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  1. N

    Question Connecting Router to Built-in Ethernet Switch Board

    My house in the UK is wired for Ethernet connectivity with 2 sockets in every room. Downstairs in the hall cupboard I have a board with masses of Ethernet switches. There is a row of 8 on the top line and then 16 numbered Ethernet sockets on the bottom line. There is wiring behind these...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Steelseries Rival 110 thoughts?

    Yesterday I just bought a SteelSeries Rival 110 for 42 usd (converted from our currency to usd) I know its supposed to be 35 usd or something closer but It doesn't matter. I just wanna know if I made the right purchase. My concern here is double clicking. I want to ask previous users or from...
  3. LordVile

    [SOLVED] Mechanical keyboard help

    Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard next week. Currently looking at the Coolermaster SK630 TKL version. however wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. I do prefer linear switches not married to any brand or even linear switches but I would like a TKL layout. Been looking for a while but...
  4. lordvanko

    [SOLVED] Custom switches on a not cherry keyboard

    Does anyone know if im gonna be able to put custom keycaps on a GENESIS THOR 300 TKL? They look like cherry switches but they arent for sure
  5. M

    Change HP Processor

    Hi Everyone, I have a HP 14-am085tu laptop. and i have Intel® Celeron CPU N3060 @ 1.60GHZ with 4GB installed memory and 64bit operating system Can i change my laptop PROCESSOR to a BETTER one? OR should i change it with my motherboard as well? I shall be very thankful to any answer!
  6. StupidComputers

    Slow Sandisk Extreme Pro 480 GB SSD

    When this drive was new (2015), the read write speeds were 500+MB/s. Now it tends to be around 370MB/s (HDtune). I should mention that I run the drive partitioned with both Win10 and Win7. The tests were done in 10. The drive partition was done post Win10 install, and both partitions are 50%...
  7. S

    450w psu for gtx 650ti boost

    I got a mercury 450w psu with 2 12v rail with 18A and 24A respectively...will this be enough to get the gpu run without locking my system? And I have all mid level specs...no overclocking etc... Thanks in advance
  8. M

    Buying a suitable server for use as a NAS

    I'm looking for a 2nd hand server to be used as a NAS for backups and for a media server. I've just bought an HP Proliant G6 DL380 and would be quite happy to buy something else from HP if it can suit my needs. The requirements are: Preferably 3.5" Caddies. Drives must have SATA interface. Not...
  9. J

    GT 1030 VS GTX 750 TI For the HP 3500 MT

    HELP PLS. I have the HP PRO 3500 MT with the fellowing specs : 4gb RAM DDR 3 500 GB HDD CORE I5 3700K 300 W PSU GT 520 2GB DDR 3 And the motherbord is hp 3500 series with a pc-i express 1.0 .i am really confused which one is better , is it the gt 1030 or the gtx 750 ti , the gt 1030 is way...
  10. F

    Logitech G230 Gaming Headset Review

    The Logitech G230 gaming headset is priced attractively. We put it through our testing to see whether the product was also a good value. Logitech G230 Gaming Headset Review : Read more
  11. S

    outlook mac 2010 export to windows outlook 2013

    hi guys need some help here....is the anyway to transfer the mac outlook file to the windows outlook file...
  12. J

    psu (hive 650 vs evga 500)

    i have a question regarding the psu on my first build. i have a used rosewill hive 650w being offered to me for 30. the total wattage on my build is 420w. should i go with the hive for 30, or spend the extra 10, and go an evga 500w. thanks! here's my build if you have any suggestions...
  13. Ahumado

    Does this mean the supply is bad

    I am referring to the yellowish goo Thanks
  14. D

    Blue Screen from tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe

    Hey Guys, Wondering if you can help me, ive been getting a blue screen after about an hour or 2 of playing Final Fantasy XIV. I checked out my crash dump using bluescreenviewer and its come back with drivers that caused the crash called tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe. here is a screenshot...
  15. KiiDPoLo98

    PC Upgrade Suggestions

    CPU: QX6700 (Embarrasing) GPU: HD 6970 GPU2: GT 610 (Dedicated PhysX) PSU: Antec 650W RAM: 4GB DDR2 MOBO: Nvidia 680i SLI I Would Like To Upgrade My PC Because My CPU Is a HUGE Bottleneck and in Games Like GTA IV I Cant Get Higher Than 35 FPS and GTA V I Cant Get Higher Than 30FPs and FC4...
  16. L

    ASUS G501JW-DS71 vs MSI GS60 GHOST PRO-064

    I'm choosing between these two identically priced laptops. I'm planning to use it for heavy computing tasks, hence the i7 and the 16 GB RAM, but occassionally do some gaming on it (I'm fine with 1080p med-max settings). I want it to last for the next 4-5 years. MSI +Beefier GPU (GTX 970M w/6GB...
  17. B

    i3 3220 touches 75 degrees celcius while gaming, upgrade cooler or not ?

    Hi everyone, as the title says it all, my i3 touches 75 c while gaming (though only exceeds by 1 or 2 degrees more depending on title), should i get an aftermarket cooler or stock one is okay...(btw how is deepcool gammaxx 300)....(i didn't have time to go thru previous threads as i am in a...
  18. C

    Need help with network printer please.

    The printer is a usb Brother 5040. It is connected to the network server pc. My problem is trying to let 2 computers on the network print from it. The two computers have two accounts with different passwords. One for the Lab Admin(me) and the other Lab User. Now the computers print fine with the...
  19. P

    Cpu or Gpu

    Im looking to upgrade my computer with black Friday deals... Looking for some advice on what would be the best upgrade strictly for gaming. my pc has: - gigabyte 870a-ud3 mobo - phenom 965 black edition processor - 6870 video card -4gigs ram computer is now around 4 years old and im looking...
  20. EagleSmart

    Photo/video editing, gaming, rendering PC

    I will be using the pc for photoshop, video editing, some 3d rendering and modeling as well as extreme gaming. Photoshop and other photo editing software and gaming is in the first place but rendering and video editing is a cm behind. Budget is about 2000€ or 2600$ CPU: i7-4790k MB: Asus...