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  1. C

    [SOLVED] What does 'Used Slots' (RAM) mean in Task Manager?

    Hi guys, hope you will answer this quick question of mine. I'm on an ASUS Vivobook (model number X510UF) and I've been wanting to upgrade the RAM (it's 4GB currently). I saw this in task manager.; CLICK HERE TO VIEW SCREENSHOT So what does 'Slots used' mean? Does it mean that my motherboard...
  2. L

    Question Disabling startup apps on windows 10

    I have latest version of windows 10. Haven't had any contact with win10 before can't figure out how to disable apps from launching on startup. I have already tried: 1)from task manager startup tab(but it doesn't show any apps i want to disable) 2)msconfig(system configurations) same as task...
  3. Y

    [SOLVED] Cannot kill process for my browsers even after uninstalling

    So, I've been having this odd problem where I cannot browse in any browser at all. Every time I try to connect to a website, it keeps loading but never actually loads. It happened to me on Chrome first, then on Edge, and then on Internet Explorer. I am currently using a browser called BlueSky...
  4. T

    Question why is my ram info not showing in task manager

    View: https://imgur.com/a/QOBtbxK My RAM info do not show properly in task manager, after a reinstall of windows with AMD StoreMI. Any idea on how to fix this? the info should be something like 32G 3600MHz 2/4 slots
  5. J

    Question My Gaming PC keeps Freezing when I do something.

    So I been having a slight issue where I occasionally would have my pc freeze from time to time, like on startup my mouse courser would lag a freeze because something was running in the background, and every little thing in task manager would have “High Power Usage”. For almost anything actively...
  6. Goofygiggles

    Question Task Manager incorrectly reports CPU usage

    Hello! I've got a Windows 10 machine with an i7 4770. I use MSI afterburner and HWMonitor to check my CPU utilizations, and I've noticed that task manager always reports the CPU usage as being about 20% higher than it actually is. Back when this computer had Windows 7 on it, task manager...
  7. urbina.christian123

    Question Ping Spikes and HDD Trouble

    Playing games and I'll get pretty big ping spikes and when I look in the task manager, there are random apps that i don't know are running in the disk drive and sometimes in Ethernet. Don't know what a lot of them are and they slow down my PC pretty big when I start it up. Don't know what to do.
  8. thomasjbrown2014

    Question Origin Client And VLC Media Player Not Launching

    Hi all, I have been experiencing a problem with Origin by EA and VLC Media Player, when I click on the shortcut or even in the file location it doesn't load and it isn't even showing up on task manager. I checked to see if anything in the auto start up was causing an issue and that hasn't...
  9. R

    Question task manager clock speed issues

    so, i was using task manager to see my clock speed on my Xeon because the turbo speed was technically 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.2 on the four cores. after tinkering with UEFi, i got all four cores to run at 3.41ghz. but when i opened task manager this happened: here is a picture. Can anyone explain this...
  10. E

    Question CPU usage at 100%, drops when task manager opened

    Hi everyone! My CPU usage is at 100% and when I open the task manager it near instantly drops to around 10-15%. I''ve had this for a while now, actually. It was just today when I decided to check it out online and found out multiple posts saying it's some kind of virus. one of the posts said...
  11. Y

    Question Can't Install Programs or See Task Manager

    Hello everyone, I am running a Windows 7 professional and am having the following issue. For some reason, there are programs that I cannot install (Skype, Spotify, Microsoft Teams). For example, Teams just is about to start and gets blank and a "not responding". In addition, I cannot see the...
  12. M

    Question Passwords and settings got erased when forcing shutdown

    Hi. I think my SSD is almost at the end of its life, because I'm having similar issues from my old SSD that was at the end of its life. I tried booting things, Steam, when I load a game it freezes steam and Task Manager can't close it. I then proceed to restart the computer, but only got a...
  13. L

    Question Windows Logon GUI Application high cpu usage

    I noticed that my pc was getting slow and when I checked task manager i see this process "Windows Logon GUI Application" eating my cpu usage and disappearing after few seconds when i check task manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. task manager picture: View...
  14. U

    Question memory leak not showing up in task manager or resource monitor

    Hi! I have a big problem. My pc is experiencing some real big memory leaks. It does not really matter if im using a lot of ram allready or not. For some reason randomly my ram usage goes up to 100% and freezes the entire pc forcing me to restart it. I have tried to identify the culprit but...