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  1. [SOLVED] Custom loop kit comparison

    Hi Everyone, So I'm luckily in the position where I'm able to upgrade from an AIO 360mm cooler to a custom loop kit. There's some pretty good deals out from a few manufacturers that all have pretty good reviews either generally as a company or on a specific kit. I'm hoping people can give...
  2. 1

    Question Vega 56 or 1660ti help

    Hi guys..... I need help in choosing a card 1660 ti or Vega 56... My pc specs are as follows 2600x 16gb ddr4 3200 1tb sad Psu.. superflower leadex 2 gold 650w My case is wall mounted so airflow is fine I can get either card for £250... Any help or opinions would really help
  3. D

    Question GPU Fan controlling software

    Hi, We have a system with 10 GPUs. Unfortunately EVGA precision tells us Too many GPUs and MSI afterburner custom fan causes BSOD with this supermicro server. Are there any other GPU fan software? Thanks
  4. R

    Adding More GPU's to my system

    Hi Guys!. My system mobo is Asus X370 Prime Pro , with ryzen 1800x. Currently im using one gtx 1080ti. I want to ask you , what is the best way to get more gpu's and get the maximum performance possible from my system, i'm guessing that if i get another 1080ti i will get almost half of the...
  5. M

    What Keyboard should i buy?

    What Keyboard Should I get? Should I purchase The Corsair K68 Rgb The Corsair k65 Rgb The Corsair Strafe Rgb Or the Logitech g910?
  6. R

    [SOLVED] PC running slow after windows 10 1809

    PC running slow(not as snappy as it was before) after sudden windows 10 1809 update from 1803. It took 2hours to install and PC runs slower after that. Should I reinstall or just uninstall the chipset and video drivers and try again. ram usage was also higher than before. EDIT: Just Noticed that...
  7. L

    Why is my monitor getting fingerprint like smudges even though nobody touched it ?

    Just like what the title says, Im just wondering why. I have the S24F350 SAMSUNG MONITOR.
  8. kristalL

    [SOLVED] Some internet functions don't work on fresh windows install.

    I just got a new laptop and I proceeded to freshly install windows 10 on it because I don't want all the bloatwear that manufacturers include. I completed the windows install. Logged into the system and went straight to updates. I proceeded to install all of the available updates which...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Power supply questions

    Hi guys I got a Msi 970a-g43 Ram4gb ×2 Ide Hard drives 5400rpm ×2 No dvd rom Gtx 1050 Fx 6300 Power supply green 330w bronze is enough? Or 400bronze or even higher!?
  10. G

    Microsoft Tests Letting Users Delete More Default Windows 10 Apps

    Preview Build 18262, which is available now to Fast ring and Skip Ahead members of the Windows Insider Program, makes it easier to delete more default apps. Microsoft Tests Letting Users Delete More Default Windows 10 Apps : Read more
  11. W

    disk usage 100% laptop too slow to reset with windows recovery thing

    the laptop of my friend is so slow I can't reset it with windows 's recovery program. I think it is the disk usage that is the problem and i have check the forums for solution but nothing works. sorry for my english it is not my first language.
  12. TheTerk

    Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WIFI Review: Ryzen Value

    AMD's refreshed B450 chipset doesn’t disappoint. Gigabyte’s B450 Aorus Pro WIFI takes features from the Aorus 7 and delivers a value that’s hard to beat. Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WIFI Review: Ryzen Value : Read more
  13. S

    Migration of OS

    Hey, I just bought a gaming laptop and as soon as I brought it back home, I noticed that the OS was installed on the SSD and not on the HDD, which I found it weird. Anyways, I found out an software that could migrate it back on the HDD but I'm concerned about my games' saves. Will have any...
  14. L

    Apple Goes Silent, As Telegram CEO Accuses It Of Blocking Updates

    Telegram's CEO, Pavel Durov, accused Apple of blocking updates for all of the iOS app users since mid-April when the Russian government first asked the company to remove the app from the App Store. Apple has otherwise remained silent on the issue. Apple Goes Silent, As Telegram CEO Accuses It...
  15. R

    Water damage issues

    Had water spill on my graphics card yesterday through the top of my case, at first it would not turn on and then turn on with intel hd until eventually it would turn on and recognize the card but the issue im having now is 15-30 minutes of being on the computer the screen goes this purple black...
  16. J

    Laptop beeps long 1 time and 2 time short beeps No Display

    I have HCL ME series laptop It have i3 M370 2.4Ghz It had problem of display so my cousin gave it for repair and when it came back it only started for 1 hour and then when started it gave one long beep and two short beeps and no display. I thought. It's RAM problem so i checked. I was shocked...
  17. kcarbotte

    Arctic Makes A Passive Cooler For AM4 APUs

    Arctic rolls out a passive heatsink for low-powered AM4 processors like AMD’s new low-powered Ryzen GE processors and Bristol Ridge APU lineup. Arctic Makes A Passive Cooler For AM4 APUs : Read more
  18. J

    Good case for 1080ti?

    Hey I need help picking out a good case for 1080ti gpu. I know It is a huge card but I would prefer a smaller case (that still fits it) that has see through side panels and leds. Please could anyone recommend me one? Also I am looking around for a good gaming desk but I have no idea what is...
  19. F

    Best graphic card for my setup

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/neverending/saved/#view=WxfQVn all my current hardware. My graphic card recently developed blue lines so now i am looking for another, either 1060 or 1070 (Ti?). or is there something better then those other then 1080? is my PSU good ? Thanks for the help guys :)
  20. K

    how to trick computer into thinking it has lan

    I am trying to trick my computer into thinking its directly connected to the internet but use wifi instead. I know thats a weird question but I am gonna be working from home with comcast and I cant access the program wirelessly I have to be directly connected to the modem and would like to get...