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  1. Jxllo

    Question Having problem with bios I think and system 32 files

    Ok so starting like 12 hours ago I had an issue where I was installing something and I needed to reset my pc but since my pc has had an issue for like 2 or 3 months and I haven’t been able to update it as it just loops and keeps going. I only had the option to power off and update, or restart...
  2. spynmaker

    Question Mackie OS 5.1 Another Windows OS.

    Hello. I hope this is ok here. I have just acquired a Mackie d8b studio console. The way this recording software is setup is by a bare version of Windows 95 and called Mackie OS. The latest version we have is 5.1 and of course no newer versions because the technology was abandoned. But the...
  3. Q

    Question Multiple bluescreens for the past 6 months

    Hi, I made my own pc about 9 months ago and everything worked perfectly, after a month or so I started getting a BSOD, with the stop code 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Then after that came the BSOD'S: System thread exception not handled and kmode exception not handled. Now more then 6 months further...
  4. D

    Question Windows boots up to a black screen with system 32 cmd prompt after installing latest AMD graphics drivers.

    So I installed the latest AMD graphics drivers so I could play Doom Eternal yesterday and when my PC boots up I get a blackscreen with a command prompt. Typing explorer.exe into the command prompt immediately brings up my desktop and my PC runs fine from then on. I just recently got an SSD and...
  5. Danjoz

    [SOLVED] Diffrent BSOD errors. Cant run my computer for more than 15min

    So i built a computer maybe 4 Days ago and from nowhere i just got these diffrent bsod error messages.. "System thread not handled" "kmode exception not handled" "System 32/srt/srttrail error" "kernel security check failure" can someone help me resolve this? All i wanted was a Good gaming rig...