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  1. yakamaster

    Question PC restarts while playing games.(Kernel-power 41)

    Hi all, I recently bought an asus gtx 970 graphic card from a friend and worked well for a while, but now when i play games computer freezes and restarts. sometimes after restarting it keeps on restarting until it becomes stable again. These freezes and restarts are totally random and comes...
  2. T

    Which is better for gaming, i5 4590 or i5 6500

    Hi there, The title explains it all, Which is better for gaming, i5 4590 or 15 6500 Thx
  3. M

    My DVD Burner not working onwindows 7 64 bit

    My DVD Burner not working on windows 7 64 bit . Start bat eject disk have to fix it
  4. D

    Do I have to reinstall Windows 8.1?

    Hello, I am buying a new motherboard, its the same exact motherboard as what I have now, which is a MSI H81M-P33 because my old one was DOA, the 2nd slot of memory would not work at all so I was stuck with just 1 4gb Memory stick. I bought the motherboard in may of this year. Anyways I didn't...