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  1. A

    Question 32 inch vs 27 inch for 1440p

    I am currently looking for a monitor for my RTX2060/7 2700x build that will support 144hz and 1440p resolution. However, I am drawn between a 32 inch monitor and a 27 inch monitor. If I had to get a 32 inch monitor, it would either be the MSI MAG321CQR or the Dell S3220DGF. If I had to get a...
  2. G

    Is this system healthy?

    Hello guys, so the deal is, I have this system: MSI 970a 46g AMD FX 6350 (Stock) + Thermalright Rev B Cooler (Getting like 50º Max Load during GTA V) AMD R9 390x 8G (Stock) Corsair CX600M It's running for one year and a half, and it's completly fine. The problem is, during GTA V Max Settings...
  3. 8

    MSI x99a Gaming 7 debug issue

    I recently installed the MOBO mentioned in the title, and I am getting the error codes 31, and 32. These are "early cpu initialization" and "early memory initialization" as well as an "early north bridge initialization" thrown in the mix on occasion. My system seems to boot up normally with no...
  4. M

    PC Slow after installing multiple games.

    Hi. My computer has been very slow after installing games like Just Cause 3 and CS:GO. It takes about 3-5 minutes to boot up now. The normal boot time is about 1-2 minutes. There is no display for about 30 seconds then a black screen comes on for about a minute and it comes up with a loading...
  5. Varzoh

    I need help with cable management I don't want to screw anything into a table or wall but I need to organize my wires?

    My cable management is terrible please help thanks!