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  1. twgamerbuilder

    GPU displaying video but not being detected

    I built a system for my friend and it turns on and runs fine, displays video through the gpu (rx 580) but the rx 580 isnt being detected. It doesnt show in task manager and it only shows in device manager with an yellow exclamation next to it. I installed the AMD drivers and upon finishing...
  2. Equale24

    Question How to check my RAM' MAX SPEED?

    Hi, I have corsair vengeance DDR4 3200mhz RAM (or at least what does it say on it). But on the TASK MANAGER RAM SPEED says 2133mhz. Why is that? Does that mean it is fake ram or sth?
  3. B

    Question weird issue with an rtx 2060 and ryzen 5 3600

    so first of all its not my problem its my friend today while he was playing gears 5 and from nowhere gpu usage started to drop to 40% didn't go any higher than that and fps from 150 to 50 constantly i asked him to open up screen share on discord i asked him to open task manager so i can see...
  4. S

    Question Strange freezing/crash issue where all process will become unresponsive. Help!!

    Hey everyone, new here. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible: I’ve had some issues with my PC since I first built it, and since then, I’ve reinstalled Windows, swapped out my mobo and RAM, and run various CPU/GPU/etc. stress tests, as well as chkdisk/memtest. Hopefully these three...
  5. T

    Question Too many Service Host processes

    Hello, I have been playing on my pc R6S and been having micro stutters after roughly 2 hours of gameplay that look like low fps even though my fps counter shows more than 70 when the stutters happen and they look like 20 fps. I've been noticing tons of Service Host Processes in my task manager...
  6. David Acosta

    Question Does anyone knows why all my processes are at 0%?

    This is a problem that has constantly poping up since i got my new computer, thing is out of nowhere my pc decides to give up, videos stop dead on their tracks, i cant write anything, programs dont load, on the task manager all the processes appear to be at 0%, my only option is to restart, but...
  7. editor1

    Question Task manager's performance view is stating different than processes view

    Hi all After afk'n my vm that runs vpn and seeding. I have its ram set to 1,2,3 or 4 I have tested. My host Task manager's performance view is stating my memory is up at 9-9.3 gb used. My idle host is usually 2.3-3 gb without the VM up and running vpn/seeding. I have tested it.. if the vm is...
  8. E

    Question Do I need SSD upgrade?

    Hello my hard drive processing data at all time high 100% when i don't have anything open or opened Corel Draw program? Do i need an SSD to boost speed? Thanks View: https://imgur.com/PsLpyge View: https://imgur.com/zBi7MWY
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Task Manager is not showing actual no. of cores.

    I have Amd FX4300.It has 4cores and 4threads.But the Task manager is only showing 2cores and 4logical threads.But when i check in CPUZ it says 4cores and 4threads.But when i do a benchmark on cinebench r15 it also says 2cores and 4 threads.But i also have changed from msconfig to max no. of...
  10. C

    Question CPU runs at 100% sometimes for no reason

    Hi, I've had my 8700k for over a year now. This issue has only risen recently. Now and again, the operation of windows will slow to a crawl, with lots of input lag and delay. I will check my task manager, and my CPU will be at 100%. There will either be a "system interrupts" task using 100% of...
  11. clancefergie_

    Question suspicious things in Task Manager

    Recently I looked into my Task Manager to find two applications called "YourPhone.exe" and some program named "腾讯手游助手" I know its a virus or something so I don't want to touch the two programs at all. What exactly are these things and how do I remove them? I don't want to fiddle with it at all...
  12. G

    Question Tasks Abruptly Go Into Background

    Ok, so I am using my PC for gaming, keeping task manager open and all to keep an eye on how it's performing, but then abruptly, it registers everything open except itself as background tasks, even spreading out certain grouped programs, and also slowing down said programs quite a lot. After some...
  13. mutatiohn

    Question Slow Network Speed when Gaming but not Anything Else

    I'm having an issue with my network speed where I have extremely low speeds when I play any game but my speeds are normal when streaming videos and browsing. In my task manager my network speed doesn't go higher than .5 Mbps when playing games but when I open 5 tabs on a browser all playing...
  14. A

    Question Ram usage spikes to 99% then locks up pc, when practically doing nothing.

    Alright fellas i need help with an issue that has stumped me. I bought new ram like 2 weeks ago, 16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz. Works perfect, i game with absolutely no issues. Past couple days i've been having some lockup issues. I'll be browsing chrome, watching something on VLC and then...
  15. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Why is it that when I open my task manager I see my cpu usage drop a lot ?

    Any advice would be helpful. Precisely a way to stop the issue would be ideal. Thanks
  16. L

    Question Task manager shows CPU usage at 100%

    Hi, I'm dealing with a frustrating problem with my Task Manager. Sometimes it shows that my CPU is running at 100% even though it is not true, as MSI Afterburner clearly shows usage in range between 20-50%. Sometimes when that happens, my PC starts to lag like crazy and becomes unusable. I...
  17. D

    Question Task Manager says System is taking up all of my Disk, saving files causes it to freeze / or take forever

    Hi! My computer has been slow for a few months now. For me, when I'm on a browser or a game I don't have any issues. It's opening things that seems to make it just stall forever. For example, if I go to save an image from the web onto my computer, right click -> save image as? It will open...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Troubleshooting Ram Bought 2 of the same stick to go to 4 and Freq/not being recognized?

    View: https://imgur.com/a/RABG28k and the freq seemed to drop to 1866 when I had it set to 2933mhz. View: https://imgur.com/a/oBM6P7H - cpu z View: https://imgur.com/a/riM2aqW - dxdiag View: https://imgur.com/a/dO5KQvG - bios I also checked all the part numbers on cpu-z View...
  19. Sebastien pham

    [SOLVED] Can't open any applications on my desktop

    Hey having trouble with my pc. After installing synapse software. I am unable to open any icons or am able to go to the start menu. Here are a few things that I did. 1. Task manager > windows explorer > restart 2. Powershell > sfc /scanner > dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth 3...
  20. thenesremake

    Question Why does Task Manager seem to think I have much less RAM than I should?

    Upon checking Task Manager to troubleshoot issues with hardware, I checked the value of RAM being used by a process and checked the percent as well. Google Chrome appeared to be using 505 MB of RAM, and when I switched the value type from Values to Percents, Task Manager read Google Chrome as...