channels mix up and the center comes out of the right surround and the left surround from the lfe. And I found that changing the numbers of the speakers from the Audio Midi Setup of...
  11. [SOLVED] 5.1 Surround not working

    Hi, This is driving me mad and I can't seem to resolve this on my own despite reading and trying multiple solutions... I have a Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound speaker system hooked up to my computer (mobo). The cables are correctly plugged in, I know they are because Win10 sound management...
  12. NOOB2PRO

    Question Use laptop display with Nvidia surround?

    Hi! Trying to use Nvidia Surround with my 2 external monitors but I can neither choose the 1x3 topology or choose my laptop display as one of the options. It's always greyed out. Anyone know a workaround or a fix?
  13. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Looking for Nice Gaming Headphone for $150

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphone due to my current hyperx cloud alpha right ear cup going bad, I have my eyes on a couple pairs. I just want someone else opinion and knowledge to help me find a new pair here are some that I have my eye on Audio-technica ATH-m50x...
  14. B

    Question How to get surround in Chrome

    I've already tried the flags and command lines but i still doesn't work. It works perfectly on Netflix, so why won't chrome do the same?
  15. T

    Question Monitors have no signal in multi monitor setup but are detected by GPU

    The gpu is a gtx 1660ti I have tried uninstalling device but the monitors just keep flashing up with no signal, Like they detect some sort of signal but don't display, the monitors are 1440p 144hz and motherboard is Aourus x470 ,help is much appreciated, thanks. :) I have them arranged in a...
  16. W

    ASUS GeForce GTX 1060

    Hi, I am inquiring to buy a new graphics card for a HTC VIVE setup and I just want to make sure I buy the right graphics card for not only the VIVE but also my PC. I do not know if this will fit in my current case and I have been told to check how many "PCI-E" pins I am going to check how many I...
  17. D

    My truck's speaker system is broken, HELP!!!

    Right front, and Rear left are not producing any sounds, Mostly I can't access and replace them because I don't know how to remove the covers of the speakers Isuzu D'max 2011 (LS, 4x2, Diesel, Auto Transmission)
  18. R

    AIO Cooler Low on Liquid?

    I have been having temperature issues with my PC. After booting up, the idle temps will be in the 30's but after any usage the idle temps will hover around 40-50. Load temps are terrible. Temps will jump to 80's right away and after several minutes will eventually hit 100. I am using a Corsair...
  19. W

    My car does not play 16GB flask the deck is a Boss BV9986BI

    Beck does not play flash
  20. N3rdR4ge

    Two different GPUs (one AMD one nVidia) for mining. AMD card not recognized and runs at max fan speed.

    Never tried this before. Don't know much about mixing cards. Anyone with experience know how to make it work?