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  1. S

    Question UNSOLVABLE Tearing Issue/Question (PLEASE HELP!!!)

    Hey guys, So I have a HP gaming Pavilion 15dk-0047TX which go about with the following specs: 9th gen i5-9300H @2.4GHz 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM 1TB+256GB SSD Nvidia GTX 1650 1920x1080p @ 60Hz (Laptop's inbuilt display) So for a while I have been gaming and haven't had any sort of issue until one...
  2. Rkbot

    Question why do i have tearing?

    I understand that screen tearing occurs when fps is more than the hz. when i cap fps to the same as my hz it screen tears more and when i make my fps less it still screen tears. Vsync isnt an option as there is too much delay. is it possible that my cable is bad or my moniter? if my monitor...
  3. Question Display glitches Issues with BENQ BL2420PT 1440p and RTX 2080 Super

    Hello, I picked myself up a 1440p display the other day as my third monitor and now I'm getting tearing/glitches whenever my computer comes out of the sleep mode or when the monitor is woken up in any other way. The 1440p monitor is connected via display-port(No issues when using HDMI, no...
  4. AngryHands

    [SOLVED] Tearing at the bottom of the screen while FreeSync on

    I bought a new pc but I got terrible screen tearing while FreeSync on. I capped FPS to my monitor's refresh rate but screen tearing visible at bottom of the screen! FreeSync on from monitor's OSD and Radeon Software. Please help me to fix that issue. My GPU: RX 5700 8G My monitor: LG29WK600...
  5. E

    Question Starting seeing blue lines during games

    Hi All, I have noticed that lately during my games, particularly when the camera is focused on bright areas, there are blue lines which are appearing. I am not sure what this is, could be screen tearing. Would appreciate some input Interesting the blue lines do not capture on screenshots...
  6. B

    Question What could cause this issue?

    Hi, I am having weird issues with my pc, and I am not sure if this is a ram specific issue or if my GPU is also bad. I have a refurb RX 580 8gb, and I have seen the following graphical glitches. I am in the processing of upgrading from my current setup to a Ryzen one, and I already know...
  7. Marrufoo

    Question Screen tearing on AMD

    I need help fixing my screen tearing , i recently switched from nvidia to radeon to give it a try and im not to familiar with these settings , iv tried videos on yt and all that and nothing is cutting the screen tearing 100%. Here are my specs . 5700xt, Ryzen 5 3600, and monitor is the XG240R...
  8. Jarvice

    [SOLVED] Can't figure out this screen tearing

    I usually notice this while watching videos. I added an image as example where you can see the lines in the middle. As you can see there's some weird tearing happening that I can't figure out. These are screenshots so the monitor isn't the problem. Refresh rate for my monitor should be 60hz and...
  9. a_blender

    Question Asus VP247HAE ghosting issues

    Hello guys, I just bought Vp247hae monitor. I upgraded from very old hp w22 monitor but i feel like I wasted money. My old hp monitor is 1680x1050 and new one is 1080p ofc. While in game there is a lot of unclearness. I am not sure if its ghosting or screen tearing and not sure how to fix it. I...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] How to use Gsync properly

    So before you start reading, i know there is a LOT of thread about how to use Gsync, but honestly, i really cant understand much and none really answer my questions. 1st. I know its said that you should use Gsync with Vsync on (in the Nvdia 3D pannel) but when i use that and i go in games where...
  11. T

    Question Lots of screen tearing with brand-new Asus ROG Strix Scar III

    I have just bought a new Asus ROG Strix Scar III (17.3", 144 Hz) which is shipped with RTX 2070 and I am experiencing lots of screen tearing even while watching YouTube videos, not to mention games! All the OS updates are installed as well as the latest Nvidia GeForce Game-Ready driver. Could...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Screen waving/tearing without V-sync

    Hello there! So, im having this problem for the first time in my life. My screen is "waving" after my PC hits more than 60FPS. This doesnt make any sence to me, because ive builded many PCs and i havent ever faced this problem before. Some people say this is because i have 60Hz monitor, but i...
  13. O

    [SOLVED] Monitor tearing/waving while V-sync is off

    Hello everyone! So my problem is pretty simple, my monitor is waving/tearing when V-sync is off, while V-sync is on, it wont. I dont want to keep playing 60FPS so i want to keep V-sync off. I have tried diffrend graphics cards and diffrend monitors PLEASE, i would like to get simple anwser...
  14. K

    Question How do I fix my monitor that has major tearing?

    My monitor worked perfectly for 2 weeks (MSI MAG24C 1080p 144hz 1ms VA) there were no issues. It was running at the right resolution and refresh rate until today. Today, I was playing games like any other day, and I heard a noise like a cable dropping on my desk(I don’t know if this is...
  15. cassizanon

    Question Vertical lines when there's movement in videos

    Hey guys, i have an Acer Nitro 5, the specs are below, and yesterday i got a new monitor, a Dell U2419H. I was so hyped but after i got it i realized my laptop does'nt have a DP port, only HDMI, and the USB C does not support an external monitor. I was bummed out, because i'm not really sure if...
  16. Q

    Question Picture misalignment - Vertical Tearing (?)

    Monitor: Dell S2716DG GPU: GTX 1070 Connected via Display-Port The monitor is new and I'm hoping this is something simple because I hate returning stuff... So I'm not sure what to call this (making it difficult to search for) but it's like a vertical tear. The picture is cut in half, part of...
  17. F

    Hi I lost my phone number icant log in to Facebook u can plz help me

    Hi I lost my phone number I can't log in to my Facebook u can plz help me
  18. C

    PSU CableMod compatibility?

    I'm trying to order CableMod cables for my Thermaltake Smart 650w, but they don't offer cables for this PSU, and I was wondering, do all 650w PSUs from Thermaltake have the same cables?
  19. trifty

    SSD read/write, is this normal??

    Hey guys! So I was feeling as though my SSD was a little slower than expected recently esp. when extracting compressed files, 5-8GBs worth of files can sometimes take more than 15 minutes-30minutes! So i decided to run CrystalMark and this is what i got! * MB/s = 1,000,000 bytes/s [SATA/600 =...
  20. T

    Multiple blue screens then pc goes ultra slow

    Hi ! Since almost one year I got a problem with my computer. Sometimes, I got a blue screen, and then another, and I got myself into a loop of restart with only blue screens. I reinstalled Windows 10 multiple times. It always "fix" the problem, but it's just temporary. The problem always come...