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  1. O

    Does this mean my Motherboard LAN is dead?

    So I was working on my PC today and I replaced the CPU cooler and reinserted everything back together. After the PC booted up I see the ethernet icon in the bottom right bar and it says no connection available and has a red X, even though the ethernet cable is plugged in. I rechecked everything...
  2. C

    my hp 350g1 comes on but it has black screen ,caps light is blinking

    hp 350 g1 , it comes on but it has black screen and the caps lock light also blinking
  3. M

    I need a decently priced cpu upgrade

    Ok so I have an am3+ mobo with and amd fx 8350 and 16gb ddr3 vengeance ram at 1600mhz and from what I know there's no higher CPU upgrade from here. What is a decent use upgrade cpu without breaking my bank? I understand I'll need a new mobo as well. I'd like to keep my current ram to try and...
  4. J

    New PC build, No Boot, lights flash once

    I have just built a computer, finally got the liquid cooling built and bled, went to turn on and all i get is a flash of light from the LEDs on all of the accessories. The mothorboard lights work, but nothing else. After the flash, if I try to start it again I have to switch off the power supply...
  5. M

    edit username of a saved Remote Desktop Connection "saved desktop" in Winwoes 10

    How to edit the username of a saved Remote Desktop connection in Windows 10? I want to change it. Clicked on the [...] button. Chose "edit". Ask me every time foo are my choices. I click on "foo" to edit it. It is read-only. I tried deleting the saved desktop and recreating it. Windows...
  6. D

    Please Help! Dual Monitors with a GTX 1050

    Hi all, I've just bought two new monitors, but my system is having trouble detecting the second monitor. Both screens have a DVI, VGA and HDMI port. My GTX 1050 has a DVI, HDMI and DP. I connect the first monitor via DVI to DVI. The second monitor is connected by HDMI to HDMI (Both...
  7. E

    Motherboard beeps continuously as soon as PC is powered on but PC works fine - video

    I've got a new PC that I built 3 months ago. It's been working fine up until last night. Last night when I shut down the PC, it started beeping rapidly for a few seconds until the computer was completely off. I rebooted and there were no issues. Today I powered on the PC and the instant that I...
  8. G

    AMD Triples Black Friday, Cyber Monday CPU Sales

    AMD's Lisa Su announced during an MSNBC interview last week that the company tripled its processor sales this year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. AMD Triples Black Friday, Cyber Monday CPU Sales : Read more
  9. H

    Accidentally Arked USB Ports, is the PSU OK?

    I was working on my dads computer, and went to jump the board with a sim ejector tool, when I realized that It was resting on an exposed USB Port headers. I reset the system, and got no post. The board was dead, but is the PSU dead after the ark, or can I reuse it?
  10. S

    only keyboard not working in normal mode, but working in BIOS mode

    Hi , when i start my lenovo laptop, until system window start ,keyboard work fine, but after that it stop to working.If i enter into bios ,it working fine. Please help me to out from it.
  11. A

    PC Building Inquiries

    Hello I am currently selecting bits and pieces to build my first PC. I was just making sure that all my components would actually work and you know... not break. Thank you in advanced for helping 1X Team T-Force Dark 3000MHz 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Red Black $259 1X Corsair SPEC-ALPHA Mid Tower...
  12. E

    burning smell coming from the cpu, but temps are normal.

    burning smell coming from the cpu/cooler, but temps are normal. I did check the psu, but no burning smell. my pc is about 2 years old, any ideas?
  13. A

    Asus P5G41C-M LX3 Transcend Ram Working?

    Hi Friends my Asus P5G41C-M LX3 Motherboard 4GB (JM1333KLH) DDR3 Transcend Jetram Ram Supporting say yes r no?
  14. N

    Good budget Gaming PC?

    I have just put this budget Gaming PC part list togeather and is it good enough to play some of the newest AAA titles? I do not always plan to play huge titles all the time but when i do decide to play one i want to be able to play on at least medium and high settings. will this PC make the cut...
  15. deadmuse

    Is this RAM compatible with my system?

    I've read all the specs I can find, but am still not sure if this RAM will work with my mobo and CPU. I will not be using my old RAM any more, just the new one. This is the RAM in question: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3, 1866MHz, 2x8GB (specs linked) And here is my system: Mobo: ASUS P8z77-V...
  16. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    Can someone tell me what CL is this Ram memory plate by the plate description

    Hi is there possibility to tell what CL is this ram plate and if possible to tell if its older or newer version of DD3 rams. And can a memory with CL 11 to be mixed with CL9, I want to add on H77M mobo, dual slot 1x 8gb ram of 1600mhz and it's possible to be CL11 i am not sure it is the plate...
  17. A

    Overheating gpu fps drop

    My specs: Toshiba L50-B i7-4510U 8gb ram Amd R7 M260-2gb I have checked gpu temprature on gpu-z application and according to it there is fps drop whenever gpu temp reaches 89-90 I have tested on gta 5 nd fifa 18 Previously gta 5 use to run smoothly but now overheating and fps drop Any...
  18. S

    New CPU/Ram upgrade, need advice

    So, im wanting to upgrade some components on my PC. Not just for games but for video and other multitasking. Not professional by any means, just needed something beefier. Some games are taxing my CPU too much, giving me some problems. Also bad porting or general game bugs making things harder...
  19. D

    ssd wont boot

    I recently installed a Western digital 500 gb ssd to replace my hard drive, when i try to boot from it the screen will just be black with the cursor stuck on loading. If i try to boot from my hard drive it works just fine
  20. Hassan_92

    Im stuck in PSU plz HELP

    Hi im building my own custom made PC the specs are as follow: Asus Strix Z270G Gaming i5-7600 Asus Strix GTX 1070 Ram DDR4 16GB I need help with the Power supply i have searched a lot & found the best which is : EVGA SUPERNOVA 650 G2 650W, 80 PLUS GOLD, FULL MODULAR, 140MM But its not...