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  1. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] Stock i9-9900kf + Cooler Master GEMINII M5

    Hello guys, As the title says. What would happen if you combine these? Will a stock i9-9900kf throttle its turbo if cooled by a GeminII M5? We can all agree it isn't ideal, but my father is kinda stubborn. If you have any factual statements about it I'd love to hear them. My own concerns...
  2. Z

    Question R5 1600X Cooling problems,questions and upgrade paths.

    So I have had this CPU for a few months and have noticed this problem. I have a entry a320 AM4 motherboard with this Ryzen and a CM Master Air g100l. Now the R5 i have is 95 W TDP and this cooler supports up to 150 W TDP somewhere i saw ? Which is bs ? In the summer it ran at 55-60c idle which...
  3. F

    Question Cpu cooler doesnt state TDP.

    I am trying to get a new cpu cooler as my current ones tdp is too low. The one im looking for is the SilverStone KR02 and my cpus tdp is 88w i beleive (I7 4790K). I couldnt find the tdp wattage of the cpu cooler. Thats the only option i have rn. I need someone to find the tdp as i couldnt after...
  4. i-am-L

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master TX3 Evo or AMD Wraith Prism?

    I will be getting a 3700X soon and I already have my TX3 Evo with 2 fans in push-pull config.. I wanted to know if this is better than Wraith Prism that comes with the CPU.
  5. A

    Question A question about a cpu upgrade for Precision T3600.

    Would this Xeon E5-2687W CPU work with this dell precision t3600 computer. The cpu has the correct socket LGA 2011, correct architecture Sandy Bridge EP. But it says "Up to 130W" and this Xeon E5-2687W uses 150W. I have a 635W psu. Would this be a issue or not? I have had issues with i7-3930k...
  6. F

    Question Red vs Blue - CS GO

    OK so this is my current set up Intel g4560 8gb ram Asus Rock h110-g/m2 Geforce 1060 6gb I have a little money to spend to upgrade my system, but, do I just upgrade my cpu to an i5 or i7, or change the mobo and cpu and go with a ryzen 5 (Either 1600 or 2600) I only really play Cs go and older...
  7. R

    Question HDD is not given power and is not read when case fan is connected

    So, i took my case's front fan out to clean it and then i plugged it back in, i don't remember if it was the same molex connector as before removing it. everything powers up fan spins pc boots and goes into the bios and hdd is not read so it doesn't boot. i remove the fan and then it boots up...
  8. M

    Please help me with the Ram choice

    I've read that in terms of clock speed/latency ratio, 3200Mhz CL14 or 3600MHz CL16 is a 'sweet spot'. I want to go higher if possible, but what would be the maximum when the difference is not noticeable at all?
  9. N

    Where to find a new case for my laptop?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000, I got it in 2016 but I believe it was released in 2015. I had it plugged in on my desk and the cord was stuck in the wheel of my chair. I didn't release this until I scooted back and dragged the laptop in the floor. At first, a little piece of the case around the...
  10. B

    Since Blackout, CPU Performance Is Down And Performance Issues In General

    So earlier today there was a tiny little one second blackout during a thunderstorm (we frequently have blackouts here at this time of year during storms), no big deal. So I rebooted my pc and all was well for like half an hour. While watching youtube my computer suddenly could not handle...
  11. D

    Ps3 update 4.82 loop stuck at 99%

    I bought a used ps3 slim with 160gb hdd and it was working well but it had version 4.81 and I wanted to update to version 4.82 to use online features. I tried in the settings but it was not able to download the update and so I tried with usb flash drive. I tried once but it stuck at 99%. I...
  12. T

    Where would be the best place to set up my acoustic panels?

    I have them on the opposite side of where my tv is, but I should move them to near my tv?
  13. A

    Wireless port forwarding

    I am using Reliance Jio internet(India). I need to forward ports on my computer to play games but i cant do that. When i copy the default gateway address it says page not found. How can I forward my port? I am using wifi created through my phone's hotspot.
  14. L

    Is this pc compatible (firs pc build and I want to make sure)

    Is this pc compatible?:
  15. S

    Help me, what should i do?

    I need help, which one will be the best? I am Financing, paying 50$ month Case - X-2 Tempered Glass Mobo - MSI Z270 A-PRO ATX Processor - Intel® Quad Core™ i5-7600 Processor Ram - Extreme DDR4 2666MHz Memory - 8gb Power - Corsair 550W Power Supply Wireless - TP-Link Wireless Dual Band PCI...
  16. S

    Hot power cords

    I just bought a dell envy laptop running win 10. When I charge the computer the charger block gets warm/ hot. Is this normal?
  17. C

    $800USD gaming pc (South Africa)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Withing 1-2 weeks Budget Range: <R11000 (about $800 USD) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, browsing, very little coding, rendering, potential streaming definitely not priority Parts Not Required: Optical Drive, Harddrives, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse...
  18. T

    Gaming Monitor - Which to buy?

    What is a good 27 inch 1440p monitor (60hz or 75hz) that I can buy for gaming at around 400-500 dollars cdn? I plan on gaming mainly like gta v, etc and while I can not afford 144hz, 60hz should be fine for me. What about this? ASUS PB277Q 27" ...
  19. M

    Start low and upgrade later, ideas?

    Hello everyone, My laptop is almost dead and unfortunately I'll have to move on soon. It had a fan problem which I changed 3 months ago but now it started making almost the same noise as before which means is going down. (my fault, I shouldn't have played the witcher on it) I've been planning...
  20. T


    Hey fellas! Used this site to answer many questions over the years and this is my first time posting (which is something my computer is having an issue with... ZING!). So here's the deal: this is my first rig. My friend has been building computer since he was 12, he is now 26, and we put this...