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    Question PC Random Reboots in Windows

    Recently just installed a new motherboard/CPU, and now my PC will shut-off after a certain amount of time. Ranges anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes and gives no warning when it will be shut off. Couple things to note: Only shuts off when in windows, I can stay in the BIOS for as long as I...
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    [SOLVED] Blue screens after installing windows on a new PC

    Yesterday I've recieved all the parts of my new PC, built everything together, and straight up booted. After installing all the updates and driver I got a bluescreen with the code saying "whea_uncorrectable_error". After getting this a couple of times i reset the computer and am still getting...
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    Dayz server join

    Okay my brother and i are trying to play dayz (Arma 2 mod) on the same server through dayz commander. it used to work for a while but all of the sudden we get kicked. a red messages appears on the screen and it tells whoever was in the server first that the message has not been received or...