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  1. InfuriatedFrog

    Question System interrupts using lots of cpu when task manager opens

    So my PC was behaving a little slow when i was unpacking a win rar file. I've been experiencing lots of lag spikes ever since i got my motherboard replaced a little while ago. many people on the forum said that it's the spikes in cpu usage caused by task manager. but please explain this. I've...
  2. Mahin_Hossen

    Question Something causing my startup apps to crash and some other odd behaviours

    Something causing my startup apps crash and some other odd behaviours.Here are the problems I am fetching experiencing... My pc details here: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/obi2kyIc78ixt5fvgmHhN7W 1.Wifi disconnects suddenly(can't connect again after many attempt) 2.If I open task manager...
  3. InfuriatedFrog

    [SOLVED] As soon as i open task manager. CPU usage is high and then it dips back to normal.

    So, I had my motherboard replaced. I installed the wrong drivers earlier and then installed the correct ones soon after. These past few days, as soon as i open task manager. CPU usage is between 60% to 80% and then dips to 1% to 10%. I thought my PC was cryptojacked. I ran malware bytes and bit...
  4. editor1

    [SOLVED] launching task manager at boot ?

    Hi I usually would have task manager open dung shut down and have launch at boot. But now after latest update It dos't. Any one know if windows intentionally did this ?
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Task Manager is not showing actual no. of cores.

    I have Amd FX4300.It has 4cores and 4threads.But the Task manager is only showing 2cores and 4logical threads.But when i check in CPUZ it says 4cores and 4threads.But when i do a benchmark on cinebench r15 it also says 2cores and 4 threads.But i also have changed from msconfig to max no. of...
  6. clancefergie_

    Question suspicious things in Task Manager

    Recently I looked into my Task Manager to find two applications called "YourPhone.exe" and some program named "腾讯手游助手" I know its a virus or something so I don't want to touch the two programs at all. What exactly are these things and how do I remove them? I don't want to fiddle with it at all...
  7. Question Task manager keeps closing after 1 sec

    My AMD drivers broke so I reinstalled windows from an USB, now the drivers are working but some stuff was broken( windows settings kept freezing) so I did a repair and now it works, game performance is fine everything else works perfectly, but the task manager doesn't. I performed a couple of...
  8. D


    Alright, so I built another PC. SPECS: CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 1600 MOTHERBOARD: AMD A320 RAM: DDR 4+8 GB RAM 2666freq. Problem is, task manager detects only 4gb of ram while cpu-Z and speccy detects all 12... Any help is much appreciated!
  9. [SOLVED] HP Proliant DL360e g8: 0% CPU Utilization

    I installed windows 10 pro on hdd in the server and when I booted it up task manager reads 0% utilization across all cores. I am able to use the server for what I bought it for ie. hosting a modded game server, but I would like to be able to see the utilization. I installed drivers and it still...
  10. Itjesus

    [SOLVED] Task manager

    Hey everyone I was lurking through my task manager and found that some apps have several tab open up at once. for example id open up one tab of google chrome and om task manager it will say google chrome (11). is this normal or is there something that i can do to fix. also when im using youtube...
  11. B

    Question can you help me with this easy doubt? (RAM memory)

    hello i had my rams at 2400mhz instead 3000mhz which is the real value, so i decided to "overclock" them at 2933mhz because that is what amd says the maximum cap of my processor (ryzen 5 3400g), but when i finished, my bios (asrock b450 pro-f) changed the voltage from auto to 1.350, but in red...
  12. M

    Question Windows 10 Ram consumption

    Wwindows Desktop Manager just eats ram progresively, and sometimes… well… see this Task Manager