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  1. nwgamelover

    Question Need input on best tablet for light-weight air travel?

    Hello All, I need to fly and all my devices are too heavy, or bulky. I am most used to android, or Windows 10. I saw one tablet I kind of liked when I googled, but would love feedback. I don't want IOS because I would have to learn too much, too fast. Any help appreciated, and I will post...
  2. mandache.eduard48

    Discussion Overclocking an outdated tablet ,worth it?

    Hi everyone, I have been using a pretty old Samsung Tab 2 as a secondary improvised screen (kind of like streamers have a secondary display for chat and other tasks). Thing is, it is really slow and I was wondering if I could OC it and if it was worth it. I heard about using special kernels for...
  3. I

    I downclock my cpu to a minimum and still can't play my NBA 2k18, GTA 5, PUBG etc.

    So, i started overclocking like 2 months ago without an issue at all and this pc is new and was build like 5 months ago and the problem started like a week ago when i was playing nba and pubg fine and suddenly my pc hangs and crashes and now it got worse cause instant crash even in the lobby...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Rebuilt old Rig

    Hi all, I built a rig back in 2009 sold it to a mate 7 Years ago Last year he said it was dead and was going to throw it out I said I’ll have it!!!!! Fixed the problem(solid state with corrupted windows) Anyway the specs Intel quad core duo q6700 2.6ghz Asus p5k3 delux GeForce 750ti 4x1 Gb...
  5. F

    Question Graphics card upgrade

    I have recently bought a computer. It's a Dell optiplex 9010 with 8gb ddr3 ram and a 3.4ghz processer. I want to put in a graphics card as I want this to be a really cheap gaming PC. I want a graphics card that can handle running warthunder at medium graphics. Its got a 250w psu currently with...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Can you use a USB WiFi dongle to get better WiFi to a laptop even if that laptop already has a built-in WiFi card?

    Hi everyone. My laptop has a built-in WiFi card (Realtek RTL8822BE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter). Can I use a USB WiFi dongle to improve my laptop’s WiFi reception or is it pointless since my laptop already has a WiFi card built in? I believe my laptop has an up-to-date WiFi card built into it, but...
  7. L

    Question Small white dots on monitor

    I got these small white dots on my monitor. Only visible when hovering an app or a game on screen. Not when in desktop. (check picture) What can this be? Edit: Picture View:
  8. E

    Question Windows 10 upgrade on current hardware

    So I have a system I use for general work, emails, a bit of media etc. Spec are .Q9450 CPU .GeForce 8500GT (Possibly changing it for to 8800GT) .4GB DDR2 2x4 RAM The system runs windows 7 at the moment, but with support ending in 2020, I've been debating upgrading to 10 with current hardware...
  9. LunarFirestorm

    [SOLVED] Looking for a cheap and reliable motherboard with an LGA 1151 socket

    I was looking to upgrade from my current processor and the Intel Core i5 9600k seemed like a good choice that isn't too expensive. The problem is that my current motherboard has a FM2+ socket, so I'll need to replace my motherboard. I don't plan on overclocking so I don't need a motherboard...
  10. daniyalkh14

    Question General Question :How Much Shared Memory makes a difference

    Hello everyone, i wanna know how much difference shared ram can make when graphics card runs out of its dedicated vram, i'm asking this question out of curiosity because i;ve seen many people bragging about their gpus holding around 6 to 10 gb of memory,when in reality around half of that memory...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Is a 450W PSU enought for i5 and GTX 1660?

    I'm looking to build a small/slim pc, and the case I have choosen (Fractal Design Node 202) can be bought with an included 450W PSU. I wanna know if it can power an i5 (or a Ryzen 5) and a GTX 1660. One guy on newegg said he had done this with no problems (most other choosed a GTX 1070 and...
  12. steneerik.valliste

    Question Keeps going back to windows setup

    So I was Reinstalling my windows 10 and I have come so far that I have Windows setup on my screen after accepting all and clicking next and when he finishing the installation he wents back to windows setup
  13. M

    Question Bios detects HDD but wont boot

    Hi everybody: I was watching YouTube and suddenly my PC froze, so I push de Reset button and then the Asus logo appeared and suddenly Zap! Can't find any bootable devices. I entered to the Bios, my MoBo it's an Asus Z97-A with a Intel Core i7 4770, the Bios couldn't detect my bootable SSD so I...
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Would these voltages prevent a boot?

    I'm testing voltages on my 24 pin connector with a multimeter trying to figure out what's preventing my system from booting. It's reading as follows 12v = 14.24v 5v= 5.91v 3v= 3.89v Are these normal, or do i need a new power supply? My 12v reading seems rather high.
  15. M

    Question Getting data off old hard drive

    Good morning, My old laptop crapped out this weekend, so I got a new one, found a SATA-USB cable to help move things over, except when the hard drive is plugged in like this its only showing what was on...D drive, I think, in my old one? I need to get my files and such off of the old C drive...
  16. A

    Question Stuck on loading operating system

    Hello! The problem is on wednesday, when I was turning my pc off an installation started. After like 2 to 3 hours, my pc got stuck with a text "loading operating system...". Its almost been two days if someone can help. Moreover, if someone could tell me step by step as I am not good with...
  17. X

    Question Lack of Fan headers on motherboard.. Help

    So my motherboard x470 gaming plus has 4x 4pin fan headers .. but my case has 5 PWM fans ... this is my first pc build and i do not know what is the best way to connect them (all 5) to motherboard and maintain their PWM function ..
  18. K

    Lag in Games Even Though Fast Wifi and Fast Ping

    Whenever I game, my ping is a good 10-100 ms but I am still lagging around in game. I have checked my graphic cards driver and it is up to date. I mainly play fps and battle royale games like Overwawtch, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. My PC specs are GTX 1060 3 GB i5-7400 8 GB Ram 1 TB hard drive...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Need advice for cleaning my pc. Should I unplug my pc when using compressed air? And should I remove the mobo to clean behind it?

    I read that compressed air can cause problems if the pc is plugged in even while off. Interestingly last year I noticed a tiny bit of corrosion on my gpu. I cleaned it off with 91% alcohol really good and its been probably six months and the card performs optimally and with no heating problems...
  20. S

    Question Update BIOS

    I can not find a new bios version for my gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 r2 and i can not enable BitLocker without updateing it