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    [SOLVED] b350 or b450 for r5 2600

    Looking to upgrade to a r5 2600. I do not plan on overclocking at all. After researching, I really can't find any big enought differences to spend extra for a b450 mobo. Am I missing something? Should I get a b350 or b450? Edit: I do not currently have either a b350 or b450.
  2. R

    [SOLVED] PCIe 3.0 vs 2.0

    Hi All! I'd like to change my old config: -Intel Core i3 3240 CPU -Asrock H77 Pro4-M motherboard - 4 GB DDR3 RAM -GeForce GTX 750 GPU Usually, I dont use it so much time, so I dont want to spend too much money. I found some chep parts: - AMD FX-8370 Octa-Core 4Ghz AM3+ CPU - Asrock 970 Pro3...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] PSU making rattling noise when gaming (not PSU fan)

    I just built my first pc. At idle it doesnt make any sounds, but as soon as I launch a game, I can hear a rattling noise from the case, and as soon as I close the game it stops. I tested all the fans and none of them made any rattling sounds, then I took the PSU out of the case and tried again...
  4. J

    Computer won’t boot- PSU problems ?

    So I bought a new computer case a few days ago and got a spare day so moved everything over into my new case. I got everything ready into the new case and tried powering it on but found that it wouldn’t boot at all by power button or by trying to jump it with a screwdriver (touching the two...
  5. J

    HP computer SSD install

    Copied HD, installed SSD, With only SSD installed computer finds SSD. As soon as reboot with any of my HDs back in the computer goes back to my old windows drive or reports windows error with my 2nd drive. Can this be corrected? Thanks
  6. AndrewFreedman

    GPD Micro PC Has More Ports Than Some Full-Sized Ones

    GPD showed us its new Micro PC, a 6-inch laptop with a dedicated touchpad, 720p display and Intel Celeron N4100 CPU. GPD Micro PC Has More Ports Than Some Full-Sized Ones : Read more
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    Blue Microphones Introduces Ember XLR for Streamers, Podcasters

    Blue Microphones announced the Ember XLR, a $99 mic that offers a step in between the popular Yeti product line and more expensive XLR microphones. Blue Microphones Introduces Ember XLR for Streamers, Podcasters : Read more
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Unstable internet issue

    I recently moved into a new apartment and the internet has been really strange. Every once in a while they'll be pockets of days where the internet is unstable. Sometimes it will load a page and the next minute won't load up at all stuck connecting. Spotify shows it goes online and offline so my...
  9. S

    Need Help Port Forwarding my Router

    I have recently bought the TP-Link ARCHER CR1900 AC1900 Wi-Fi Docsis 3.0 24x8 Cable Modem Router, and am having trouble port forwarding, any advice on how to achieve port forwarding on this modem?
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Who do you think is a good Dedicated Server hosting providing company?

    I want to setup 21 websites (Wordpress) on a single server as i am setting up a new business. I asked across different mediums about who provides the best Dedicated Server Hosting, i got many interesting answers. My friends suggested me to get it from Hostnoc. Can you suggest me some more name...
  11. X

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX 580 8gb nitro+ crash in some games and benckmarks...

    I purchased this card on the Amazon warehouse deals, installed, attached the 8pin and 6pin cables and it starts properly. Trying to make a benchmark on Heaven have the same problem, the computer crashes and restarts, trying instead with FurMark the latter works properly, the problem is only...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Rx580 MSI Armor Good Choice?

    I've heard horror stories about the RX580 MSI Armor having a flimsy cooling solution, resulting in high temperatures and very loud fans during gaming loads. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Any MSI Armor owners able to confirm or deny these claims? Thank you.
  13. G

    RX 570 Problem

    2 days ago I bought a used rx 570 for a decent price for 140 USD the problem I have is when I overclock it I have to undervolt it otherwise the card won't reach its target clock, for example, I was able to achieve 1450 mhz core clock but I had to do -50Mv in order to reach this clock but I had...
  14. W

    Questions regarding Vega 64 LC

    Hello all. I’ve finalized my build and now just stuck on a GPU. What I really wanted was a 1080 ti but unfortunately the cheapest I could find currently is $804 which is a bit much from what I want to spend, should of bought one in Nov I was set on getting a 1070 ti, but on Newegg Vega 64 LC...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Do I Need to Upgrade My PC for What I Want To Do?

    Hey all, Here is my current setup: First off, any great 1440p, 144Hz, 1ms monitor suggestions? I am in the market for one :) So, right now I am gaming at 1080p. My 1060 6gb can handle most of the games I play (Rainbow Six SIege, PUBG, Far Cry 5, several...
  16. R

    is this compatible with windows 7 and the cpu?

    ROG STRIX B250G GAMING cpu : Intel Core i5-7640X Quad-Core 4GHz LGA2066 Intel Core i7-860 2.8GHz LGA1156 which one is better anyway?
  17. I

    [SOLVED] Computer Freezing Up With Certain Games

    Hey, I've been having problems with two games as of recent. It used to be just the one, but now it's affecting another and it might affect more soon. The two games I'm having troubles with are Overwatch and Dead by Daylight. All of my problems occur within the startup screen of both games. None...
  18. A

    New Build Won't Boot with Vega 64 but boots fine with older GTX 960

    I just finished building a new pc but when connect my vega 64 gpu, the monitor shows no signal and does not even load bios. All the fans turn on and lights turn on (on all the pc hardware as well as peripherals(mous & keyboard)). However, when I conenct my old gpu, a gtx 960, the computer boots...
  19. W

    Will it bottleneck?

    i am making a pc so i am just asking if its gonna bottleneck. CPU: R7 1700 GPU: Asus ROG Strix 1070 Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB Corsair VS650 v2 and does the psu have enough watts to power the system under load?
  20. P

    I got IQ800 TouchSmart with a blank HDD, what do?

    Now, when I turn it on, im faced with a screen that has these options: F10 - SETUP ESC. - BOOT MENU F11 - SYSTEM RECOVERY F9 - DIAGNOSTICS And none of them work. It starts loading SETUP etc. etc. but nothing happens... So, one thing i could do is make a Vista Repair Disc... If I have...