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  1. Kirito-kun

    Question Are my motherboard, GPU and PSU compatible ?

    My Specs: i5-3570 (Will UPGRADE CPU in February) Zebronics H61 Motherboard 4GB * 2 DDR3 RAM CM 550W 80+ Bronze PSU 250GB SSD + 500GB HDD I am considering these GPUs: RTX 2060/ RTX 2060 12GB/ RX6600 Are these GPU compatible with my PSU and motherboard? They will not burn/fry/damage my...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Hey people my pc is doing this each time it boots up

    Hey people my pc screen keeps getting weird each time it boots i cant explain the lines so here is a picture View: Pc spec are ryzen 3600 and rx vega 56 evga 800 psu and 16 gb hyper x ram and 500gb Samsung ssd and 1tb hdd
  3. W

    Question PC Crashes but only older games

    Hello, I am running into a quite frankly bizarre issue where my PC will hard crash, but only on certain games. The game freezes and my speakers make a loud buzzing noise and then the PC reboots. I do not get a chance to see any sort of BSOD and I am not sure how I would find any kind of log for...
  4. CullenTheNerd

    [SOLVED] What is the cheapest pc build guide you can make that can power a 1080ti?

    Hi, i'm currently trying to build myself a system that can power a 1080ti with no bottleneck. This means that I really only want help with picking out the case, CPU, PSU, RAM, CPU cooler, and mother board. I am going to be purchasing a used 1080ti so the GPU is not an issue you need to worry...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] RX570 4gb VS RX480 8gb

    Ok so i can buy a used RX 570 4gb for $160 or I can buy a RX480 8GB which has been mined on for $180... The card ran from September to June.. IT was said to have run at 45C and the core clock reduced is what I was told... Which would you buy? This graphics card will be paired with a I7-2600...
  6. S

    27" Monitor Advice!

    Looking to upgrade from my 32" LG TV, for playing PS4. I like to sit closer to the screen, therefore I decided 27" monitor. Contrast ratio and all that other stuff is really beginning to drive me insane! The two I've been looking at are: Samsung...
  7. D

    Does xbox emulator actually exists?

    Does this s#it actually exists? I want to play Forza 4 on my PC but i can't get emulators anywhere.. I tried lot of emulators but always there was problem like this : BIOS component is missing or its outdated. I went on the Internet, but every BIOS.dll had same problem. In other cases these...