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  1. Y

    Question Switching from Intel to AMD CPU and keeping HDD files

    Hello everyone, I want to switch from my current intel i5 7500 to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x soon. I've already picked out the parts so no problems there. I looked for some info online and basically everyone suggests fresh installing windows to avoid issues. I think I will do this since basically 95%...
  2. Y

    Question Switch suddenly not connecting to internet

    So about two nights ago my internet on my desktop stopped working (ethernet). Usually the problem would be solved by simply restarting the network switch however this time it didn't work. I'd like to note that before that it happened almost once a day so I unplugged one of the ethernet cables...
  3. J

    Question Can I plug a Router into a Switch?

    This is my internet set up so far: I have a router that we plug in to from the shop downstairs. (We live above it) I have run an ethernet cable to a switch which I then run to my TV and Desktop. However a lot of our devices are wireless and the wifi is god awful, even downstairs its hit and...
  4. AndBaggio

    Question How do I setup a Netgear DGN1000 as a switch?

    How do I have to setup a Netgeat DGN1000 if I want to use it as a switch? I have another router that I use to access the web and I would like to use my old DGN1000 as a switch connected via ethernet cable. So that I can use the other 3 ports to connect other stuff like a printer, a laptop and...
  5. C

    Question Keyboard Switch

    Some of my keyboard switches does not register sometimes, I already blow it and half press, it would work but would come back again. Can I use a 70% alcohol to clean directly the switches? It's okay to stain my keyboard since its only generic and will buy soon. Thanks!
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Are all 1Gb unmanaged switches similar performance?

    Hi all, I just want another 1Gb switch (hub) for my home network; but I began wondering how much processing the switch does, and whether more expensive switches give better performance? I've never found any performance test results / reviews. I understand there is build quality differences...
  7. Koesherbacon

    Build Advice Moving an entire system from one case to another?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to designing and building PCs, but not to upgrading and adding hardware to existing towers and laptops. I've already upgraded and added several components such as a couple fans, two PCI devices, added RAM, replaced HDDs, etc in the tower I'll describe in more detail below...
  8. N

    Question WiFi with Network Switch connection??

    Hi All - Thanks in advance for listening to my following question. Im new here please forgive any lack of knowledge. I plan on connecting the following network, could someone please be specific if it is even possible? The main concern I have is the Computer connected to Router via Wifi - Is it...
  9. Zippy the Hippy

    Question why cant my 2 subnets communicate

    i have pc1, and switch in subnet a. i have pc2 in subnet b with router connecting them. pc1 can ping all the way to router including the interface that pc2 is on but cant ping pc2. pc2 cant ping anything. subnet a is a /26 and subnet b is a /28. why cant they see each other? thanks
  10. N

    Question Set up

    So many options to choose from. I admit I am a beginner, can you please tell me if this is a good set up. We are renovating our house. TP-Link EAP225-Wall Omada AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Wall-Plate Access Point TP-Link TL-SG1008P 8-Port Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch (4 PoE Ports, 55 Watt Budget...
  11. v3ggi

    Question Which cases fit a DTX motherboard?

    I have a prebuilt acer predator orion 3000. I want to switch the case, and just move all my components. But I dont know which case that fits my parts. My motherboard is a predator PO3-600, and i dont know which case it fits in. Please answer.
  12. BobMcSmith

    Question SteelSeries Brown vs Cherry MX Brown

    What’s the difference? Thanks!
  13. ehvfehvf

    Question My PC suddenly doesn't turn on, help

    I woke up in the morning and tried to turn on my PC but it doesn't turn on, ive tried to unplug the power hold power button for 30seconds plug it in and it doesnt work, ive tried to use my screwdriver on the motherboard to bypass the power button and it still doesnt work, what works is when I...
  14. EddyPC

    Question How much ARGB fans can I connect to SATA power supply output?

    good evening to everyone, I have a cable that has 4 SATA with a single 6 pin output from the power supply. I have 8 ARGB 2300 rpm PWM fans, 1 PWM splitter (SATA power), 1 ARGB splitter (SATA power), HDD (SATA power) and the AIO pump (SATA power). Can I connect everything with that cable...
  15. M

    Question Inteno XG6846-R1 switch

    Hi, we just moved in to a new apartment, where we have fiber internet, which goes to a switch first (Inteno XG6846-R1), then from the switch to the router with the normal cable. I supposed to have 250/250 mbps but when I do the the speed test, the results are 95/95. I have never used fiber or...
  16. HBinswanger

    Question SATA A/B

    For weekly clones of my internal SATA drive, I use a neat little Startech standalone cloning device. I plug the backup SATA drive into the device's Destination port and remove my internal SATA drive and plug it into the Source port. This works fine but I want to minimize the plugging and...
  17. C

    Question What are some used but still good 10Gbs ports switch?

    I'm a newbie to switches and routers. I'm looking for a used but still good 24 ports or more that is 10Gbs per port. I'm thinking about running a NAS for video editing. Any suggestion/recommendation is appreciated.
  18. sha1764

    Question Will this configuration work?

    I wanted to know weather this configuration work properly My isp Ethernet cable connected to a switch From that switch 1 port is connected to a wifi router for other device to connect wirelessly Another port from the switch is connected to my primary pc For better understanding a image that...
  19. natiya3

    Question Question 10G non-blocking switch for WiFi 11ax communications

    I want to connect a test device to send traffic WiFi 802.11ax so I'm looking for a switch with the following specs: • Switch 10G copper • Wire Speed, non-blocking’ switch • Number of ports: Minimum number of non-blocking ports (I only need 4 ports at the moment) Also, my budget is a bit...
  20. D

    Question Nintendo Switch causes issues with Sony TV.

    Hi. I recently bought a Switch console and although it's been working great with my old Sony Bravia model for the most part, there's a strange issue I've encountered. When trying to use the switch, the picture and sound will sporadically disappear repeatedly. It is always both picture and sound...