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  1. jkholloway47

    Question More than one error light

    Hi guys my PC started to have random restarts so I checked a bunch of things (not important i don't think atm) and eventually I replaced my GPU. That didn't fix the problem and every time it restarts 3 different error lights come on DRAM, VGA, and BOOT and at this point I don't know what to do...
  2. S

    Question Intense and frequent Power Limit Throttling

    Hello, (sorry if im in incorrect thread) My laptop always frame dropping in all games, even after i undervolted it. I think it was caused by Power Limit Throttling. The frame drops esulting in very unpleasant gaming experience especially in competitive games like R6 or CSGO. Im not quite sure...
  3. A

    Build Advice Dell T5500 Systems Upgrade

    I have a Dell T5500 with the following specifications: Dell 0D883f Motherboard (x1) Xeon x5650 @2.67 GHz 32 GB DDR3 RAM Dell PSU @875 Watts AMD R9 270 (GPU) 100 GB SSD WD Caviar Green (1TB, SATA-300, 32MB Buffer) | WD10EADS (HDD) I want to completely convert this workstation to a complete...