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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question How to prevent Chrome's webpages from restarting after some time of inactivity?

    Hello. I use Google Chrome for browsing. When I open 3 tabs, for example, and I work only with the 3rd tab, while the other 2 tabs are kept inactive, once I stop working on the 3rd tab, and click on tab 1 and tab 2, they will restart themselves, the webpages will be restarted, and I will lose...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] How do open tabs affect game performance if you have plenty of RAM?

    If you had plenty of RAM and was playing a game with a lot of tabs, would you still get some performance reduction if you're not running out of RAM? Would closing tabs still increase performance in any way if you're not running out of resources? Tabs do take up CPU resources, but is it not as...
  3. H

    Question mouse middle button weird malfunction

    Hello there, so here is my weird issue. I bought a gaming mouse some time ago (CMstorm mizar), in the beginning it was working fine, but after a couple months, the middle button, when I pressed it to open a link to a new tab, it would open multiple tabs (1 to 8). I was certain that most likely...
  4. Rafael Mestdag

    Given the amount of trouble ppl on here alone go through, wouldn't you recommend ppl only buy a new PC ready and tested?

    When I say ready, I don't mean a PC by IBM or DELL or something. I mean something YOU chose to put together, BUT left it to a technician do the job and only buy the PC AFTER it's been tested in front of you and with at least a one year warranty on all components. Be honest and tell me you...
  5. A

    CM G650M or Seasonic M12II 520 Bronze?

    Hi guys. I am planning to build a pc and I really dont know which psu I should pick: CoolerMaster G650M or the Seasonic M12II 520 Bronze? I'm planning to overclock my Gigabyte RX 470 G1 Gaming, so which one would be better? Thanks in advance! -adam
  6. I

    Pc is stucking at serveral times help please

    The pc is stuck at serveral times like when i am watching at youtube or playing games P.S.:My windows is new...
  7. I

    Can I overclock this motherboard? ASUS M5A97 R2.0

    Will i be able to overclock my Ram, Processor & Graphics card on this motherboard?