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  1. M

    Question Something very strange happened on my tablet. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

    Recently, I bought a tablet which the brand name is "Beista" which I believe is chinese made. I've been using it for over a month with no issues at all and suddenly after a few days of not using it and turning it on, this very weird black bios screen showed up with a black background and random...
  2. V

    Question What is the standard for disassembling an iPad Air?

    I have an iPad Air, about four years old. The battery can't hold a charge for long anymore. Apple wants +$200 to put a new battery in, of which I refuse b/c I could do it myself if I knew how to open the tablet the right way. So my question is, does anyone here have a standard (best, safest)...
  3. CrimsonBlade5

    Question How to disable Windows Touch Button on Smartron tbook ?

    I own a Smartron tbook which has a malfuntioning windows button on the bezel. Is there a way to disable it? ( The problem is that it gets tapped even if i don't touch it which is very annoying)
  4. StribudA

    Question Moisture detection when connecting external hard-drive to tablet

    I have a Fire HD 10 Tablet with android in it and i'm trying to use external USB (like storage or mouse) but when i plug the tablet to an USB-Hub connected to a SD Card it reads it for about 10 seconds and then throws the message "Moisture/Water detected, please unplug the USB". The thing is i...
  5. Akisnrg

    Question Livestream from a tablet

    So as the title says i am looking for a tablet to livestream video using only the camera (not games or w.e) . What specs do i need ? Is 2 GB ram enough? (it has to be with 3G or 4G connection).
  6. I

    Question Samsung a7 Tablet 10.4inch (2020) Unable to move apps to SD card?

    I just bought this tablet with a 128Gb high speed Sandisk SD card and there is no option to transfer apps to the formatted SD card. I even used apps such as APP2SD and it came back with errors. I spoke to Samsung support, who told me this version of android (10) has that feature disabled due to...
  7. editor1

    [SOLVED] What model is my Insignia Flex windows Tablet ?

    Hi all Any idea on how I know what model this tablet is ? I got it off ebay and seller don't know . I want to do a fresh install of any OS.
  8. M

    Question Extremely weird issue with games installed on Program Files and AppData

    So, long story short, I had been dealing with input lag and a really weird mouse(and drawing tablet) acceleration when playing games fullscreen, and really big loading times, even though I have a relatively new SSD. So yesterday, after months of fruitless troubleshooting, I decided to move those...
  9. T

    Question Is it possible to change the Glass-Digitizer from one device to the another?

    I have two identical tablets ( galaxy tab s4) The first tablet functions, but it's with broken Glass-Digitizer the second tablet is with broken LCD Display, but the Glass-Digitizer is untouched. Is it possible to take the glass digitizer from the tablet with broken lcd and put it on the other...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Prevent screen rotation

    Hi, I have a Windows 8.1 tablet that I want to keep in portrait mode for one game (Downwell), but in order to work in portrait mode, the software needs to think the laptop is in normal landscape rotation. You can disable automatic screen-rotation in Windows, but after restart it always reverts...
  11. mandache.eduard48

    [SOLVED] Using an old tablet as a display

    Hey everyone, so I got an old Galaxy Tab 2 (P-3100), and the only purpose I found for it lately is as a separate display. It's...acceptable for the display quality, but the input lag is pretty bad (from the USB connection, I tethered it to the PC and I'm using spacedesk). I got a pretty stupid...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Possible damage oil can do inside a tablet

    So, I would want to hear pretty much everything that can go wrong with oil inside tablet Why i ask: I might try to open and clean it, but there is a 50/50 chance I might break it when doing so. And to bring to a shop - cheaper to buy a new one. It's massage oil, and it has gone in so I can...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Oil in Acer Switch 10 2in1 Tablet - disassembly

    I got oil inside my Acer Switch 10 2in1 tablet, and I can see it in my lcd when I power it on. I have opened it, taken out battery and cleaned, but I still see the oil inside when the screen is on. I dont see how I can get to the LCD from inside. Anybody know if it is glued and it is a heat gun...
  14. QualityDamage

    [SOLVED] Can I connect Windows 10 tablet to a Windows 10 PC without wifi?

    I'm trying to find out if I can connect a windows 10 tablet to a PC via USB or a certain application. I'm trying to avoid getting a USB network adapter.
  15. T

    Question Hello, please help find old Huion 580 tablet drivers

    Hello, I have a huion 580 tablet and lost the cd that came with it that had the Old drivers. There was a Dropbox link under searching for them that had it but now the link is down so I have nowhere to get it. does anyone have those drivers?
  16. N

    Question i got ipad mini 2 and i need to unlock

    i have a old ipad mini 2 and i reset it and it got unlocked, i dont know the email and password,the bill and box associated with the device, how to unlock it? somebody please help me with this
  17. X

    [SOLVED] Need some help choosing budget tablet

    Hello, I need a budget tablet for my mom and so far narrowed it down to 32gb versions of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5, 10.1 (2019) and Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite 10.1. Can someone suggest which one would be better? 10.5 and M5 Lite have more ram and better speakers while newer 10.1 has only 2gb ram...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] how does changing desktop environments affect the linux distro?

    Hi all, I posted about my 2 in 1 coming and saw this thread on it working great with windows... View: Basically I want to use it for digital art and I want it to work great out of the box so to speak...
  19. D

    Question Tablet battery doesnt charge

    If the battery is connected to the tablet its doesnt turn on and doesnt charge. if the battery is disconnected then it turns on..but now it keeps restarting pls help huawei tablet
  20. N

    Question Gaomon PD1560 tablet shows up as audio input in Device Manager, pen not registering

    I've been having what seems to be a common problem, which is the pen/stylus not registering for the Gaomon PD1560 drawing tablet. It worked perfectly on Windows 7, but ever since upgrading to 10, it doesn't work. The tablet itself shows as "connected" in the Gaomon software/settings, the driver...