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    Question TF2 Opening Weird After New GPU Installation?

    I recently upgraded from an RX580 to an RTX 3070 Ti, but now whenever I open TF2, it opens at a super weird resolution, and the main menu displays only one friend on the friends list, and I can't click anything. Task Manager says it's not responding. I've tried verifying and uninstalling...
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    Question Making a game Server

    So i've watched a few videos on this, but all seem to be outdated, and there aren't many helpful posts on this. Wondering how I can set up a "TeamFortress 2" server for my friends and I. I will be running it on my pc, and I have full access to my router/modem for port forwarding. I know how to...
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    Question Source games crashing my laptop?

    It started a day ago and i don't know why, i started playing tf2 until my laptop crashed, i tried again, obviously crashed but games like minecraft still worked even on shaders that heat up my laptop. My theory is that something happened with direct X but i don't much know about computers...