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  1. kinghaq

    should i buy Intel i7700 or i7700K only 10$ difference .?

    should i buy Intel i7700 or i7700K only 10$ difference .? i am not interested in clocking and will play games on normal settings . also if i go with i7700K which cooler is suitable and affordable.?
  2. N

    Purchasable 2x3.5 hard drive rack?

    I just can't find what I'm looking for. My nzxt manta has a hard drive mounting spot on the inside bottom of the case. There's some wasted space here because you could easily fit two or three hard drives vertically. I'm looking for a little metal drive rack that can hold two or three 3.5 drives...
  3. K

    i have 8 gb ram only 932 mb usable.

    i have a laptop i5. It have 8 gb ram installed but it shows that only 932 mb usable . os is window 8.1 enterprise 32 bits . I know that 32 bit only use 4 gb of ram but it is only using 932 mb i have also used msconfig command but problem remained .what to do ?? i really need to fix this problem.
  4. P

    Upgrade from 7700k to 8700k

    Hi I am wondering if it will be worth upgrading to 8700k from 7700k in my current build as I believe that the 8th gen will be compatible with 200 series boards? I have no interest in upgrading if I will need to change motherboard. I mainly do gaming. Want to make sure I'm good for at least a...
  5. Y

    I do not see # 3. "Now change...

    Re Fix for 2007 "Microsoft Word has not been installed for the current user" error message. I can not see option "4. Delete the files OPA12.dat & OPA12.bak (in some computers you may see OPA11 instead of OPA12. That is okay delete whatever 11 or 12 that you see there)" All I see is a list of...
  6. A

    external monitor goes blank when laptop is closed

    When I close my Dell laptop my external monitor goes blue. I have already changed the power settings to "do nothing" when lid is close. What else can I try?
  7. D

    Cannot connect to specific game servers

    EDIT: May have found a way to fix it Just yesterday I found that I couldn't connect to specific game servers to either download updates or to play in general on multiplayer servers. There was also a case of the voice and text application "Discord" being stuck in a constant loop of "Checking for...
  8. M

    Overclocking for streamin/gaming

    Hey guys i was looking to overclock my pc which is : fx 4350 , gtx 960 , 9gb ram. My main question is if i overclock it would i get more preform,fps or its not worth it.
  9. C

    RAM compatibility with Asus b350f

    I am new to the PC community and i am worried my ram and motherboard are not compatible. Can someone tell me if they will work together. The manual says it dosent accept anything greater than DDR4 2666 but it also say the max is DDR4 3200 Hz OC. Do i have to OC for this to work? Sorry for the...
  10. A

    Wifi problem asus x455l

    I have asus laptop x455l that just serviced at shop , now the wifi is not working its only one bar when connected and sometime it got exclamination marks. My phone connect the same network but it just fine have full bar and no problems. I have done reinstall device , troubleshoot , reset bios...
  11. M

    asus rog maximus ix hero lga1151 won't boot

    OK is my first new build in over 13years so I'm a little rusty but here are the specs asus rog maximus ix hero lga1151 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Intel Core i5-7600K LGA 1151 EVGA 650 BQ, 80+ BRONZE 650W Using on board display right now for graphics Everything...
  12. H

    Upgrade need advice

    So im going to be building a new system late august currently i have a i7920 bloomfield r9380 gpu 12gb ddr3 850w psu. So i only use the pc for gaming and some streaming i play diablo 3 players unknown battlegrounds and csgo. im going to be buying a new video card this week to through into my...
  13. A

    Size of TP?

    I hear lots of suggestions on how much TP to use and what shape. What is your advice?