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  1. S

    [SOLVED] BSOD constantly with no clear reason!!

    Hey guys! Hope you all are having a good day because I'm not! I've recently upgraded my pc from an Intel Core i5 2300, 8GB of DDR3 ram dual channel (4+4 Ram module), a Radeon R9 380 and a motherboard that I don't remember the exact model of! I had not known issues with running this system and...
  2. Kurt Cobain

    Question BSOD windows 10 Amd

    Hello! Recently I built PCs for me and my twin brother. The two builds have the same specs: mb - Gigabyte b450m ds3h ram - 2x8gb HyperX HD - 1tb Toshiba GPU - 1660 super CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600. The problem is that I am getting this BSODs (System_service_exception...
  3. bulva2

    Question [BSOD] Windows 10 machine BSODing on shutdown ?

    Hello everyone! In the last few weeks i'm having a flustrating problem. Every like 4th time I try to shut down my PC it says Shutting down.. then the screen goes black the PC is still running and after few seconds I get a BSOD (Most commonly "memory_management" but yesterday I got...
  4. P


    Hi there, Some time ago I have built a new rig with following specs: Processor: Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu: SAPPHIRE Pulse Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G Ram: 2x8GB Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 3600 Mhz (CL 17) HDD: XPG SX8200 PRO 1TB Motherboard: MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX PSU: SILENTIUMPC Supremo L2 Gold...
  5. D

    Discussion I ran into a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD. Its been on the blue screen for an hour but I can't turn off my laptop.

    Hello. I am running a lenovo legion y520. It has worked fine for me since 2016. I have encountered another BSOD 2 years ago which cost some money to fix. My windows has been reset and everything worked fine up until a week ago when I started getting more BSODs with the same message. I didn't...
  6. _Treadstone

    Question Extreme amounts of BSOD relating to ntoskrnl.exe for months now..

    Hi thank you all for taking a look at this! I've been bombarded and to be honest, demoralized by an insane amount of BSODs dating back all the way to early November of 2019. I'm at my wits end, and I'm looking to put a stop to this soon because I'm sure after over at least 100 BSODs (probs...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe

    Hello to everyone who is reading this question. I started to get Blue Screens around 2 months ago, so I checked .dmp files and all of them were caused by ntoskrnl.exe. I tried to find solutions on the internet, but nothing that could help me(or I just didn't find anything). Some of the BSOD...
  8. J

    Question Windows BSOD during installation of Windows 10 on clean/wiped SSD

    Hello, So for the past 2 days I was having BSOD's on my computer, I couldnt fix them no matter what so I decided to try to do a clean install of Windows 10. I made a bootable USB, booted off of it. Wiped the SSD using disk partition. As I tried to install it, during the phase "Getting files...
  9. B

    Question Frequent BSODs in Windows 10

    Hi! I'm hoping someone here can help with some annoying blue screens I've been getting lately. Basically, I'm getting various blue screens, seemingly at random (I've yet to find any connecting trends so far). I'm running Windows 10 on a self built PC that's been running fine for years. The...
  10. R

    i5 7500 with gtx1070

    so im builing a new pc that I'll be using daily for mostly photo and video editing and occasional gaming here and there and i was wondering if i can run a intel i5-7500 with a gtx 1060 3GB without creating a bottleneck between the two or experiencing poor game performance. these are the specs...
  11. B

    Case around ~50-60$

    Hi. I'm looking for good pc case. Need something with good cable management, airflow, antidust, and silent, simple design, but quality, can be without side window. Can help me choose from here:
  12. J

    CPU For Medium, to heavy editing, and Heavy gaming.

    Hey guys, With black Friday just around the corner i'm interested in a new processor, and i'm conflicted on which one will be the best for me. I'm currently looking at either the R1700x/R1600x, or the i7 7700k/i7 7800x. I play a lot of video games, and i edit videos fairly heavy as well. Most...
  13. H

    How much should i sell my VGA Corporation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2 GB for?

    I am currently going to buy a gtx 1050 ti and pair it with a g4600 8gb ddr4. Im seeing mixed prices on ebay and amazon. One guy is selling his for like 180$ on amazon and some on ebay are as low as $40. Im aware this is an old <----> card but how much should i sell it for and where? It's in...
  14. TheJJBman11

    Why Am I Overheating?

    Hey, I haven't overheated in months, however after the latest big Windows 10 update, I've overheated twice while playing Overwatch. I have also updated my AMD graphics card but I doubt that has much to do with it. Is anyone else experiencing any performance issues recently? Thanks.
  15. B

    PCIE Lanes and cpu ?!?!?!

    Salutations my fellow geeks, nerds and everything in between :bounce: I've heard talk of pcie lanes on cpu's:ouch::??:. Does this mean that you would benefit from getting a cpu with, let's just say "2x pcie x16 lanes" in order to fully utilize 2 GTX 1080's:heink:? And would I be able to run an...
  16. R

    How to know whether adapter is working or not

    I am trying to start my laptop after almost 6months, it's not getting started and even the charging indicator is not glowing.
  17. B

    Building my first gaming PC

    Hi guys. I've been looking through parts to build my first gaming pc. These are the parts I have picked out so far: GPU: EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1070 8GB Founders edition CPU: i5 4690k Memory: 2×8 gb DDR3 1866 memory Storage: Seagate barracuda 2tb 3.5" 7200RPM CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212...
  18. B

    What to Do With Extra Build

    I recently got done modifying/building out an existing machine into an upgraded machine with a second machine to go beside it, and I find myself with spare parts that with an additional small purchase or two could easily make a third machine. My question, generally, is: What do you think I...
  19. S

    Help - Asus Motherboard DRAM Led, VGA Led & wont boot

    Hello, Built my computer back in September 2015 and was running fine until end of December. I left my computer on one night to download and when I came back a few hours later the screen was black and couldn't get any response but the tower was still running. I restarted it and it seems to be...
  20. S

    Why do I have Blue screen?

    BSOD encountered. What is the cause? How to solve the problem? My screen has blue screen appeared, it hanged and restart. I use bluescreenview to see the properties and it says Caused by Driver dxgkrnl.sys Here are the screenshots Recently when I am surfing the net in browser, sometimes I...
  21. nb7760

    Help with acrylic tubing water cooling

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of adding an acrylic (hard) tubing water cooling loop to my current build. It'll be my first time doing a custom water cooling loop, so I need a little bit of advice. I'm stuck as to how I would connect all of it and alight the tubing/fittings without bending the tubing, as...
  22. G

    MSI, Tobii Release Concept GT72 Gaming Notebook With Built-In Eye Tracking

    MSI announced a partnership with eye-tracking company Tobii Tech to bring the emerging technology to the company's already impressive gaming laptop portfolio. The just-announced concept notebook GT72 is the first device of its kind to have eye-tracking bu MSI, Tobii Release Concept GT72 Gaming...
  23. G

    Looking for an upgrade from my current AMD A10-5800K.

    This is my build: I am looking for a better cpu. When I build this, I needed the apu because I could not afford a cpu and a graphics card so I bought this apu but shortly after that I got a radeon 7870 and thats what I have now. It has been a...
  24. L

    graphics card shot?

    My monitor has split into 3 colours yellow, grey and blue.There is also multiple yellow pinstripes going down my monitor. The shortcuts are large and the incorrect colours, my task bar and windows button are also large. I think my graphics card may be shot but I'm unsure. I do have photos but...