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    [SOLVED] High end gaming build - recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm looking to splash out on a high end gaming build. I built my current PC myself (six years ago, so it's getting on a bit now) and would like to do so again. I use my PC primarily for gaming, along with a few work-related tasks (in MS Office, so nothing demanding like video editing)...
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    R9 270 or HD 7850 for X5460?

    Hii. I need a new graphic card for my 1st budget build. So i search a lot of budget-friendly used graphic card. I found HD7850 and R9 270. What should i buy? And how many fps if i play GTA V Medium-High @1080p?
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    GTX 750 issues.

    My rig: i5 4460 @ 3.2GHz 8 gb RAM GTX 750 gigabyte My gtx 750 is normal and not the overclocked version. This rig is expected to play games at medium to low at 40fps at 1080p, I have seen a guy on youtube with a weaker cpu and the same gpu play gta V on 1080p at medium to low settings. I on the...
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    PC won't power on, just fans

    Recently, my computer began to power itself down randomly. Just today, I was playing a game and it powered down, but this time the fans came back on but nothing else. No boot, no led indicators, just fans. I was already suspecting that the cause was my power supply. I had checked all...