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  1. M

    I5 8400 & I5 8600k

    Which one would be better for gaming on a budget. I will probably try to stream (game@1080p & stream@720p 60fps) and video edit time to time as a HOBBY. I was thinking of getting the 8400 and if streaming&editing is a success in financial meaning I upgrade to I7 8700k instead. Correct me if my...
  2. Agrajag

    Maximus X Hero. Uses for WiFi/Bluetooth?

    I just set up this board (Z370) and it's rock solid (phew, as there were a lot of dead boards reported on Amazon). I really didn't care about the WiFi option, but since it came with the board I went ahead and set it up. I'm wondering what possible uses I might have for this and the bluetooth...
  3. S

    Graphics Cards Working Together

    Okay so I have AMD APU A10 7850K with Radeon R7 series and MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GD5T OC and I was wondering do these graphic cards work together at the same time?
  4. I

    Graphics card upgrade

    I have a Rx 460 4gb, if I buy a second one will I be able to play ark at epic instead of minimum preset? Or do I need a gtx 1060 6gb for that. I have a amd Fx 8320 cpu with a cryorig h7 cooler on it , so will that work?
  5. C

    Replace Mother Board or Buy New Computer?

    I have a PC with those specs: - RAM: 3GB DDR2 - Processor: AMD Phenom ii x4 945 3.0 GHz 95W (This was brought a year ago for replacing a slower processor) - Mother Board: ASRock ALiveNF7G-GLAN But the Mother Board had an issue which made it to get it's integrated graphic card heated (same with...
  6. D

    Blank screen with remark

    My lg monitor is fhd , i changed resolution to 4k,then screen is bank and "d-sub out of range" is showing remark Configration is 6th gen. i3, 4gb ram and windows 10 Pls help me
  7. J

    I think I have a virus on my computer, please help me! URGENT!!

    Please help me. I was using my Desktop Computer as normal and all of a sudden, I got a pop-up, not one of those fake ones you get on the 'Critical alert from Microsoft' sites, a real one on my desktop. The title of the pop-up says Accept Client Installation It then says this...
  8. C

    Screen frozen startup

    On startup my screen is frozen, only a black and white image (it's not a screensaver) appears. What's wrong and is it worth trying to fix? I can't get anything else to come up. Took a photo of the screen but don't see a way to upload it here. It's just a white screen with a splash of black. The...
  9. P

    Corsair Link and Msi Afterburner Conflict?

    Hello, I use MSI Afterburner for my GPU's custom fan curve, but for the fan curve to continue to be applied MSI Afterburner needs to be running in the background all of the time. Likewise, I need Corsair LINK running in the background so that the lights on my RAM are in sync. Both Corsair LINK...
  10. T

    Headphones Not recognized

    I recently built my PC and im not the greatest. I got into the OS now when I plug in headphones that are not seen in playback. The only thing I see is HP W2271d-0 (this is my monitor) and Nvidia Output I don't know if it is a mono problem where Installed something wrong or What! I do not have...
  11. D

    hp pro wont except ram upgrade

    hi all, i cant get my hp pro 3120 mt to except more than 4gb of ram, it is a 64bit pc so it is capable of an upgrade to 8gb. tried 4x2gb and 2x4gb all hynix 10600 sticks. wont even except 2x2gb i have 1x2gb and 2x1gb and thats the only way i can get it to work for 4gb. i also cant seem to...
  12. T

    Sony VAIO laptop won't boot

    My Sony vaio won't boot most of the times. But rarely it boots.
  13. X

    Z370-E vs Z370-H

    Can anyone tell me the differences between Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Vs Asus ROG Strix Z370-H? Other than the BT and WIFI.
  14. C

    how much would the following be worth and where could i sell it?

    759748-001 HP PAVILION 23-P SERIES INCLUDES A8 7600 Chip PLUS 8GB 2rx8 Also i have the LCD 23 just the :LCD any advise? ebay fees are so high its not worth the money after everything Thanks
  15. O

    USB output switch

    Hello, its a pretty simple device, but what I'm looking for seems to elude me, so I will describe what it is I want to do, and hopefully someone can point me to a device that will provide the functionality I desire. I have a nintendo switch, a pc, and a wireless USB headset. To get audio in...
  16. T

    Distorted/frozen image during game

    Hey guys I have recently bought a benQ GW2470h monitor to connect to my laptop through HDMI. The monitor works fine during normal usage in windows but when I am playing Starcraft 2 the image freezes and becomes distorted every 5 to 10 min. By distorted I mean you can not make out anything like...
  17. M

    Pc Shuts off and on every 5 seconds

    Building a new pc. My last parts came in today. I built it correctly, I was in BIOS, trying to get my OS system on. I did something in BIOS (I don't remember what I did exactly) and I saved and exited, and now it's been doing this ever since. There is no CMOS jumper anyhere on my motherboard. I...
  18. B

    MSI 970 and MSI 1080ti psu minimum

    Recently upgraded from a 970 to a 1080ti. I have decided to keep the 970 in and use it to mine (not expecting to make much, just a hobby) when gaming. If i set both to 80% power limit, will a 750w psu be sufficient? I'm also running a i5 6600k but this and the 2 cards are running stock.Also...
  19. B

    Are visible access points on my network?

    When I do a Windows Network Diagnostic check, my list of visible access points (BSSID) show 18 items, some of which are on the same channel frequency. Are all of these in my home network? My own router, a combo modem/router displays a slightly different BSSID than what is on the device.
  20. B

    Motherboard and ram help please.

    I'm having issues installing my Crucial ddr4-2400 4gb ram stick in my asrock ab350 hdv.I haven't really forced anything down , but it seems like the stick can't go all the way through at all. The ram says DDR4, I did exactly as the instruction said, is there some incompatibility despite all the...