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  1. J

    My Monitor says "No Signal" on 90% of my PC boots

    i have this really wierd problem that started a while ago it started simple one day i booted my PC and turned on my monitor and it got no signal no problem right just restart and it worked but it just kept getting worse now if i want it to work i need to boot my PC like 30 times and on one of...
  2. L

    First time builder, any issues/incompatible parts? (Budget gaming PC)

    Hi it's my first time building a PC, I am pretty sure all of these are compatible but theirs things I may have missed or do not know. If any of you could help me out by checking my list, suggesting parts, that would be greatly appreciated. PC part picker...
  3. J

    Question whats this mean?

    what dose this mean Some Intel C236 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Kaby Lake-S CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions
  4. D

    Dual audio when watching YouTube videos on PC

    Hi guys! I have the audio playing twice when watching youtube videos. When I press pause, one audio stops but you can hear a second one still playing. I've searched around online and there isn't much details.. some people had similar issues in 2013 but since there were so many updates since...
  5. M

    No display... MSI x370 Gaming Carbon Pro.

    Alright everyone! Here's a real stinker here! Ever since having my new computer. It has never beeped. Even on a successful boot. Built the computer last week, and in the first try. Got BIOS and everything. Set it up and everything. Got it working, windows installed. Steam is installed. Updated...
  6. I

    Will the P400S work fine with a STRIX 1080 TI+ How can i make this build under 2500?

    So, i'm currently putting together a £2500 PC Build. However, i like the look of the Phanteks P400S but i'm not sure if it will be compatible with a STRIX 1080 TI. I've looked on PC PartPicker and it says it will fit but some drive cages will not be usable. Is this true, as i've heard sometimes...
  7. R

    Asus Maximus hero ix query?

    will putting my nvme 960 evo m.2 be fully operational for a boot drive OS? or will it steal to much pcie lanes from my gpu and/or cpu to work? im rocking a unlocked intel 7700k with a nvid gtx 1080 founders edition ref card which m.2 slot should i populate one closest to cpu or down near my...
  8. kcarbotte

    Getting Fully Immersed With Pimax's 8K VR Headset (Hands On)

    Immersed 2017 was filled with interesting presentations and product demonstrations, but the one that stuck out the most came from a VR company from China called Pimax. It brought a prototype of the upcoming Pimax 8K VR headset. Getting Fully Immersed With Pimax's 8K VR Headset (Hands On) ...
  9. C

    clone HDD in Lenovo laptop w10 UEFI

    Hello, How clone a HDD in Lenovo laptop B50-80 with windows 10 64 bits in UEFI mode? thanks for your help.
  10. M

    CPU and GPU

    I want to build a new PC. I want have a 144Hz monitor and wondered if it is smart to buy a Nvidia GTX 1080 with an Intel I7 7700k. I play at 1440p and want to get higher than 60fps avg. Is this system going to last for a few years or should I go with a better GPU or CPU? Thanks!
  11. B

    Does the core 2 quad q9900 support ddr400?

    I have an old mobo lga 775 with ddr400 ram somehow... it has a pentium 4 that came and works with it. I need a good, fast dual core or up cpu to run in it. Any recommendations?
  12. T

    Should I go with an I5 or an I7?

    I'm going to be upgrading my cpu here soon. I'm wondering if I should go with an I5 or I7, I only game at 1080p but I want 60fps and high settings. My current gpu is a gtx 1050 ti. There is about an $80-90 price difference so I would love some opinions. I have a 500w psu and 16gb ram if that helps.
  13. B

    i7 6700k #1 core overheating

    So i usually game on my PC and never had a problem but when i play all the cores get up to 80 or on 1 game all of them are 70-60 and 1 is up to 85-95 why would it do this anyone know my cpu cooler is Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo Even when idle its 30-45
  14. L

    Upgrading from GeForce GTX 980 Ti (Gigabyte) to an Asus ROG-STRIX 1080ti queries.

    My PC currently has a CX600 power supply, which I believe is rather old and dated considering current market psu's? Granted that's not the intended question but will help in getting specific answers. My questions in reality are do both of these cards use the same pin numbers for power supplies...
  15. O

    completely deleted everything

    I completely deleted everything off of my Toshiba laptop, is there any way to get it all back or get it back free?
  16. T

    Crucial 32GB Mac RAM compatible with Supermicro X9SRL?

    I am looking to buy 32 GB RAM for a Supermicro X9SRL-F board. I can see this Crucial 32GB Mac RAM (link) - would anyone know if this is compatible with the above motherboard? Thanks!
  17. EricLane

    Radeon r7 200 Upgrade

    I need to upgrade my video card mentioned above. Can I get a decent upgrade for $100? If so, what? If not, How much do I need for a reasonable improvement. I am poor but my PC is aged
  18. R

    Pc will turn on. Fans wont

    Hi. Bought a new motherboard z270E gaming STRIX. When I turn it on. Everything goes except the fans. When I plug them directly into the psu they go fine. I assume I forgot to plug something in. Any guesses? Thanks
  19. R

    ISO Issues Help

    I am trying to burn a number of files to either a disc or a usb. I have download about 18 different programs/files all labled .iso but when I unzip them not one actually have a iso file or image in it. Programs such as nero, isoburner and so on can't find the image. What to do? It's hard to...
  20. T

    Multiple Display and App Window location

    I have 3 monitors. I have certain apps that I always want running on certain displays. If the display powers off or goes to sleep i dont want window moving it to another display. I want appX to live on displayY period, always and dont change, resize, anything. In all my googling I have found...