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    Question What's wrong with my PC?

    My task bar has this gap between the bottom of it and the bottom of my screen as if it was a few pixels off the bottom My apps don't boot up before i log in anymore and they wait until i'm on the desktop before starting up Some apps keep crashing completely, such as voicemod and peripheral...
  2. Question HELP Task bar isn't working

    So today when i turned on my PC.My task bar would't show my pinned apps I thought that was strange then when i tried to shutdown my PC I found that my whole task bar wouldn't work I couldn't click on the search bar or anything else on the task bar.I tired to end the windows explorer and restart...
  3. Question Glitch in my taskbar

    Whenever my taskbar goes down and disappears, as it goes down there is a small but very noticeable and annoying gap between the bottom of the taskbar and the bottom of my screen, what is is and how can i fix it?
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    Question Displaying separate instances whilst hiding labels in taskbar

    I am one of those people with an unspeakable number of browser tabs, but I also thematically distribute them across windows. My only problem is that each the chrome windows stack, and hovering over the icon on the taskbar and then having to identify the correct window is a hassle. The closest...
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    Question Updated Windows 10 - Now screen brightness button in taskbar is gone

    Hi everyone. I allowed Windows 10 to update, but now the taskbar icon that used to let me adjust my screen's brightness has disappeared. Each time I clicked on this icon in the past it opened up a little window. When I clicked on the brightness button icon on this little window, the screen...
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    Question New PC build freezes randomly

    Hello, About 3 months ago, I built my first PC - didn't encounter any problems, everything went really smooth. However, I've had this isue for about 3 weeks where my PC randomly decides to freeze. Sometimes it only freezes for some seconds then gets back on track, but other times I have to...
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    Question Windows 10 Problems- Start menu, win10 applications, sound all not working.

    Hello All, I have recently run into some problems with my computer (surprise surprise). The start menu and Cortana on the task bar aren't responding to clicks- When I press the button, the start menu just does not open. It also does this when I click it. I don't get anything from right click...
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    Swapping LCD screens between monitors

    I currently have a 24" ACER KG240 144hz monitor that has been damaged by something hitting it busting pixels. The monitor still works but has a rainbow color spider as well as lines across it. I recently bought another KG240 from Newegg only to find out that the KG240 is now a 60hz monitor (I...
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    CPU cooler. Liquid AIO or Air cooler.

    I’ve been running my Ryzen 7 1700 with the standard cooler up to now but looking to overclock. Looking for best value for money, don’t care about rgb, would prefer to keep black/red colour scheme.Have about €80-€100 to spend. Spec: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Groche2000/saved/8ZfkdC
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    [SOLVED] Amd rx 580 randomly crashing in the middle of games

    Ok so I have a sapphire nitro + rx 580 8gb and when i play certain games it crashes. I just built this pc btw and the only 2 games it runs fine are minecraft and league of legends, but when i run them both at the same time it crashes. The only other games ive tried are fortnite and csgo. Rn i...
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    Is it worth buying a GTX 970 founder edition

    I recently started getting back into playing on my pc but I’m getting really bad performance. I had a gtx 710 and I have just seen a deal for a Gtx 970 founders edition for £150($191.21) and I’m not sure if it’s worth it or are there better ones I can get for around the same price range.
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    lost desktop icons

    My desktop settings changed and I can't find my apps/softwares as well as those pinned to the task bar in my windows 10
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    [SOLVED] Z370 Question About 8700K

    i have i pretty start to point and quick question about one of the z370 mother boards the z370-e by asus i was going to pick this up with my build and assumed it was out of stock cause of holidays i picked up the 8700k to as of 25th dec and was wondering did the mother board get discontinued...
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    Does my motherboard have gen 3 or 2 pcie x16?

    Motherboard: DH61HO So Intel's page for the motherboard says it's gen 2 site: https://ark.intel.com/products/66983/Intel-Desktop-Board-DH61HO But the manual I downloaded from Intel's site says it's gen 3. I haven't found a program that says which gen is it, I have tried Speccy and CPU z. Or can...
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    Motherboard for this build

    Hi there, Please can somebody recommend a motherboard for this build. The only things I ask is that it is black or black and grey, it has at least 4 RAM slots and is no more than £70 (a few quid over won't hurt too much but must be close). I also do not want to be having to upgrade it in the...
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    New to OC, would love some advice

    So just recently I upgraded my CPU to an i7 8700k, and I know that with this gen of intel processors you have the ability to put it into "turbo mode" which essentially gives you access to the full 4.7 GHz capability of the CPU. Im running an asrock z370 killer mobo, and a cooler master hyper 212...
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    How do I enable integrated graphics?

    I think I will be without a graphics card for a month and a half. I wanted to use my graphifs card gt 740 but it keeps making a loud fan noise and no display. When I try to use it wothout a graphics card I get no sound and it says im using microsoft Basic render when I have an amd ryzen 3 with...
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    YouTube Always Buffering After Modem+Router Switch

    Hi, so recently my ISP (Cox) sent over a new Modem/Router Combo (ARRIS TG2472G Rev 3.0) to replace my current one. Internet speeds are working fine, and everything else is working solidly (120 Down/10Up). The only problem that I seem to have been encountering is YouTube buffering on all of my...
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    Corsair link issue

    Hello everyone first time posting here. I cleaned my PC yesterday and did a fan upgrade (Corsair ML 120 and 140 Pro LED) Everything after install and clean up starts and runs properly. I also have a (Corsair H100i V1) and that is also running . Since I first installed a few years back I never...
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    Monitor repair on button repair

    My dell SE198WPF has a faulty on/off switch it is unable ti turn on. the two ajacent buttons next to it seem to have the same problem they are somewhat dented in. how would i go abouts this?